WCIST 2015 April 1, 2015 to April 2, 2015, Azores,Portugal

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Open and Keynote Session Ana Maria Correia , Luís Paulo Reis , Luís Mendes Gomes N/A
Keynote: IT Governance. Wim Van Grembergen N/A
Intelligent and Decision Support Systems (Fulls) Filipe Portela , Mircea Georgescu N/A
Iecosys – An Intelligent Waste Management System Pedro Reis , Filipe Caetano , Rui Pitarma , Celestino Gonçalves N/A
Knowledge Asset Management Pertinent To Information Systems Outsourcing Hanlie Smuts , Paula Kotze , Alta Merwe , Marianne Loock N/A
Meta-model Of Information Visualization Based On Treemap Eduardo Oliveira , Luciene Oliveira , Alexandre Cardoso , Edgard Lamounier Jr , Leandro Mattioli N/A
Project Management: Evaluation Of The Problems In The Portuguese Construction Industry Anabela Tereso , Leonel Rocha , João Couto N/A
Projects As Knowledge Swirls In The Technological Innovation. Romania’s Situation Mircea Georgescu , Daniela Popescul , Juan Pilar N/A
Question Answering Track Evaluation In Trec, Clef And Ntcir María-dolores Olvera-lobo , Juncal Gutiérrez-artacho N/A
Refactoring Rules For Graph Databases Adriane Fonseca , Luiz Camolesi Jr. N/A
Concurrency Detection On Finish-to-start Activity Precedence Networks Rui Moutinho , Anabela Tereso N/A
Organizational Models and Information Systems (Fulls) Carlos Salgado , Marite Kirikova , José João Almeida N/A
Opm3 ® Portugal Project – Information Systems And Technologies Organizations – Outcome Analysis Anabela Tereso , David Silva , Gabriela Fernandes , Isabel Loureiro , José Ângelo Pinto N/A
‘bricolage’ In The Implementation And The Use Of Is By Micro-firms: An Empirical Study Annabelle Jaouen , Walid A. Nakara N/A
Letting Organizations To Find The Correct Way To Start In The Implementation Of Software Process Improvements Jezreel Mejia , Mirna Muñoz N/A
Maturity, Benefits And Project Management Shaping Project Success Jorge Gomes , Mário Romão N/A
Sorting With One-dimensional Cellular Automata By Odd-even Transposition Pedro Oliveira , Carlos Vaz Carvalho N/A
The Associating Factors And Outcomes Of Green Supply Chain Management Implementation – From Technological And Non-technological Perspectives Savita Sugathan , Dhanapal Durai Dominic , Ramayah Thurasamy , Kalai Anand Ratnam N/A
Three New Dimensions To People, Process, Technology Improvement Model Mircea Prodan , Adriana Prodan , Anca Purcarea N/A
Workshop on Safety, Ergonomics and Efficiency in Human-Machine Interfaces Slawomir Zolkiewski , Pyrz Mariusz N/A
Modelling of innovative controllable structures made of granular materials Robert Zalewski , Pawel Skalski N/A
Preparing the aid system for industrial network oriented diagnostics Piotr Michalski , Mariusz Hetmańczyk N/A
An engine room simulator as a tool for environmental education of marine engineers Rafał Laskowski , Leszek Chybowski , Katarzyna Gawdzińska N/A
New controllable sound absorbers made of Vacuum Packed Particles Robert Zalewski , Michal Rutkowski N/A
Remote control of industry robots using mobile devices Sławomir Żółkiewski , Krzysztof Galuszka N/A
Basic reliability structures of complex technical systems Leszek Chybowski , Sławomir Żółkiewski N/A
Handheld device applications for remote control of industrial robots Sławomir Żółkiewski , Krzysztof Galuszka N/A
Numerical Technologies for Vulnerable Road User Safety Enhancement Mariusz Ptak , Krystian Konarzewski N/A
Conceptual Design of Means of Transport Harnessing Human Power Mariusz Ptak , Damian Derlukiewicz N/A
Controlled vacuum packed particles as a part of machine interface system Pyrz Mariusz N/A
Modeling of complex properties of Vacuum Packed Particles using Evolutionary Algorithms Robert Zalewski , Pawel Chodkiewicz , Mariusz Pyrz N/A
HCI, IKM & OMI (Fulls) José Machado N/A
An Efficient And Adaptive Threshold Of Volumetric Segmentation Dumitru Dan Burdescu , Marius Brezovan , Liana Stanescu , Cosmin Stoica Spahiu N/A
