RSAus 2015 April 18, 2015 to April 24, 2015, San Francisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Introduction Hugh Thompson N/A
Security Industry and Trends Hugh Thompson N/A
User Authentication Trends and Methods for Native Mobile Applications Kayvan Alikhani N/A
Mobile & IOT Security: Will Big Data Make it Better or Worse? Hadi Nahari N/A
Viruses, Malware and Threats Tas Giakouminakis N/A
Crypto 101: Encryption, Codebreaking, SSL, and Bitcoin Benjamin Jun N/A
Security Enforcement Explained Dana Wolf N/A
Internet and Web Security Issues Patrick Sullivan N/A
Network Security Gary Sockrider N/A
As a New CISO – How to Assess Your Security Program for Success Gary Hayslip N/A
Are You Fighting the Wrong Battles? Bill Burns N/A
Being a CISO – What They Don’t Tell You Rick Howard , Evan Wheeler , Jack Jones , Julie Fitton , Amy Butler N/A
Stepping Inside the Boardroom Trey Ford N/A
(ISC)² CISSP CBK Training Kevin Stoffell N/A
Status of the Industry: 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study Julie Peeler , Elise Yacobellis , Cheri Caddy , Angela Messer , Frank Dickson N/A
Across the Desk: Opposing Perspectives on InfoSec Hiring and Interviewing Lee Kushner , Lenny Zeltser N/A
Breaking the Glass Firewall: The Changing Role of Women in IT Security - Fahmida Y Rashid , Angela Knox , Melinda Rogers , Michelle Cobb , Penny Leavy N/A
Practical Quantitative Risk Analysis David Musselwhite N/A
An Inside Look at Cyber Insurance Jake Kouns N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Metrics That Matter Alex Hutton , Scott Borg , Evan Wheeler , Kymberlee Price , Michael Werneburg N/A
Leveraging Threat Analysis Techniques Mark Clancy N/A
IAPP: Engineering Privacy: Why Security isn’t Enough Malcolm Harkins , Jeff Northrop , Naomi Lefkovitz , Maureen Ohlhausen , Sagi Leizerov , Trevor Hughes N/A
building the bridge across the great minority cyber divide Joyce Brocaglia , Lisa Foreman-jiggetts , Larry Whiteside , Renee Forney N/A
The 50-Minute MBA for Information Security Professionals Branden R. Williams , James Anderson N/A
The Long and Winding Road: Building an InfoSec Career from Techie to CISO Justin Somaini , Steve Schlarman , Less Stoltenberg , Robert Buchheit N/A
DevOps Connect: SecOps Edition Joshua Corman , Gene H. Kim , Mark S. Miller , Alan Shime N/A
Just A Little Bit More Nigel Smart , Yuval Yarom , Joop Pol N/A
Cache Storage Attacks Billy Brumley N/A
The Evolution of the Cybersecurity Executive Trifecta: The CSO/CIO/CISO Rick Howard N/A
The Big Hacks, Malware and Exploits of 2014 and What is to Come James Lyne N/A
technologies that will shape the future privacy debate Trevor Hughes N/A
something awesome on cloud and containers Rich Mogull , Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff N/A
security data sscience: theory to reality Jay Jacobs , Bob Rudies N/A
phising dark waters - defending against malicious emails Michele Fincher N/A
No more snake oil: why infosec needs security garuntees Jeremiah Grossman N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
news flash:some things actually do work in security!!! John Pescatore N/A
network security and operations when the network is already compromised Eric Cole N/A
mock trial: international discovery and analysis:miscarriage of justice? John Facciola , Steven Teppler , John Jorgensen , Serge Jorgensen , Eric Hibbard , Lauren X Topelsohn N/A
license to kill:malware hunting with the sysinternals tools Mark Russinovich N/A
killing the kill chain:disrupting the cyber attack progression Tyler Reguly , Ken Westin , Alex Cox N/A
incident reponse: a test pilot's perspective Steve Ransom-jones N/A
