Secure360 2015 May 11, 2015 to May 13, 2015, Saint Paul,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
An Introduction to Legal Risk for Non-Lawyers (Full Day) Andy Blair N/A
Introduction to Penetration Testing (Half Day) Andrew Mcleod N/A
Lock Forensics: Methods of Entry & Analysis (Full Day) Schuyler Towne N/A
Keynote || Stealing Your Life: Identity Theft Frank Abagnale N/A
Assessing Resiliency of Critical Vendors Valerie Donovan N/A
Building A Business-Driven Security Program Patrick Hayes N/A
Communicating Risk to Executive Leadership Andrew Plato N/A
Enhancing Detection of Insider Threat Special Crowe N/A
Keeping Up to Date in an Ever-Changing Security Landscape Haig Colter N/A
Malicious MDM: Fun with iOS MobileConfigs Karl Fosaaen N/A
Malware as a Business and Business is Booming! John Bloomer N/A
Medical Device Security: Infection Prevention Scott Erven , Adam Brand N/A
Process – The Salvation of Incident Charles Herring N/A
Social Media Governance: Uncharted Territory Jacob Carroll , Walter Zuniga , Nikhil D'souza N/A
A Program Management Approach for BCM Bryan Strawser N/A
Back in the hunt – using hunt teams to discover anomalous and malicious behavior Shogo Cottrell N/A
Beyond the Checkbox Bob Swanson N/A
Controlling Privileged Accounts Angela Carfrae N/A
Enterprise PKI & the Kitchen Sink Peter Lukas N/A
Everything I have managed to learn about computer security in 25 years Marcus J. Ranum N/A
Hadoop Security Configuration Bob Sullivan N/A
Highway Traffic Engineering: A Study in Proactive Risk Management F. Iii N/A
Securing SaaS & Consumer-Apps for Enterprise Chad Walker N/A
Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve, Literally! Barry Caplin N/A
Active shooter prevented: evaluating a close call Drew Neckar N/A
All You Need Is One: A-Click-Once-Love-Story Ryan Gandrud , Cody Wass N/A
CISOs are from Mars, CIOs are from Venus Barry Caplin N/A
From Chaos to Clarity: Embedding Security into the SDLC Felicia Nicastro N/A
Information Security from the top down Laura Faulkner N/A
InfoSec’s Midlife Crisis & Your Future… Tsion Gonen N/A
Resiliency Scoring for Business Continuity Plans Jamie Anderson , Anna Olson N/A
Social Confidence Skills: The Secret Sauce – Part 1 Lynette Crane N/A
The psychology behind successful security awareness campaigns Christophe Langley N/A
App Security? There’s a metric for that! (Part 1) Yan Kravchenko N/A
Blocking Zero-Day Malware with EMET Chris Covington N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Business Continuity and Patient Safety for Healthcare Fred Klapetzky N/A
Confluence with Cloud Services Maria Schuett N/A
Defending APT due to IdM gaps Arun Kothanath N/A
How Microsoft Azure is leveraging Thales HSMs Alok Sharma N/A
Monitoring Intrusions with Honeypots and Nagios Spenser Reinhardt N/A
Pragmatic Security Automation with Cloud/DevOps Rich Mogull N/A
Security Data Science: Theory to Reality Jay Jacobs N/A
Social Confidence Skills: The Secret Sauce – Part 2 Lynette Crane N/A
Data and Communications Vulnerability Assessments Jeff Daniels N/A
How SV “Startups” Approach Security Differently Scott Cressman N/A
Social Engineering- Hacking the Human Element Brett Dewall N/A
The Art of War for CISOs Scott Mccoy N/A
The Case Of Big Data Blues Adrian Lane , David Mortman N/A
Keynote || Kinetic Pwnage: Obliterating the Line Between Computers and the Physical World Ed Skoudis N/A
API, Web Services Security Gunnar Peterson N/A
App Security? There’s a metric for that! (Part 2) Yan Kravchenko N/A
Building a Continuous Security Program for Your Global Perimeter Lino Lopez-luna N/A
Disrupt Incident Response with Human Intelligence Rohyt Belani N/A
Globalization: Becoming a global BC leader Bryan Strawser N/A
How to turn information into intelligence Eric Ebner N/A
Is There a Breach in Your Future? Andrew Plato N/A
Revealing The Quiet Intruder – Understanding Techniques Used in Modern Cyberattacks Brian Tokuyoshi N/A
Silos to Seamless: Creating Holistic Security Jeremy Wittkop N/A
A Hitchhikers Guide To Information Security Kellman Meghu N/A
Be the Hunter, Not the Hunted Room 1 N/A
Elevator Hacking: From the Pit to the Penthouse Deviant Payne N/A
Hackers, Attack Anatomy & Security Trends Ted Harrington N/A
IT Confessions: Why We Need Security Ted Wallerstedt N/A
Pleased to Meet You – Collaboration Tools for your Business Continuity Program Michael “drbearsec” Smith N/A
Surviving the Incident Response Surge: Detecting and Investigating Incidents Christian Turney N/A
The Purpose Of Security Frameworks Brian Serra , Jeff Hall N/A
Through the looking glass Jacob Bernier N/A
Understanding the Attacker/Defender Lifecycle Anthony K Giandomenico N/A
Utilizing the NEW NIST Cybersecurity Framework Jeff Olejnik N/A
Lock Pick Demo Deviant Javadi N/A
Bad Behavior: Tackling 0Day Threats with Behavioral Analysis Michael Sutton N/A
Combating Cybercrime: A Team Effort. Brian L. Levine N/A
Establishing a DevSecOps Program Shannon Lietz N/A
IoT Hope from Hacking Hearts Firasat Khan , James Ryan N/A
Mobile Device Data Breaches & Privacy Regulations Stephen Treglia N/A
Vision and Traction, Simplifying Your Strategy Travis Hyde N/A
Can Cloud Providers Guarantee Data Privacy? William Leichter N/A
Develop An Awareness Program That Actually Works Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
From Nonexistent to Gartner’s #1 Security Technology in 2 Yrs: What’s CASB? Harold Byun N/A
GIS and Emergency Management Joella Givens N/A
Hack back or active defense? – PART 1 Sean Harrington N/A
Heartbleed – Wider Ramifications Josh More N/A
Mobile App Evidence, Security and Privacy John Carney N/A
Pssst…Don’t Look Now, but Your Safe is Open… Babak Javadi N/A
Risks, Realities, and Rewards of Security Michael Bacon N/A
Today and Tomorrow- a panel discussion on BCP, Security, Disaster Recovery Fred Smith N/A
Data Driven Security, Framework to Success Leonard Jacobs N/A
Earnings per share >Events per second Matt Hynes , Steve Currie N/A
Hack back or active defense? – PART 2 Sean Harrington N/A
Information-Centric & Security in the Cloud Greg Sullivan N/A