Transparent Handover Using Wifi Network Prediction For Mobile Video Streaming Joost Geurts , Zhe Li , Yaning Liu , Jean-charles Point N/A
Agent-oriented Based Enterprise Architecture Implementation Methodology Babak Darvish Rouhani , Mohd Naz'ri Mahrin , Fatemeh Nikpay N/A
Step Towards Of A Homemade Business Intelligence Solution – A Case Study In Textile Industry António Abelha , José Machado , Filipe Portela , Manuel Filipe Santos , Sandrina Carvalho N/A
A Restfull Approach For Classifying Pollutants In Water Using Neural Networks José Agustín , Jesús Lozano , José Pedro Santos N/A
Labsmóveis: Innovation In The University Classroom Through Mobile Devices Raquel Dias , Márcia Cristina Moraes , Leticia Lopes Leite , Ana Figueiredo , Rosana Gessinger , Cristina Moreira Nunes N/A
A Supervised Approach To Arabic Text Summarization Using Adaboost Riadh Belkebir , Ahmed Guessoum N/A
Bayesian And Graph Theory Approaches To Develop Strategic Early Warning Systems For The Milk Market Furkan Gurpinar , Christophe Bisson , Oznur Yasar Diner N/A
Supporting Workflow And Adaptive Case Management With Language Technologies Martin Henkel , Erik Perjons , Eriks Sneiders N/A
Generating A Logical Architecture Services’ Quality Characteristics Aligned With Its Business Requirements Ricardo J. Machado , Carlos E. Salgado , Rita Maciel N/A
Media Brokerage: Agent-based Sla Negotiation Bruno Veloso , Benedita Malheiro , Juan Carlos Burguillo N/A
Advanced System For Garden Irrigation Management Pedro Reis , Filipe Caetano , Rui Pitarma N/A
Decision Support System For The Agri-food Sector – The Sousacamp Group Case Frederico Branco , Ramiro Gonçalves , José Martins , Manuel Peréz-cota N/A
Software Systems, Architectures, Applications and Tools (Fulls) Dumitru Dan Burdescu , Mariusz Ptak N/A
Scalability Of Facebook Architecture Pedro Furtado , Hugo Barrigas , Daniel Barrigas , Melyssa Barata , Jorge Bernardino N/A
Pctgen: Automated Generation Of Test Cases For Application Workflows Miroslav Bures N/A
A Data Mining Framework For Primary Biodiversity Data Analysis Suelane Garcia Fontes , Silvio Luiz Stanzani , Pedro Correa N/A
Open Source Backup Systems For Smes Jorge Bernardino , Diogo Sérgio Sampaio N/A
Semi-automatic Generation Of Virtual Reality Environments For Electric Power Substations Alexandre Cardoso , Leandro Mattioli , Edgard Lamounier , Paulo Prado , José Newton N/A
Dynamic Replication And Deployment Of Services In Mobile Environments Gabriel Guerrero-contreras , José Luis Garrido , Kawtar Benghazi , Carlos Rodríguez-domínguez N/A
Computer Networks, Mobility and Pervasive Systems (Fulls) George Suciu N/A
Vvshop - The Vinho Verde Electronic Retailers Directory Revisited Paulo Martins , José Luís Reis N/A
Analytical And Simulation Modeling To Analyze Reliability State Of Wireless Sensor Networks Girdhari Singh , Vipin Pal , Yogita Miss , R P Yadav N/A
Interacting And Making Personalized Recommendations Of Places Of Interest To Tourists Fernando Reinaldo Ribeiro , Fábio Fernandes N/A
Use Of Social Network Sites Profile For The Employment Seeking Process Phoey Lee Teh , Tom Sander , Biruta Sloka N/A
Hybrid Distributed-hierarchical Identity Based Cryptographic Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks Constantin Grumazescu , Mihai Lica Pura , Victor Valeriu Patriciu N/A
Black Virus Decontamination In Arbitrary Networks Jie Cai , Paola Flocchini , Nicola Santoro N/A
IKM, OMIS & SSAT (Shorts) Egils Ginters N/A
Understanding The Effect Of Techno-interruptions In The Workplace Sonia Camacho , Khaled Hassanein , Milena Head N/A
The Future Of Mind Reading Computer Sofia Marwah Zainal N/A
Creating Smart Tests From Recorded Automated Test Cases Miroslav Bures , Martin Filipsky , Ivan Jelinek N/A
Model For Evaluation And Cost Estimations Of The Automated Testing Architecture Miroslav Bures N/A
Storing Archival Emigration Documents To Create Virtual Exhibition Rooms Ricardo Giuliani Martini , Mónica Guimarães , Giovani Rubert Librelotto , Pedro Henriques N/A