hacking exposed: next generation attacks Stuart Mcclure , Brian Wallace N/A
exploitation trends:from potential ricj to actual risk David Weston , Matt Miller , Tim Rains N/A
endpoints in the new age:apps, mobility and the iunternet of things Benjamin Jun N/A
cybersecurity legislation; congressional & administrative action Ryan Gillis , Tom Corcoran , David Colberg , Deborah Gill , Sarah Beth Groshart , Tom Bossert N/A
continous security: 5 ways devops improves security Joshua Corman , David Mortman N/A
building a next generation security achitecture Michael Lewis N/A
bridging the divide between security and operational teams Jonathan Trull N/A
android security:data from the front lines Adrian Ludwig N/A
10 tips for running and effective SOC-BuzzFeed style Jeff Caplan N/A
closing the gap:steps to satisfy the demand for security talent Jacob Westin N/A
The new paradigm of business-driven cyber defense:an update from the FCC chairman Tom Wheeler N/A
the cyrptographers panel Paul Kocher , Whitfield Diffie , Ronald l. Rivest , Adi Shamir , Ed Giorgio N/A
keynote Charles Johnson N/A
security on offense Christopher Young N/A
enhancing cloud trust Scot Charney N/A
escaping security's dark ages Amit Yoran N/A
tracking ghosts through the fog Chris Larsen , Waylon Grange N/A
threat intelligence is like three day potty training Rick Holland N/A
the wolves of vuln street: the 1st dynamic systems model of the 0day market Katie Moussouris , Michael Sigel N/A
the six most dangerous new techniques and what's coming next Ed Skoudis , Michael J. Assante , Johannes Ullrich , John Pescatore N/A
six degrees of kevin bacon:securing the data security supply chain Garrett Bekker , Adrian Sanabria N/A
Risk-Ops at Scale: Framework Operationalization to Address Business Risk Eddie Block , Nancy Rainosek N/A
Orchestrating Software Defined Networks (SDN) to Disrupt the APT Kill Chain Deb Banerjee , Sean Doherty N/A
Majority Report: Making Security Data Actionable (and Fun!) Andrew Hay , Thibault Reuille N/A
I Was Attacked by My Power Supply: A Mock Trial John Facciola , Steven Teppler , Hoyt Kesterson , Eric Hibbard , Laruen Topelsohn N/A
I’m in Control Here: Who’s in Charge of Cybersecurity? Jane holl Lute , Shawn Henry , John Inglis , Philip Reitinger N/A
How We Discovered Thousands of Vulnerable Android Apps in One Day Joji Montelibano , Will Dormann N/A
Getting a Jump on Hackers Wolfgang Kandek N/A
enterprise cloud security via devsecops Scott Kennedy , Shannon Lietz N/A
embedded exploitation party trick Ang Cui N/A
design and analysis of block ciphers Xiaoyang Dong , Martin M. Lauridsen N/A
cyber security: the brink of prediction Samir Kapuria N/A
combining firewalls and security intelligence is a hacker's worst nightmare Vijay Upadhyaya N/A
cisco's security dojo: raising the technical security awareness of 20000+ Christopher Romeo N/A
CANCELLED: Mobile Botnets: Fact or Fiction? Marc Eisenbarth N/A
A privacy primer for security officers Todd Fitzgerald N/A
another bug bites the dust Todd Inskeep N/A
hack the planet:some men just want to watch the world burn Mark Arena N/A
open garages=learn how technology drives your car Craigh Smith N/A
National Cyber Crisis – Live Exercise Scenario Dmitri Alperovitch , John d. Davis , Jason Healey N/A
Hacking the CEO: Ninja Mind Tricks and Other Ruses to Get Security $$$’s John B. Dickson N/A
Who’s Invited to Your Party? Minimizing Risk from Outsourced Partners Kenneth Morrison N/A
What Does Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure Look Like? Paco Hope N/A
lead like a woman Joyce Brocaglia N/A
