VISC 2015 April 2, 2015 to April 3, 2015, Richmond,uSA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Managing regulatory compliance in a non-compliant world Dan Han N/A
The Shared ISO model Tom Bowers N/A
The Internet of Things and the Security of Business Karen Mcdowell N/A
Continuous Monitoring Challenges Randy Marchany N/A
Driving Value with Information Security Compliance Scott Hammer N/A
ORMS Bootcamp Jean Rowe N/A
Remarks Terry Mcauliffe , Karen Jackson N/A
Sharing sensitive information in a more secure manner Andrea Di Fabio N/A
IT Security Governance - One ISO's journey Doug Streit N/A
BigData and (In)Security Considerations Michael Light N/A
Vulnerability Stupidity: How Do We Move Towards Intelligence? Jake Kouns N/A
Security Threats, Frameworks, and Mitigation Efforts How Can You Lower Your Risk? Peter Allor N/A
Data Breach Security David Pricer N/A
Welcome Mike Watson N/A
Keynote Presentation: Karen S. Evans N/A
The Collaborative Risk Engagement and Assessment Model (FUD Avoidance) Peter Aiken , Lorne Joseph N/A
What's new in PCI DSS v3.0 Shana Bumpas N/A
Stop throwing generic security requirement - Who has time?! Hemil Shah N/A
You can't secure what you can't manage (Reducing ROT) Peter Aiken , Lorne Joseph N/A
Into the Cyber Security Breach Mike Wyatt , Tim Sanouvong N/A
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Unifying the Organization and Improving Performance Through Shared Management of Risks Karen L. Cole N/A
Vulnerability Scanning Chandos Carrow N/A
Lessons Learned from Mega Breaches Michael Bruemmer N/A