The Length Of Hospital Stay In Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Predictive Model With Laboratory And Administrative Data Teresa Magalhães , Sílvia Lopes , João Gomes , Filipe Seixo N/A
Cyber Resilience - Fundamentals For A Definition Martin Henkel , Fredrik Björck , Janis Stirna , Jelena Zdravkovic N/A
An Information System For Management And Optimization Of Materials In The Wood Industry Jaime Mendes , Óscar Oliveira , Carla Sofia Pereira , Pedro Fernandes N/A
Types Of Linkages Between Business Processes And Regulations Marite Kirikova , Andrejs Gaidukovs N/A
An Overview Of Decision Support Benchmarks: Tpc-ds, Tpc-h And Ssb Pedro Furtado , Melyssa Barata , Jorge Bernardino N/A
The Yantai Urban Economic Development Assessment Simulator Egils Ginters , Artis Aizstrauts , Miquel Eroles , Roman Buil , Boyong Wang N/A
Using Data Mining Techniques To Support Breast Cancer Diagnosis Joana Diz , Goreti Marreiros , Alberto Freitas N/A
Big Data For Stock Market By Means Of Mining Techniques Manuel Santos , António Abelha , José Machado , Filipe Portela , Luciana Lima N/A
Multi Criteria Decision Support System: Preference Information And Robustness Maria Kalinina N/A
Key Point Based Face Recognition System Using Delaunay Triangulation Zahoor Jan , Noor Zada , Hayat Muhammad , Muhammad Rafiq N/A
Besmart2: A Multicriteria Decision Aid Application Anabela Tereso , João Amorim N/A
CNMPS, HCI, IDSS & IKM (Shorts) Miroslav Bures N/A
Focus Group Foci: Employing Participants’ Hci And Application Domain Expertise In Interaction Design Patrik Björnfot , Victor Kaptelinin N/A
Sporangium: Exploiting A Virtualization Layer To Support The Concept Of Sporadic Cloud Computing With Users On The Move Martin Lopez-nores , Yolanda Blanco-fernandez , José J. Pazos-arias , Manuel Ramos-cabrer , Esteban F. Ordoñez-morales , Jack F. Bravo-torres N/A
New Solutions For Old Problems: Use Of Interfaces Human / Computer To Assist People With Visual And/or Motor Impairment In The Use Of Dosvox And Microfênix Adriano Joaquim Cruz , Henrique Serdeira , João Sergio Assis , José Antonio Borges , José Fábio Araújo , Marcia Cristina Soeiro , Marcos Carvalho , Mário Afonso Barbosa N/A
Prototyping The One-dimensional Cutting Stock Problem With Usable Leftovers For The Furniture Industry Óscar Oliveira , Pedro Fernandes , Dorabela Gamboa N/A
Towards Reusing Data Cleaning Knowledge Ricardo Almeida , Paulo Maio , Paulo Oliveira , João Barroso N/A
Workshop on Computer Supported Qualitative Analysis Antonio Pedro Costa N/A
Mentoring Relationships: Shedding Light on PhD Student Perspective Celina P. Leao , Ana C. Ferreira N/A
Lessons Learned on Developing Educational Systems using a Hybrid User Centered Methodology Luís Paulo Reis , Antonio Pedro Costa , Maria João Loureiro N/A
Using NVivo to Evaluate a Program of Goal Corrected Emphatic Attunement Skills: A Case Study in the Context of Higher Education Catarina Brandão , Miguez José N/A
Perceptions and understandings of the need of change: views from the Top Rúben Eira , Laura Costa Maia , Anabela Carvalho Alves , Celina Pinto Leão N/A
Perceptions of teaching in students and in teachers' point of view: Implications on students' learning skills in Higher Education Antonio Pedro Costa , Susana Oliveira Sá , Maria Palmira Alves N/A
Organizational Models and Information Systems, and Information Technologies in Radiocommunications (Fulls & Shorts) Vipin Pal N/A
Applying Action Research In The Formulation Of Information Security Policies Isabel Lopes , Pedro Oliveira N/A
Implementation Of Information Systems Security Policies: A Survey In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises Isabel Lopes , Pedro Oliveira N/A
Architecture For Wireless Grids João Paulo Pereira N/A
Performance Evaluation Of Long-distance 802.11n Networks Patricia Ludeña González , Javier Simó Reigadas , Katty Rohoden Jaramillo , Marco Morocho Yaguana N/A