hacking high:teaching our kids vital cyber skills Ronald Woerner N/A
trusting in mobile enterprise-have we lost the game? Ammar Alkassar , Norbert Pohlmann , Hans-cristoph Quelle , Kim Ngyuen N/A
the future of the ITU,ICANN and the IANA transition Paul Rosenzweig , Daniel Sepulveda , Lawrence Strickling N/A
the coming revolution:industry groups defining vendor assessment standards Chris Wysopal , Howard Schmidt , Reeny Sondhi , Jiim Routh N/A
structural entropy analysis for automated malware classification Glenn Chisolm , Matt Wolff N/A
Separating Signal from Noise: Taking Threat Intelligence to the Next Level Doron Shiloach N/A
Security in an Age of Catastrophic Risk Bruce Schneier N/A
security:changing the game Jennifer Henley N/A
riding the wave of the digital bank: a security perspective Juan Losa , Santiago Moral N/A
penetration testing with live malware Gunter Ollmann N/A
Mobile Vulnerabilities: From Data Breach to Complete Shutdown Adi Sharabani , Yair Amit N/A
Leveraging Global Threat Intelligence: Raising the Cost of Cyber-Warfare Dean Thompson N/A
how to become a world-class CISO Lee Kushner , Tim Wilson , James Christiansen , Jay Leek , James Nelms N/A
How to Avoid the Top Ten Software Security Flaws Gary Mcgraw N/A
Home Sweet Owned? – A Look at the Security of IoT Devices in our Homes Billy Rios N/A
From the Battlefield: Managing Customer Perceptions in a Security Crisis Nicole Miller N/A
From Nonexistent to Gartner's #1 Security Technology in Three Years: What's a CASB? Neil Macdonald , Adam Jalal , Myrna Soto , Ramachandra Hegde , Steve Martino N/A
Detecting Unknown Malware: Security Analytics & Memory Forensics Fahad Ehsan N/A
Defense in Depth to Coordinated Defense: Organizing against Our Common Enemy Chet Wisniewski , John Shier N/A
Cookin Up Metrics with Alex and David: A Recipe for Success David Mortman , Alex Hutton N/A
Before and Beyond the Breach: New Research in the 2015 DBIR Bob Rudis , Wade Baker , Jay Jacobs , Marc Spitler N/A
Attribute and Identity Based Encryption Keita Emura , Nuttapoing Attrapadung N/A
A Tale of Two Mocks—a Deep Dive into the Issues Raised John Facciola , Steven Teppler , Hoyt Kesterson , Serge Jorgensen , Eric Hibbard , Lauren X Topelsohn , John Jorgersen N/A
Incident Response Tabletop Meet 'n Swap Alissa Torres N/A
Does The New 2015 California Data Breach Law Protect Individual Privacy, Corporate Security, Both or Neither? Jill Bronfman N/A
Cybersecurity Framework: Adoption Experiences and Opportunities Timothy Shea N/A
challenges in network forensics Anoop Singhal N/A
When IT Threats Meet OT Innocence Udi Solomon N/A
Live Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Demo Tom Van Norman N/A
Cyber-Shock 2015: Corporate Breach Role Play Azeem Aleem , Stephen Mccombie N/A
Be Heard: Developing Effective Board-Level Communications for the CISO Kai Axford N/A
How Much Does Your Ox Weigh?: Crowdsource Your Way to Data Protection Maor Goldberg N/A
Evasive Malware Exposed and Deconstructed Christopher Kruegel N/A
Whats Next? Teaching Machines How to Speak Security Aharon Chernin N/A
Wanted: Innovation in Security Research Gus Reyes N/A
The Social Network Panel at RSA Conference James C. Foster , Mike Kail , Avi Rubin , Paul Moreno N/A
the long road to a secure web Andy Ellis N/A
the ciso reporting project Nicholas J. Percoco , Trey Ford N/A
Security and Privacy in the Cloud: How Far Have We Come? Bruce Schneier , John Pescatore , Eran Feigenbaum , Bret Arsenault N/A
Securing the Internet of Things: Mapping IoT Attack Surface Areas with the OWASP IoT Top 10 Project Daniel Miessler N/A
Restoring Order: The Inevitable Evolution of IT Security Regulation Stephen Treglia N/A
