HOTos 2015 May 18, 2015 to May 20, 2015, Katause,Switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Trash Day: Coordinating Garbage Collection in Distributed Systems Krste Asanović , Tim Harris , Martin Maas , John Kubiatowicz N/A
Broom: Sweeping Out Garbage Collection from Big Data Systems Manuel Costa , Steven Hand , Dimitrios Vytiniotis , Derek G. Murray , Michael Isard , Ionel Gog , Malte Schwarzkopf , Jana Giceva , Kapil Vaswani , Ganesan Ramalingam N/A
Elastic Memory: Bring Elasticity Back to In-Memory Big Data Analytics Joo Seong Jeong , Woo-yeon Lee , Yunseong Lee , Youngseok Yang , Brian Cho , Byung-gon Chun N/A
Software Engagement with Sleeping CPUs Kai Shen , Meng Zhu , Zhiying Wang , Qi Zhu , Bo Wu , Xipeng Shen N/A
Failure Sketches: A Better Way to Debug Baris Kasikci , George Candea , Madanlal Musuvathi , Cristiano Pereira , Gilles Pokam , Benjamin Schubert N/A
On Instruction Organization Alexandra Fedorova , Tyler Dwyer N/A
FlexNIC: Rethinking Network DMA Thomas Anderson , Arvind Krishnamurthy , Simon Peter , Antoine Kaufmann N/A
Distributing the Data Plane for Remote Storage Access Torsten Hoefler , Timothy Roscoe , Robert B. Ross N/A
Route Bazaar: Automatic Interdomain Contract Negotiation Scott Shenker , Aurojit Panda , Ignacio Castro , Barath Raghavan , Sergey Gorinsky N/A
A Case for Enforcing App-Specific Constraints to Mobile Devices by Using Trust Leases Nuno Santos , Nuno O. Duarte , Miguel B. Costa , Paulo Ferreira N/A
Fault Tolerance and the Five-Second Rule Andreas Haeberlen , Ang Chen , Hanjun Xiao , Linh Phan N/A
A Case for Ending Monolithic Apps for Connected Devices Ratul Mahajan , Chenguang Shen , Rayman Preet Singh , Amar Phanishayee , Aman Kansal N/A
Badge pickup Untere Aula N/A
Challenges to Adopting Stronger Consistency at Scale Wyatt Lloyd , Sanjeev Kumar , Phillipe Ajoux , Nathan Bronson , Kaushik Veeraraghavan N/A
Scalability! But at what COST? Derek G. Murray , Frank Mcsherry , Michael Isard N/A
From Lone Dwarfs to Giant Superclusters: Rethinking Operating System Abstractions for the Cloud Jonathan M. Smith , Nikos Vasilakis , Ben Karel N/A
Not Your Parents' Physical Address Space Timothy Roscoe , Gerd Zellweger , Simon Gerber , Kornilios Kourtis , Reto Achermann , Dejan Milojicic N/A
Beyond Processor-centric Operating Systems Kimberly Keeton , Dejan Milojicic , Paolo Faraboschi , Tim Marsland N/A
My OS Ought to Know Me Better: In-app Behavioural Analytics as an OS Service Oriana Riva , Suman Nath , Earlence Fernandes N/A
Amber: Decoupling User Data from Web Applications Robert Morris , Nickolai Zeldovich , M. Frans Kaashoek , James Mickens , Jelle Hooff , Tej Chajed , Jon Gjengset N/A
Beyond Storage APIs: Provable Semantics for Storage Stacks Andrea C. Arpaci-dusseau , Remzi H. Arpaci-dusseau , Vijay Chidambaram , Thanumalayan Sankaranarayana Pillai , Ramnatthan Alagappan N/A
Specifying Crash Safety for Storage Systems Nickolai Zeldovich , M. Frans Kaashoek , Eddie Kohler , Adam Chlipala , Haogang Chen , Daniel Ziegler N/A
The Activity Platform Helen J. Wang , Alexander Moshchuk , Eric yawei Chen , Yuan Tian , Michael Gamon , Mona Haraty , Shamsi Iqbal , Eli T. Brown , Ashish Kapoor , Chris Meek , Jaime Teevan , Mary Czerwinski , Susan Dumais N/A
The Most Dangerous Code in the Browser Deian Stefan , Alejandro Russo , Stefan Heule , Devon Rifkin N/A
Inferring the Network Latency Requirements of Cloud Tenants Jeffrey C. Mogul , Ramana Rao Kompella N/A
Recommendations for Randomness in the Operating System, or How to Keep Evil Children out of Your Pool and Other Random Facts Henry Corrigan-gibbs , Suman Jana N/A
The Case for Less Predictable Operating System Behavior Matt Bishop , Donald E. Porter , Daniela Oliveira , Ruimin Sun N/A
Lax: Driver Interfaces for Approximate Sensor Device Access Martin Rinard , Phillip Stanley-marbell N/A
ASPIRE: Iterative Specification Synthesis for Security Prateek Mittal , Dawn Song , Devdatta Akhawe , Warren He , Kevin Zijie Chen , Vijay D'silva N/A