Antenna For Fifth Generation (5g) Using A Ebg Structure Humberto Fernandes , Almir Neto , Marta Dantas , Joicy Silva N/A
Health Informatics (Fulls) Pedro Henriques Abreu N/A
Tiger-based Assessment Of Nursing Informatics Competencies (tanic) Kathleen Hunter , Dee Mcgonigle , Toni Hebda , Carolyn Sipes , Taryn Hill , Jean Lamblin N/A
Medical Data Integration With Snomed-ct And Hl7 Alessandro Longheu , Vincenza Carchiolo , Michele Malgeri N/A
Can Transparency Enhancing Tools Support Patient's Accessing Electronic Health Records? Gabriele Lenzini , Ana Ferreira N/A
An Assessment Of Chronic Kidney Diseases António Abelha , José Machado , José Neves , M. Rosário Martins , Henrique Vicente , João Neves N/A
A Data Preparation Methodology In Data Mining Applied To Mortality Population Databases Joaquín Pérez| , Emmanuel Iturbide , Miguel Hidalgo N/A
Nursing Informatics Competencies Assessment Level 3 And Level 4 (nica L3/l4) Kathleen Hunter , Dee Mcgonigle , Toni Hebda , Carolyn Sipes , Taryn Hill , Jean Lamblin N/A
Information Technologies in Education (Fulls) Jorge Bernardino N/A
A Methodology To Use Market Simulation Software In The Teaching Of Business Management Fabio Xavier , Beatriz Salione N/A
Evaluating The Usability Of Library Websites Using An Heuristic Analysis Approach On Smart Mobile Phones: Preliminary Findings Of A Study In Saudi Universities Abdulhadi Eidaroos , Abdullah Alkraiji N/A
New Algorithms For Smart Assessment Of Math Exercises Isabel Araújo , Irene Brito , Gaspar Machado , Rui Pereida , J.joão Almeida , Gueorgui Smirnov N/A
Using Sg To Train Children And Elicit Fire Safety Behaviour João Emílio Almeida , Rosaldo Rossetti , António Leça Coelho N/A
Workshop on Business Intelligence in Organisations Maria José Sousa N/A
Business Intelligence: An essential tool in the identification of organizational Internal Talent Carla Caracol , Ivo Dias N/A
Action Research Study on Individual Knowledge use in Organizational Innovation Processes Maria José Sousa , Teresa Cascais , João Paulo Rodrigues N/A
Intelligent business process based cloud services Mohammed Nassim Lacheheub , Ramdane Maamri N/A
A Multi-driven Approach to Improve Data Analytics for Multi-Value Dimensions Gabriel Pestana , Pedro Catelas , Isabel Rosa N/A
A Decision Support System for Municipal Budget Plan Decisions Hugo Rego , Armando B. Mendes , Hélia Guerra N/A
Business Intelligence applied to Human Resources Management Maria José Sousa , Ivo Dias N/A
Big Data Analytics and Applications (Fulls) Kalai Anand Ratnam N/A
Ubiquitous Self-organizing Map: Learning Concept-drifting Data Streams Bruno Silva , Nuno Cavalheiro Marques N/A
Big Data, Internet Of Things And Cloud Convergence For E-health Applications George Suciu , Victor Suciu , Simona Halunga , Octavian Fratu N/A
Big Data In Cloud: A Data Architecture Paulo Simões , Jorge Sá , César Martins N/A
Nosql Databases: A Software Engineering Perspective Marco Vieira , Jorge Bernardino , João Ricardo Lourenço , Veronika Abramova , Bruno Cabral N/A
Strength Pareto Fitness Assignment For Generating Expansion Features Ilyes Khennak , Habiba Drias N/A
Commercial Business Intelligence Suites Comparison Jorge Bernardino , Joaquim Lapa , Ana Almeida N/A
Metric Selection For Testability Of Object-oriented Systems Priyanksha Khanna N/A
Towards An Augmented Assistance Dog Yves Rybarczyk , Jérémie De Seabra , Didier Vernay , Pierre Rybarczyk , Marie-claude Lebret N/A
Sttp – A Supporting Tool For The Teaching Of Physics Using Android Platform Artur Oliveira , Marcus Dantas , Antonio Queiroz , Almir Silva , Paulo Dantas N/A
Communication Technologies In The Analysis Of Online Reputation And Job Search. Xosé Pereira Fariña , Francisco Campos Freire , Natalia Alonso Ramos N/A
Exploring The Distance, Location, And Style Of “selfies” With The Self-pano Mobile Application Phoey Lee Teh , William Kosasih N/A