Powering Your Threat Intel Team with Off-the-Shelf Tools Ryan Olson N/A
Membership David Derler , Olivier Blazy N/A
Inception: APT Campaign Spanning PCs, Mobile, the Cloud, and Home Routers Snorre Fagerland , Waylon Grange N/A
Implementing an Automated Incident Response Architecture James Carder.jessica Hebenstreit N/A
Hot Topics in Information Security Law 2015 Michael Aisenberg , Richard Abbott , Benham Dayanim , Brendan O Connor , Martha Chemas N/A
Hacktivism in 2015 - It Isn’t Just for the Lulz Anymore Joseph Gallop N/A
hacking in smart cities Cesar Cerrudo N/A
hacking exposed:beyond the malware Dmitri Alperovitch , George Kurtz , Elia Zaitsev N/A
From Cowboys to Sales Engineers: Building Mature Security Services Julian Mihai , Tom Baltis N/A
FBI and Trend Micro: Combating Cybercrime within your Organization Tom Kellermann N/A
Defending Critical Infrastructure: Preparing via Real-World Cyber Exercises Fred Kost , Bob Ducharme , Henry Capello , Philip Susmann , Randolph Siegel N/A
Cybersecurity as a Boardroom Investment: Business Speaks Resilience Phyllis Schneck , Karen Neuman , Suzanne Spaulding N/A
Continuous Security: 5 Ways DevOps Improves Security David Mortman , Joshua Corman N/A
A Comedy of Errors: Assessing and Managing the Human Element of Cyber Risk Jason Straight N/A
Victims DON'T Have Their Heads in the Cloud - An Insider Threat Case Study Summer Fowler , Randall Trzeciak N/A
the promise and the perils of wearables Andres Molina-markham , Shirirang Mare N/A
The Hazards of Online Ads: What Is Being Done and What You and Your Employees Can Do Craiz Spiezle , Casey Oppenheim , Chris Olson , Elias Manousos N/A
State of Cybersecurity: 2015 Findings and Implications Rob Stroud , Fahmidas Y Rashid N/A
Secure and Efficient Implementation of AES Based Cryptosystems Conrado Gouvea , Junwei Wang N/A
Privacy and Security, the Ties That Bind Jeff Northrop N/A
More Apt Than You Think: Data Protection at Massive Scale Davi Ottenheimer N/A
Inconvenient Security: When Attorneys Drive Security Decisions Joseph Burton , Dan Mitchell , George Tubin , William Nelson N/A
Implementing the U.S. Cybersecurity Framework at Intel—A Case Study Tim Casey N/A
IANS Research - The 7 Factors of CISO Impact Phil Gardner , Stan Dolberg N/A
How Secure are Contact-less Payment Systems? Chris Scott , Matthew Ngu N/A
How DHS Does Cybersecurity with Content Filtering Thomas Ruoff N/A
Dissecting Office Malware for Fun and Espionage Jonathan Grier N/A
Countering Development Environment Attacks David Wheeler , Dan Reddy N/A
Characterizing Malicious Traffic on Cellular Networks: A Retrospective Charles Lever N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
But...It’s an App/Play Store Download: Research Exposes Mobile App Flaws Andrew Hoog , Ryan Welton N/A
Be like Water: Applying Analytical Adaptability to Cyber Intelligence Jay Mcallister N/A
Balancing Compliance and Operational Security Demands Steve Winterfeld N/A
Attribution Debate - Is It Worth It? Dmitri Alperovitch , Freddy Dezeure , Tom Corcoran , Rick Hollard N/A
Assume Breach: An Inside Look at Cloud Service Provider Security Mark Russinovich N/A
applied information sharing:lessons learned from the gameover/zeus takedwon Marshall Miller , Andrew Auid , Brett Stone-gross , Michael Mckeown , Vikram Thakur N/A
Using Team Structure as Defense in Depth William Harmer N/A
SANS NetWars Ed Skoudis N/A
TLS/SSL and Certificate Crossfire Errol Lloyd N/A
Should 2015 Be the Year We Ditch Information Security Certifications? Ben Rothke N/A
Doing Security Response with Your Cloud Service Provider Jerry Cochran N/A
