Confidence 2015 May 25, 2015 to May 26, 2015, Krakow,Poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Key Note Richard Thieme N/A
iOS Hacking: Advanced Pentest & Forensic Techniques Omer S. Coskun N/A
MIMOSAWRITERROUTER - Abusing EPC on Cisco Router to collect critical data. Joaquim Espinhara , Rafael Silva N/A
Defensive Time-Out or unclear digressions about past present and future of Time & Security Blazej Boczula N/A
SCADA and mobile: security assessment of the applications that turns your smartphone into a factory control room. Alexander Bolshev , Ivan Iushkevich N/A
when something overflowing... Peter Hlavaty N/A
DTrace + OS X = Fun Andrzej Dyjak N/A
How to Steal Bitcoins Daniel Shearer , Nick Zeeb N/A
Trust boundaries Mateusz Kocielski N/A
Who put the backdoor in my modem? Ewerson Guimaraes N/A
Automated Security scanning Frank Breedijk , Glenn Ten Cate N/A
The (Io)Things you don't even need to hack. Should we worry? Slawomir Jasek N/A
Fuzz your way into the web server's zoo Andrey Plastunov N/A
Unusual security problems in web applications. Michal Sajdak N/A