EuroCrypt 2015 April 26, 2015 to April 30, 2015, Soia,Bulgaria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cube Attacks and Cube-attack-like Cryptanalysis on the Round-reduced Keccak Sponge Function Pawel Morawiecki , Marian Srebrny , Itai Dinur , Josef Pieprzyk , Michal Straus N/A
Non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs in the quantum random oracle model Dominique Unruh N/A
Generic Hardness of the Multiple Discrete Logarithm Problem Aaram Yun N/A
(Batch) Fully Homomorphic Encryption over Integers for Non-Binary Message Spaces Kaoru Kurosawa , Koji Nuida N/A
Privacy-Free Garbled Circuits with Applications To Efficient Zero-Knowledge Jesper buus Nielsen , Claudio Orlandi , Tore Kasper Frederiksen N/A
Improving NFS for the discrete logarithm problem in non-prime finite fields Aurore Guillevic , Razvan Barbulescu , Pierrick Gaudry , François Morain N/A
A Provable-Security Analysis of Intel's Secure Key RNG Thomas Shrimpton , R. Seth Terashima N/A
More Efficient Oblivious Transfer Extensions with Security for Malicious Adversaries Thomas Schneider , Yehuda Lindell , Gilad Asharov , Michael Zohner N/A
On the behaviors of affine equivalent Sboxes regarding differential and linear attacks Anne Canteaut , Joëlle Roué N/A
On Computing Nearest Neighbors with Applications to Decoding of Binary Linear Codes Alexander May , Ilya Ozerov N/A
On the Provable Security of the Iterated Even-Mansour Cipher against Related-Key and Chosen-Key Attacks Yannick Seurin , Benoît Cogliati N/A
The Multiple Number Field Sieve with Conjugation and Generalized Joux-Lercier Methods Cécile Pierrot N/A
Cryptanalytic Time-Memory-Data Tradeoffs for FX-Constructions with Applications to PRINCE and PRIDE Itai Dinur N/A
Noah Stephens-Davidowitz, Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls Ilya Mironov N/A
A Generic Approach to Invariant Subspace Attacks: Cryptanalysis of Robin, iSCREAM and Zorro Gregor Leander , Brice Minaud , Sondre Rønjom N/A
KDM-CCA Security from RKA Secure Authenticated Encryption Bao Li , Xianhui Lu , Dingding Jia N/A
FHEW: Bootstrapping in less than a second Leo Ducas , Daniele Micciancio N/A
Robust Authenticated-Encryption: AEZ and the Problem that it Solves Viet tung Hoang , Phillip Rogaway , Ted Krovetz N/A
Fully Homomophic Encryption over the Integers Revisited Damien Stehlé , Jung Hee Cheon N/A
Disjunctions for Hash Proof Systems: New Constructions and Applications David Pointcheval , Michel Abdalla , Fabrice Benhamouda N/A
Quasi-Adaptive NIZK for Linear Subspaces Revisited Eike Kiltz , Hoeteck Wee N/A
Structural Evaluation by Generalized Integral Property Yosuke Todo N/A
Linear Secret Sharing Schemes from Error Correcting Codes and Universal Hash Functions Nico Doettling , Ivan Damgaard , Ronald Cramer , Serge Fehr , Gabriele Spini N/A
Cryptanalysis of SP Networks with Partial Non-Linear Layers Orr Dunkelman , Itai Dinur , Nathan Keller , Virginie Lallemand , Achiya Bar-on , Boaz Tsaban N/A
The Sum Can Be Weaker Than Each Part Lei Wang , Gaetan Leurent N/A
Cluster Computing in Zero Knowledge Alessandro Chiesa , Eran Tromer , Madars Virza N/A
Universal Signature Aggregators Brent Waters , Susan Hohenberger , Venkata Koppula N/A
Semantically Secure Order-Revealing Encryption: Multi-input Functional Encryption Without Obfuscation Dan Boneh , Joe Zimmerman , Mariana Raykova , Amit Sahai , Kevin Lewi , Mark Zhandry N/A
Noisy Leakage Revisited Sebastian Faust , Stefan Dziembowski , Maciej Skórski N/A