Can We Satisfy the ACLU and Still Share Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)? Karyn Higa-smith N/A
Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? Exploring Data Security, Ownership and Control David Etue N/A
The Mother of All Pen Tests Robert Hawk , Steve Vandenberg N/A
That Point of Sale Is a PoS David Byrne , Charles Henderson N/A
Security Metrics That Your Board Actually Cares About! Troy Braban N/A
Security in the App Economy: How to Ride the Wave Without Wiping Out Michelle Waugh N/A
Security and Privacy: Let’s Stay Together, Baby Malcolm Harkins , Ruby A. Zefo N/A
Protecting Critical Infrastructure Is Critical Robert Hinden N/A
Major Cyberfraud Innovations of the Last Twelve Months Etay Maor N/A
Live mobile hacking demon and dissection! Jason Rader , Lior Ben-porat , Rotem Salinas N/A
Is DevOps Breaking Your Company? Elizabeth Lawler N/A
Internet of Threats: What’s Really Connected to the Net and Why You Care Trey Ford N/A
Inside the Boardroom: How Boards Manage Cybersecurity and Risk Asheem Chandna , Renee Guttmann , Aaref Hilaly , Michael Corey N/A
Gumshoes Part Deux – Security Investigative Journalists Speak Out Joseph Menn , Dan Hubbard , Kevin Poulsen , Brian Krebs , Nicole Perlroth N/A
Finally We've Got Game: Real Government Info Sharing after 15 Years of Talk Andy Ozment N/A
FBI Cyber: Leading Globally Charles Garzoni N/A
Cyber Insurance: The Next Big Thing or the Next Requirement? Tom Finan , Ben Beeson , Mark Massey , Erin Kenneally , Paul Ferrillo , Tracie Grella N/A
Cyber Battlefield: The Future of Conflict Dmitri Alperovitch , Jason Healey , Martin Libicki , Adam Segal N/A
Chosen Ciphertext Attacks in Theory and Practice Jean-rené Reinhard , Fuyuki Kitagawa N/A
Building The Midgardian Citadel: Active Detection and Response Dave Baumgartner , Grady Summers N/A
Bricks and Mortar to Bits and Bytes: A History and Future of Insider Threat Jesse Goldhammer , Michael Gelles N/A
Addressing The Global Supply Chain Threat Challenge: Huawei, A Case Study Andy Purdy N/A
Insider Threat and the Dark Web: Cyber Response Mini-Wargame Thad Allen , Mike Mcconnell , Nicole Monteforte , Ronald Sanders N/A
Combating Cyber Risk in the Supply Chain Joshua Douglas N/A
Building an Appsec Program with Sun Tzu, the Dalai Lama and Honey Badger Dan Cornell N/A
JTAGulator with Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand N/A
“Your VISA has been DEACTlVATED” – How Cybercriminals Cash In Via SMS Attacks Cathal Mc Daid N/A
Watt, Me Worry? Analyzing AC Power to Find Malware Benjamin Ransford , Denis foo Kune N/A
The Kelvin Mantra: Implementing Data-Driven Security Practices Bob Rudis , Stephen Boyer N/A
The Insider Threat in the Cloud: The Harsh Reality in Today's World Davi Ottenheimer , George Gerchow , Rick Hollard , Eric Chiu N/A
Should Organizations Share Threat Intel to Avoid the Next Cybergeddon? Anton Chuvakin , Richard Struse , Hugh Njemanze , Nate Lesser N/A
Pragmatic Metrics for Building Security Dashboards James Tarala N/A
Post-Snowden Cryptography Part I Paul Kocher , Bart Preneel , Adi Shamir , Hugo Krawczyk , Nigel Smart N/A
Modern Department of Homeland Security Cyber: Our Vision Forward Phyllis Schneck N/A
Incident Response Agility: Leverage the Past and Present into the Future Josh Thurston , Torry Campbell N/A
How Vulnerable Are Our Homes? - The Story of How My Home Got Hacked David Jacoby N/A
Hot Topics in Privacy: A Conversation with Facebook, Google and Microsoft Brendon Lynch , Keith Enright , Trevor Hughes , Erin Egan N/A
Healthcare Case Study: Beating Cybercrime, Nation-states & Insider Threats Jigar Kadakia N/A
