IMF 2015 May 18, 2015 to May 20, 2015, Magdeburg,Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome General Jana Dittmann , Holger Morgenstern N/A
Keynote: Challenges and opportunities in IT Forensics and forensic data science Zeno Geradts N/A
Forensics Session Part 1 Andreas Dewald N/A
Windows NT pagefile.sys Virtual Memory Analysis Michael Gruhn N/A
Recovery of SQLite Data using expired Indexes Felix Ramisch , Martin Rieger N/A
Forensics Session Part 2 Andreas Dewald N/A
Improving the detection of encrypted data on storage devices Harald Baier , Simon Thurner , Marcel Grün , Sven Schmitt N/A
What is Essential in File System Forensic Analysis? Felix C. Freiling , Michael Gruhn N/A
Incidents and Forensics Jens Nedon N/A
Towards automated incident handling: How to select an appropriate response against a network-based attack? Harald Baier , Sven Ossenbühl , Jessica Steinberger N/A
Mobile Payment Fraud: A practical view on the Technical Architecture and Starting Points for Forensic Analysis of new attack scenarios Christof Kier , Gerald Madlmayr , Alexander Nawratil , Michael Schafferer , Christian Schanes , Thomas Grechenig N/A
Characteristic Evidence, Counter Evidence and Reconstruction Problems in Forensic Computing Andreas Dewald N/A
Incident Response and Pentesting Panel Discussion Oliver Göbel , Detlef Günther , Sebastian Nerz , Volker Krummel , Oliver Nyderle N/A
Wrap up Day1 amd information for the evening event Jana Dittmann N/A
Special Session on Malware Analysis / Malware Forensics Stefan Kiltz , Tobias Hoppe N/A
Platform-Independent Malware Analysis Framework Maik Morgenstern , Ulf Lösche , Hendrik Pilz N/A
Smart Home Definition and Security Threats Michael Schiefer N/A
Special session on teaching forensics and incident management Christian Krätzer , Volker Krummel N/A
Supporting Forensic Design - a Course Profile to Teach Forensics Jana Dittmann , Claus Vielhauer , Stefan Kiltz N/A
Conception of a Master Course for IT and Media Forensics Part II: Android Forensics Knut Bellin , Reiner Creutzburg N/A
Special session on digitized forensics part 1 Claus Vielhauer , Mario Hildebrandt N/A
Digitized Forensics Challenges: Crime Scene Traces - An Overview from the The DigiDak(+) Project Claus Vielhauer N/A
DigiDak(+) Results: From Fingerprints, Locksmith, Firearm and Fibre Traces to challenges in the digital forensic analysis Jana Dittmann , Robert Fischer N/A
Special session on digitized forensics part 2 Claus Vielhauer , Mario Hildebrandt N/A
Challenges from the signal processing domain Sabah Jassim N/A
Special Session Panel: Crime Scene Investigations - Achievements and Practical and Future Challenges Sabah Jassim , Joanna Vella , Thomas Leich , Thomas Fries , Martin Schäler N/A
Latent Fingerprint Aging from a Hyperspectral Perspective: First Qualitative Degradation Studies using UV/VIS Spectroscopy Ronny Merkel N/A
Wrap up Day 2, Introduction Demonstrator and Center Tours Stefan Kiltz N/A
DigiDak(+) Demonstrator tour AMSL - Group 1 Ronny Merkel N/A
DigiDak(+) Demonstrator tour AMSL - Group 2 Mario Hildebrandt N/A
IKAM and AMSLator - Automotive Security Demo Tour Robert Altschaffel , Sven Kuhlmann N/A
MicroSystemation Workshop - Challenges of securing mobile devices, gettin the data phones do not want to share - Part 1 Martin Westman N/A
Excerpt from SANS FOR508.2 - Memory Forensics in Incident Response with Volatility - Part 1 Manuel Schönthaler , Matthias Fuchs N/A