Two Halves Make a Whole: Reducing Data Transfer in Garbled Circuits using Half Gates David Evans , Mike Rosulek , Samee Zahur N/A
Bootstrapping for HElib Shai Halevi , Victor Shoup N/A
Resisting randomness subversion: Fast deterministic and hedged public-key encryption in the standard model Mihir Bellare , Viet tung Hoang N/A
Making Masking Security Proofs Concrete (Or How to Evaluate the Security of any Leaking Device) Sebastian Faust , Francois-xavier Standaert , Alexandre Duc N/A
Privacy Amplification in the Isolated Qubits Model Yi-kai Liu N/A
How to Efficiently Evaluate RAM Programs with Malicious Security Payman Mohassel , Arash Afshar , Mike Rosulek , Zhangxiang Hu N/A
SPHINCS: practical stateless hash-based signatures Daniel J. Bernstein , Tanja Lange , Peter Schwabe , Ruben Niederhagen , Michael Schneider , Daira Hopwood , Andreas Hülsing , Louiza Papachristodoulou , Zooko Wilcox O'hearn N/A
Leakage-Resilient Circuits Revisited -- Optimal Number of Computing Components without Leak-free Hardware Dana Dachman-soled , Hong-sheng Zhou , Feng-hao Liu N/A
Mind the Gap: Modular Machine-checked Proofs of One-Round Key Exchange Protocols Benedikt Schmidt , Gilles Barthe , Yassine Lakhnech , Juan Manuel Crespo N/A
Cryptographic Agents: Towards a Unified Theory of Computing on Encrypted Data Shashank Agrawal , Shweta Agrawal , Manoj Prabhakaran N/A
Better Algorithms for LWE and LWR Serge Vaudenay , Alexandre Duc , Florian Tramèr N/A
Hosting Services on an Untrusted Cloud Dan Boneh , Amit Sahai , Ilya Mironov , Divya Gupta N/A
Fully Structure-Preserving Signatures and Shrinking Commitments Masayuki Abe , Miyako Ohkubo , Markulf Kohlweiss , Mehdi Tibouchi N/A
One-out-of-Many Proofs: Or How to Leak a Secret and Spend a Coin Markulf Kohlweiss , Jens Groth N/A
Quadratic Time, Linear Space Algorithms for Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization and Gaussian Sampling in Structured Lattices Vadim Lyubashevsky , Thomas Prest N/A
How to Obfuscate Programs Directly Joe Zimmerman N/A
Twisted Polynomials and Forgery Attacks on GCM Andrey Bogdanov , Elmar Tischhauser , Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem , Peter Beelen N/A
Verified Implementations of Higher-Order Masking Pierre-alain Fouque , Sonia Belaid , Pierre-yves Strub , Gilles Barthe , François Dupressoir , Benjamin Grégoire N/A
Authenticated Key Exchange from Ideal Lattices Zhenfeng Zhang , Özgür Dagdelen , Jiang Zhang , Jintai Ding , Michael Snook N/A
Ciphers for MPC and FHE Martin Albrecht , Thomas Schneider , Christian Rechberger , Michael Zohner , Tyge Tiessen N/A
The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol: Analysis and Applications Juan A. Garay , Aggelos Kiayias , Nikos Leonardos N/A
Executable Proofs, Input-Size Hiding Secure Computation and a New Ideal World Melissa Chase , Rafail Ostrovsky , Ivan Visconti N/A
Improved Dual System ABE in Prime-Order Groups via Encodings Jie Chen , Hoeteck Wee , Romain Gay N/A
A Formal Treatment of Backdoored Pseudorandom Generators Ari Juels , Thomas Ristenpart , Yevgeniy Dodis , Chaya Ganesh , Alexander Golovnev N/A
Inner Product Masking Revisited Josep Balasch , Sebastian Faust , Benedikt Gierlichs N/A
End-to-End Verifiable Elections in the Standard Model Aggelos Kiayias , Bingsheng Zhang , Thomas Zacharias N/A
Cryptanalysis of the Multilinear Maps over the Integers Damien Stehlé , Junghee Cheon , Kyoohyung Han , Changmin Lee , Hansol Ryu N/A