Game of Hacks: The Mother of All Honeypots Maty Siman N/A
Enterprise Cloud: Advancing SaaS Security and Trust Chang Kawaguchi , Raji Dani N/A
Demystifying Cloud Security: Lessons Learned for the Public Sector Chad Woolf , Richard Hale , Brad Beaulieu , Matt Goodrich N/A
Defending the Cloud from the Full Stack Hack Erik Peterson N/A
Data Science Transforming Security Operations Alon Kaufman N/A
Cyber Security for Start-ups: An Affordable 10-Step Plan David Cowan N/A
Curbing Email Threats & Spearphishing– The Promise & Results with DMARC Craig Spiezle , John Sparrow , J Rent Adams , Pattrick Peterson N/A
Can Cyber Insurance Be Linked to Assurance? Larry Clinton , Dan Reddy N/A
Building a Next Generation Security Architecture Michael Lewis N/A
Breach 360: How Top Attacks Impact Tomorrow’s Laws, Litigation, Security Brian Honan , Tom Field , Educardo Perez , Jospeh Burton , Mathew Schwartz N/A
Amazing True Crimes and the Lessons They Can Teach Us Mark Mcgovern N/A
How to Develop a Security Operations Center (SOC) Devin Bhatt N/A
Data Collection for Litigation: Avoiding Privacy and Security Pitfalls Kenneth Mendelson N/A
Are Digital Anonymity and a "Right to Forget" the New Snake Oil? Joni Brennan N/A
A Dialogue on Threat Intelligence KPIs Rafal wh1t3rabbit Los N/A
You Are What You Click: Using Decoys to Identify Mobile Device Attackers Salvatore Stolfo , Joel Peterson N/A
What a Relief - It Works! How to Build an Insider Threat Program in One Year Dawn Cappelli N/A
Tools of the Hardware Hacking Trade Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand N/A
The Internet of Things: Revolutionary, Evolutionary or Fad? James Lewis , Sameer Bhalotra , Jeffrey Greene , Victoria Yan Pillitteri N/A
Stuxnet: The Real Story Behind the Digital Whodunit Kim Zetter N/A
SSLammed, SSLayed and SSLapped Around - Why Hackers Love SSL Grant Asplund N/A
Security: Meet Your New Roommate, The Dynamic Provisioning Environment Chris Morales , Jason Pappalexis N/A
Secure Apache Web Server with HMTL5 and HTTP 2.0 Brandy Mauff N/A
Rise of the Machines: An Internet-Wide Analysis of Web Bots in 2014 John Summers N/A
Preventing and Disrupting National Security Cyber Threats David Sanger , John Carlin N/A
Practical Advice for Embracing RASP - A New Kind of Defense Tyler ( Txs ) Shields , Jsaon Schmitt , Joe Sechman , Steve Dyer N/A
Post-Snowden Cryptography Part II Paul Kocher , Bart Preneel , Adi Shamir , Hugo Krawczyk , Nigel Smart N/A
Phishing Dark Waters – Defending against Malicious Emails Michele Fincher N/A
Next Wave of Security Operationalization Peter Lam N/A
Managing Expectations: The S.E.C. & F.T.C. Target InfoSEC Compliance Randy Sabett , Patrick Oot , David Shonka , Jerami Kemintz , Johan Davis N/A
Hunting the Undefined Threat: Advanced Analytics & Visualization Joshua Stevens N/A
How to Design Data Centric Security and What to Watch For? Ali Golshan , Fengmin Gong , Philip Martin N/A
Don't Touch That Dial: How Smart Thermostats Have Made Us Vulnerable Ray Potter , Yier Jin N/A
Don’t Get Left in the Dust: How to Evolve from CISO to CIRO James Christiansen , Bradley Schaufenbuel N/A
Containers vs. VMs for Secure Cloud Applications Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff , Mark Russinovich , Simon Crosby , Scott Johnson N/A
Analysis of SSL and Crypto Vulnerabilities in Android Applications Yulong Zhang , Adrian Mettler N/A
70% of US Business Will Be Impacted by the CSF: Are You Ready? Tom Cunkle , Greg Witte N/A
Pragmatic SecDevOps Rich Mogull , Mike Rothman , Adrian Lane N/A
Open Garages: Learn How Technology Drives Your Car Craigh Smith N/A
How To: Aggressive Remediation in an APT World Jim Jaeger N/A
