ATC 2015 June 8, 2015 to June 10, 2015, Santa Clara,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Network Protocols: Myths, Missteps, and Mysteries Radia Perlman N/A
Spartan: A Distributed Array Framework with Smart Tiling Zhen Xiao , Zhaoguo Wang , Jinyang Li , Qi Alfred Chen , Chien-chin Huang , Russell Power , Jorge Ortiz N/A
Experience with Rules-Based Programming for Distributed, Concurrent, Fault-Tolerant Code John Ousterhout , Ryan Stutsman , Collin Lee N/A
Tiered Replication: A Cost-effective Alternative to Full Cluster Geo-replication Mendel Rosenblum , Sachin Katti , Robert Escriva , Emin Gun Sirer , Asaf Cidon N/A
Callisto-RTS: Fine-Grain Parallel Loops Tim Harris , Stefan Kaestle N/A
Simba: Building Data-Centric Applications for Mobile Devices Nitin Agrawal Personal smart devices have become ubiquitous. Millions of innovative apps run on our tablets, smart ...
A New Paradigm for Power Management Myungjoo Ham , Geunsik Lim , Dongyun Jin The paradigm of power management has been moving from device-centric to user-centric as device-centric approaches ...
Faster Booting in Consumer Electronics Geunsik Lim In consumer electronics market, the need for fast boot has become paramount; think of a ...
LAMA: Optimized Locality-aware Memory Allocation for Key-value Cache Lan Zhou , Song Jiang , Xiameng Hu , Xiaolin Wang , Yechen Li , Yingwei Luo , Chen Ding , Zhenlin Wang N/A
LSM-trie: An LSM-tree-based Ultra-Large Key-Value Store for Small Data Items Song Jiang , Zili Shao , Xingbo Wu , Yuehai Xu N/A
MetaSync: File Synchronization Across Multiple Untrusted Storage Services Thomas Anderson , Taesoo Kim , Arvind Krishnamurthy , Seungyeop Han , David Wetherall , Haichen Shen N/A
Pyro: A Spatial-Temporal Big-Data Storage System Mudhakar Srivatsa , Shaohan Hu , Tarek Abdelzaher , Shen Li , Raghu Ganti N/A
CDStore: Toward Reliable, Secure, and Cost-Efficient Cloud Storage via Convergent Dispersal Chuan Qin , Mingqiang Li , Patrick Lee N/A
Arrakis: The Operating System is the Control Plane Thomas Anderson , Arvind Krishnamurthy , Dan R.K. Ports , Timothy Roscoe , Simon Peter , Jialin Li , Irene Zhang , Doug Woos N/A
Shielding Applications from an Untrusted Cloud with Haven Marcus Peinado , Galen Hunt , Andrew Baumann N/A
IX: A Protected Dataplane Operating System for High Throughput and Low Latency Christos Kozyrakis , Adam Belay , George Prekas , Ana Klimovic , Samuel Grossman , Edouard Bugnion N/A
Privacy in Pharmacogenetics: An End-to-End Case Study of Personalized Warfarin Dosing Somesh Jha , Thomas Ristenpart , Matthew Fredrikson , Eric Lantz , Simon Lin , David Page N/A
Skylight—A Window on Shingled Disk Operation Abutalib Aghayev , Peter Desnoyers N/A
Surviving Peripheral Failures in Embedded Systems Scott Rixner , Rebecca Smith N/A
Log2: A Cost-Aware Logging Mechanism for Performance Diagnosis Hucheng Zhou , Tao Xie , Rui Ding , Jian-guang Lou , Hongyu Zhang , Qingwei Lin , Qiang Fu , Dongmei Zhang N/A
Identifying Trends in Enterprise Data Protection Systems George Amvrosiadis , Medha Bhadkamkar N/A
Systematically Exploring the Behavior of Control Programs Matthew Caesar , Jason Croft , Ratul Mahajan , Madan Musuvathi N/A
Fence: Protecting Device Availability With Uniform Resource Control Justin Cappos , Tao Li , Albert Rafetseder , Rodrigo Fonseca N/A
Scalability and Load in Online Games James Gwertzman The huge growth in online games over the last few years presents unique challenges in ...
Erasure Code Foundations W. David Schwaderer Erasure Code storage applications (RAID 6, Object Storage, Disbursed Storage, etc.) are all the rage, ...
Experiences with Scaling Blockchain-based Data Stores Muneeb Ali In the past years cryptocurrency blockchains (like Bitcoin and Namecoin) have seen significant adoption with ...
