CSPforum 2015 April 28, 2015 to April 29, 2015, Brussels,belgium

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Paul Timmers , Zoran Stančič N/A
2nd Keynote : Giovanni Buttarelli N/A
“Introduction about 2015 Calls” Pierre Chastanet N/A
“Overview” Martin Muehleck , Aristotelis Tzafalias N/A
"The JRC approach to the ICT in critical Infrastructure Protection”, Marc Hohenadel N/A
Room AB:Track 2 “From Privacy-By-Design to Privacy-By-Operation” Antonio Kung , Trialog N/A
“The path towards privacy-by-design practice” Nicolás Notario N/A
“Creation of a privacy pattern community” Frank Kargl N/A
“Creation of an educational material community” Claudia Roda N/A
Room AB:Track 5 “NCP Support in H2020” Alessandro Barbagli N/A
“Lesson learned from H2020 ICT Security Calls” Till C. Lech N/A
Panel : ”Innovation: How to Tackle it in a Proposal” Philippe Massonet , Thomas Larünser , Gavin Mcwilliams N/A
Room CD:Track 6 “Security Visualisation Make and Do” Lizzie Coles-kemp , Margaret Ford , Claude Heath , Jeroen Barendse N/A
Room EF:Track 7 “Incentivising Innovation inCybersecurity & Privacy Part 2” Zeta Dooly N/A
“Economic Incentives for Cyber-security Innovation” Nicola Jentzsch N/A
“Cybersecurity commercialisation sme to large perspectives” Mark Carolan , Espion N/A
Room AB:Track 8 “H2020 Supporting SMEs” Viorel Peca N/A
“Introduction and H2020 SME Instruments” Viorel Peca N/A
“The H2020 SME survivor kit”Alessandra Tedeschi, Deepblue Srl N/A
Room CD:Track 9 “Ubiquitous security for mobile users: SDN and NFV to the rescue” Antonio Lioy N/A
“Security for all: network-based protection forpersonal devices” Antonio Lioy N/A
“Bootstrapping (softwarised) infrastructure trust: from SDN towards NFV” Ludovic Jacquin N/A
“A NFV-based architecture for security services” Diego Lopez N/A
Room AB:Track 11“Cybersecurity Standards” Ulrich Seldeslachts N/A
“ETSI's role in Cyber Security”, Scott W Cadzow N/A
“ISO 27032 – 27001” Jan De Meer N/A
“An innovative ETSI standard covering all security detection aspects (ISG ISI)” Gerard Gaudin N/A
Room EF:Track10 “Security Awareness and Risk Assessment” Luca Compagna N/A
Room EF:Track 13 “Trust, Security & Privacy” Fabio Massacci N/A
“EDPS on the Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN)” Massimo Attoresi N/A
“Evidence-based Trustworthiness of Internet-based Services through Controlled Software Development” Sachar Paulus N/A
“A Reputation Based Trust Management Model for Cyber Security Services ” H.kakan Kilinc N/A
“Security and Privacy in vehicular communications with INTER-TRUST ” Juan Pérez N/A
Room CD:Track 12 ”Implementing Privacy Policies In the cloud” Nick Wainwright N/A
“Business Situational Security Awareness” Roland Reike N/A
“Medusa - A Supply Chain Risk Assessment Methodology” Kotzanikolaou N/A
“Whats so Unique about Cybersecurity” Kenny Doyle N/A
“EU DP legal framework review and its impact on cloud architectures’” Demosthenes Ikonomou N/A
“Specication and Enforcement of Privacy Policies” Michela D’errico , Claudio Caimi N/A
“IPACSO innovation framework” Bart Renard N/A
“Research to Innovation – challenges from academia to industry” Philip Mills N/A
“Innovation and Research in a Research company and go to market challenges ” Ammar Alkassar N/A
Room AB :Track 1 “Introduction about 2015 Calls” Pierre Chastanet N/A
“Cyber Security In Europe : Ways forward in Research and Innovation” Fabio Martinelli , Volkmar Lotz , Raúl Riesco Granadino , Afonso Ferreira N/A
Room EF:Track 16 “Research, Innovation and technology transfer in European Cybersecurity SME’s” Aljosa Pasic N/A
“Unleashing the power of cooperation between Research Centers and SMEs” Luigi Romano N/A
“Cryptosense: from cyber security research project to spin-o” Graham Steel N/A
“Collaborative Security Research within European Programs: Heaven or Hell for SMEs? Klaus Michael Koch N/A
“The importance of a killer product in the success of a cyber security SME” Miguel Bell N/A
Room CD:Track 15 “New LEIT projects on Cryptography and SC7 perspectives” Florent Frederix N/A
“SAFEcrypto” Gavin Mcwilliams N/A
“HECTOR” Martin Deutschmann N/A
“HEAT” Ir.frederik Vercauteren N/A
“ECRYPT-CSA” Ir.frederik Vercauteren N/A
“PQCRYPTO” Ir.frederik Vercauteren N/A
Room AB:Track 14 “EC - Innovation Forum (EU innovation and industrial Quality)” Veronique Pevtschin N/A
“A Transnational accelerator network leveraging innovation, research and new ideas across european level” Ricardo Marvão N/A
“ATTPS incubator COSTAR - Increasing Trust in European SMEs” Jon Shamah N/A
“Cyber security and privacy: Innovation and business challenges and solutions” Jovan Golic N/A
Room AB:Track 17 : Plenary - Networking & Brokerage session - H2020 proposal ideas . Nick Wainwright N/A
Room AB:Track 18 “Industrial EC policy” Pierre Chastanet N/A
“Cyber-security and Privacy in Vertical Supply Chains” Nicola Jentzsch N/A
“Introduction to the concepts that emerged from the CAPITAL market study” Veronique Pevtschin N/A
“The challenges of cyber security training” Marina Egea Gonzalez N/A
Room CD:Track 19 “New LEIT projects on Security-by-Design” Martin Muehleck N/A
“PRISMACLOUD” Thomas Loruenser N/A
“SHARCS” Sotiris Ioannidis N/A
“WITDOM” Alberto Crespo N/A
“SCISSOR” Gregory Landais N/A
“TREDISEC” Beatriz Gallego-nicasio N/A
Room EF:Track 20 “Cloud Security/Cybersecurity” Paul Malone N/A
“Uncovering Innovation Practices and Requirements in Privacy and Cyber Security Organisations” Jamie Power N/A
“Privacy Aware Access Control for Cloud-based Data Platforms” Paul Malone N/A
“Intelligent Protection for Applications in the Cloud – Industrial Case Studies” Robert Rowlingson N/A