Accountability: How to Make Professional Risk a Growth Opportunity and Love It Karen Worstell N/A
Effective Security Governance in Critical Infrastructure Jon Standford N/A
How to Motivate Security and Compliance Performance & Get People to Love It Mike Mcalpen N/A
Let's Talk Security and Adoption of IPv6. Is Your Organization Ready? Chris Grundemann N/A
A Short History of Attacks on Finance Marutis Lucas N/A
Attacks on Crown Jewels: SAP Vulnerabilities and Exploits Mariano Nunez N/A
CSI Digital Crime Lab: A Virtual Whodunnit Amber Schroader N/A
There’s an App for That: How the Future of Privacy Will Be Consumer-Driven David Gorodyansky N/A
Sun Tzu Meets the Cloud: Everything Is Different, Nothing Has Changed Sean Jennings N/A
Information Technology Insights from the DoD CIO Terry Halvorsen N/A
Qigong for Health and Vitality Chris Shelton N/A
Fail-safe the Human Pysche to Advance Security and Privacy Theresa Payton N/A
2014 Hack, Exploit and Malware Retrospective...And the Worry List Ahead James Lyne N/A
The Second Machine Age Andrew Mcafee N/A
The Day My Kids Brought Home Malware Kellman Meghu N/A
Quantitative Security: Using Moneyball Techniques to Defend Corporate Networks Amit Mital N/A
Open Garages – Learn How Technology Drives Your Car Craig Smith N/A
Welcome to the New School of Cyber Defense Art Gilliland N/A
Stuck in Patterns - How Your Mind Fools You Every Day Doug Kevilus N/A
Talking ’bout My Next Generation Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff N/A
Never, Ever, Give Up Diana Nyad N/A
What You Don't See WILL Breach You! "Intelligizing" Detection through Context Gaurav Kapil , Bryan Krekel N/A
Using the Cybersecurity Framework: Lessons Learned and Opportunities Michael Brown , David Simpson , Tim Casey , Steve Whitlock , Donna Dodson N/A
To Sign and Protect - COPS in OS X and iOS Jonathan Levin N/A
Terror Gone Social: The Islamic State and Social Media Kenneth Geers , James C. Foster N/A
Standards for Exchange of Identification Context between Federated Parties Pamela Dingle N/A
Seven Grades of Perfect Forward Secrecy Oleg Gyrb N/A
Rapid Threat Modeling Techniques Chad Childers N/A
Patching Exploits with Duct Tape: Bypassing Mitigations and Backward Steps Stephen Sims , James Lyne N/A
Owning SAP ASE: Chained Database Attack Martin Rakhmanov N/A
On the Care and Feeding of Human and Device Relationships Ian Glazer , Eve Maler N/A
Notice of Eviction Phil Burdette N/A
More Books You Should Have Read by Now: The Cybersecurity Canon Project Rick Howard N/A
Managing the Unmanageable: A Risk Model for the Internet of Things Gib Sorebo N/A
Layered Defenses to Prevent Phishing Attacks Ira Winkler N/A
How APIs Turned Cloud Security on Its Head Ben Kus , Rajneesh Chopra N/A
Drones: All Abuzz with Privacy & Security Issues Christopher Pierson , James Shreve N/A
Cultivating a New Generation of Cyber-Workforce Talent Michael Kaiser , Cecily Joseph , Ann Barron-dicamillo , Jeffery Jacoby N/A
Compliance by Design: Using Innovation to Beat the Compliance Rat Race Robert w. Griffin , Hayden Delaney N/A
CForum: A Community Driven Solution to Cybersecurity Challenges Greg Witte , Tom Conkle N/A
Bug Hunting on the Dark Side Felix Leder , Tillmann Werner N/A
Become the Leader the Industry Needs Philip Casesa N/A
Algorithms for Solving Hard Problems Wei Wei , Koji Nuida N/A
Active Response: Automated Risk Reduction or Manual Action? Monzy Merza N/A
How to Spread Information Security Best Practices Virally Across Your Organization Miguel Saiz Serrano N/A
Effective Management of Key Storage Files Including Java Keystores and Oracle Wallets Saikat Saha N/A