Mocas: Mobile Carpooling System Daniel Castro Silva , Pedro Henriques Abreu , Álvaro Ribeiro N/A
Workshop on Pervasive Information Systems/ Workshop on Internet of Things/Poster Session/IDSS, IKM, ITE & ITR (Posters) Filipe Portela , Luís Paulo Reis N/A
Decision Support in E-Government – A Pervasive Business Intelligence Approach - Case study in a local government António Abelha , José Machado , Filipe Portela , Manuel Filipe Santos , Rui Teixeira N/A
Pervasive Business Intelligence Paltform to Imrprove the Quality of Decision Process in Primary and Secondary Education: A Portuguese Case Study Filipe Portela , Manuel Filipe Santos , Andreia Ferreira N/A
Detection of Dangerous Situations Using a Smart Internet of Things System Ana Isabel Azevedo , Nuno Vasco Lopes , Henrique Santos. N/A
Collaboration With Aorn To Develop The Technology In The Or (tor) Tool: How Does Technology Affect The Nature Of Surgeries For Perioperative Nurses – A Research Study Dee Mcgonigle , Toni Hebda , Carolyn Sipes , Taryn Hill , Jean Lamblin , Kathy Hunter N/A
A System Based In Decision Making For Environmental Preservation André Fabiano Moraes , Libya Raquel Gomes , Daiani Assis N/A
Cylindrical Rectangular Antenna For Wireless Communications Almir Neto , Artur Oliveira , Antonio Queiroz , George Farias , Diego Silva N/A
Information and Knowledge Management (Fulls) Phoey Lee N/A
A Structural Prototype For Planning And Controlling A Manufacturing System Paulo Silveira N/A
Managing Academic Profiles On Scientific Social Networks Andrea Valencia , Francisco Campos N/A
A Multi-agent Framework For Web Information Foraging: Application To Medlineplus Yassine Drias , Samir Kechid N/A
Towards A Multidimensional Information Retrieval Habiba Drias , Hadia Mosteghanemi N/A
A Comparative Study Of Platforms For Research Data Management: Interoperability, Metadata Capabilities And Integration Potential João Pedro Silva , Ricardo Carvalho Amorim , João Aguiar Castro , Cristina Ribeiro N/A
Prototype Of Knowledge Management In Social Networks: Case Linkedin Elsa Holguín , Víctor García N/A
The Influence Of The Use Of Mobile Devices And The Cloud Computing In Organizations Fernando Moreira , Ramiro Gonçalves , Manuel Pérez Cota N/A
Decentralized Human Resource Management In Public Service - The Italian National Research Council Approach Marco Andreini , Cristian Lucchesi , Alessandro Martelli , Maurizio Martinelli , Dario Tagliaferri N/A
Digital Preservation And Criminal Investigation: A Pending Subject Fernando Molina Granja , Glen Rodriguez N/A
The Project Of Electronic Monitoring Of Insolvency Proceeding Results In The Czech Republic:utilization Of It Reduces Information Asymmetry Among Economic Subjects Luboš Smrčka , Jan Placek N/A
Influence Of Users’ Privacy Risks Literacy On The Intention To Install A Mobile Application Alessio De Santo , Cédric Gaspoz N/A
An Integrated Service Solution For Digital Discount Coupons Processing Jorge Araújo , Gonçalo Paiva Dias , Hélder Gomes , Jorge Gonçalves , Daniel Magueta , Fábio Marques , Ciro Martins , Mário Rodrigues N/A
Workshop on Applied Statistics and Data Analysis using Computer Science / Workshop on Healthcare Information Systems: Interoperability, Security and Efficiency Luís Paulo Reis , José Machado N/A
Assessing diabetes health literacy, knowledge and empowerment in Northern Portugal Carminda Morais , Rui Pimenta , Pedro Lopes Ferreira , José Boavida , José Amorim N/A
A Platform for Assessing Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life Brígida Mónica Faria , Luís Paulo Reis , Joaquim Gonçalves , Álvaro Rocha N/A
Predicting Plateau Pressure in Intensive Medicine for Ventilated patients António Abelha , José Machado , Filipe Portela , Manuel Filipe Santos , Sérgio Oliveira , Álvaro Silva , Fernando Rua N/A
Predicting Nosocomial Infection by using Data Mining Technologies António Abelha , José Machado , Luciana Cardoso , Filipe Portela , Manuel Filipe Santos , Eva Silva N/A