Can Peer Collaboration Be Our Next Best Practice for Risk Management? Robin Slade N/A
Active Defense & Offensive Security: Where Are We Now and How Did We Get Here? Neil Wyler N/A
We Have Met the Future of Security and It Is Us David Mortman , Jack Daniel , Trey Ford , Katie Moussouris N/A
U.S. Government Initiatives for Securing the Global Supply Chain Joe Jarzombek , Nadya Bartol , Emile Monette , Dan Reddy , Donald Davidson N/A
Use of Technology in Preserving and Protecting Humanity Morgan Marquis-boire , Alex Stamos , Davi Ottenheimer , Bruce Schneier , Beau Woods N/A
Threat Intelligence Is Dead. Long Live Threat Intelligence! Mark Orlando N/A
The Truth about Cyber Risk Metrics: Connecting Vulnerabilities to Economics Scott Borg N/A
The Newest Piece of Defense-in-Depth: Social Media & DNS Andrew Hay , Evan Blair N/A
The Little JPEG That Could (Hack Your Organization) Marcus Murray N/A
Six Things Wireless Security Professionals Need to Know About Wireless Avril Salter N/A
Security’s Evolving Role as an Enabler to the Business Wendy Nather , Jon Ramsey , John Mcclurg , Timothy Brown N/A
Security Data Science: From Theory to Reality Bob Rudis , Jay Jacobs N/A
Please DON'T Share My Data: Imparting Sensitivity Markings on Shared Data Patrick Cain N/A
Misinforming Management Jack Jones N/A
Managing Risk in a Mobile First World Justin Somaini , Mike Kail , Manoj Leelanivas , David Giambruno N/A
Insider Threat Best Practice, Developing a Solid Program for Success Dawn Cappelli , Geoff Hancock , Pat Reidy N/A
Identity Proofing - Blinding the Eye of Sauron Paul Grassi , Chi Hickey N/A
Enterprise Acquisition of Cloud Computing Services Robert Hawk , Steve Vandenberg N/A
Domain Name Abuse: How Cheap New Domain Names Fuel the eCrime Economy Paul A. Vixie N/A
Dan Geer on the Future of Security Dan Geer N/A
Constructions of Hash Functions and Message Authentication Codes Yusi Zhang , Aishwarya Thiruvengadam N/A
Big Tech's Burden to Develop Predictive Indicators to Combat Cyber-Attacks Jon Stanley , William Rogers , Joseph Burton , Mark Silvestri , Rita Heimes N/A
Advanced Attacks: How One Exploited Endpoint Leads to Total Datacenter Breach Nati Davidi , Sebastian Goodwin N/A
A Case Study in Building an AppSec Program: 0–60 in 12 months Robb Reck N/A
CyberLegislation is Upon Us... But Are We Ready? Joshua Corman N/A
Third Party Supplier Governance – Secure the Supply Chain Puneet Kukreja N/A
Rapid Threat Modeling - Start Your Own Threat Model Now! Chad Childers N/A
PCI DSS and SSL: What You Need to Know in 2015 Troy Leach N/A
Continuous Network Compliance: Finding Flaws and Betting Futures Alan Shimel N/A
Best Practice or Bust? Test Your Approach to Third-Party Risk James Christiansen N/A
Vulnerability and Risk Scoring: What Ratings Really Mean Tyler Reguly N/A
The Evolution of Threats Targeting Industrial Control Systems Frank Marcus N/A
Cyber Bullying, Revenge Porn and the Work Place Lawrence Dietz N/A
Can DNSSEC and DANE Add a Layer Of Trust to TLS and DNS? Wes Hardaker N/A
Automate or Die! How to Scale and Evolve to Fix Our Broken Industry Ben Tomhave N/A
Want to be Secure in the Cloud? Build a Casino Joan Pepin N/A
WestJet’s Security Architecture Made Simple—We Finally Got It Right! Richard Silito N/A
Use Context to Improve Your User Identification Odds Eve Maler N/A
The Third Rail: New Stakeholders Tackle Security Threats and Solutions Ted Ross N/A
There’s a Cougar in the Car – Quickly Navigating through a Cyber Crisis Dave Baumgartner , David White , Mike Mcconnell , David Lashway , Patrick Gorman N/A
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