Its Not Your Father’s Scale-out Storage Architecture! Sandeep Uttamchandani Compute, Network, Memory, and Storage hardware are undergoing a disruptive transformation within the data-center. In ...
Request-Oriented Durable Write Caching for Application Performance Hwanju Kim , Sangwook Kim , Jinkyu Jeong , Joonwon Lee , Sang-hoon Kim N/A
NVMKV: A Scalable, Lightweight, FTL-aware Key-Value Store Swaminathan Sundararaman , Raju Rangaswami , Nisha Talagala , Leonardo Marmol N/A
Lightweight Application-Level Crash Consistency on Transactional Flash Storage Taesoo Kim , Changwoo Min , Woon-hak Kang , Sang-won Lee , Young Ik Eom N/A
WALDIO: Eliminating the Filesystem Journaling in Resolving the Journaling of Journal Anomaly Wook-hee Kim , Beomseok Nam , Youjip Won , Wongun Lee , Keonwoo Lee , Hankeun Son N/A
SpanFS: A Scalable File System on Fast Storage Devices Tianyu Wo , Jinpeng Huai , Junbin Kang , Benlong Zhang , Weiren Yu , Lian Du , Shuai Ma N/A
Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection at the Next Level: User-Mode Memory Introspection and Protection of Live VMs Andrei Vlad Lutas We are living in an era when advanced malware and APTs are trying day-by-day to ... Full System Linux Containers with Bare-metal Speed Varun Ganapathi Terminal is a new kind of Linux Cloud. Think of it as a complete software ...
In a World of Ephemeral Containers, How Do We Keep Track of Things? Brian Dorsey Emerging patterns for keeping state in clusters of containers. A review of the challenges, solutions ...
Shoal: Smart Allocation and Replication of Memory For Parallel Programs Tim Harris , Timothy Roscoe , Reto Achermann , Stefan Kaestle N/A
Thread and Memory Placement on NUMA Systems: Asymmetry Matters Baptiste Lepers , Alexandra Fedorova , Vivien Quéma N/A
Latency-Tolerant Software Distributed Shared Memory Brandon Myers , Jacob Nelson , Brandon Holt , Preston Briggs , Luis Ceze , Simon Kahan , Mark Oskin N/A
NightWatch: Integrating Lightweight and Transparent Cache Pollution Control into Dynamic Memory Allocation Systems Hai Jin , Rentong Guo , Xiaofei Liao , Jianhui Yue , Guang Tan N/A
Mambo: Running Analytics on Enterprise Storage Xing Lin , Gokul Soundararajan , Jingxin Feng Big data is defined broadly as large datasets with unstructured types of formats, and which ...
A Reference Architecture for Securing Big Data Infrastructures Abhay Raman , Shezan Chagani Enterprise information repositories contain sensitive, and in some cases personally identifiable information that allows organizations ...
Power Your Big Data Analytics With Pivotal Greenplum Database Kuien Liu , Yandong Yao Big data and analytics have been receiving attention for a few years, but many long-standing ...
Secure Deduplication of General Computations Yang Tang , Junfeng Yang N/A
Lamassu: Storage-Efficient Host-Side Encryption Peter Shah , Won So N/A
SecPod: a Framework for Virtualization-based Security Systems Zhi Wang , Yajin Zhou , Xiaoguang Wang , Yue Chen , Yong Qi N/A
Between Mutual Trust and Mutual Distrust: Practical Fine-grained Privilege Separation in Multithreaded Applications Peng Liu , Jun Wang , Xi Xiong N/A
The Design and Implementation of Open vSwitch Ben Pfaff , Teemu Koponen , Keith Amidon , Martín Casado , Jesse Gross , Ethan Jackson , Justin Pettit , Jarno Rajahalme , Andy Zhou , Alex Wang , Joe Stringer , Pravin Shelar N/A
Designing Distributed Systems Using Approximate Synchrony in Data Center Networks Vincent T. Liu , Arvind Krishnamurthy , Dan R.K. Ports , Jialin Li , Naveen Kr. Sharma N/A
Queues Don’t Matter When You Can JUMP Them! Robert N.M. Watson , Steven Hand , Jon Crowcroft , Ionel Gog , Malte Schwarzkopf , Matthew P. Grosvenor , Andrew W. Moore N/A
Realtime High-Speed Network Traffic Monitoring Using ntopng Maurizio Martinelli , Luca Deri , Alfredo Cardigliano N/A
GridGraph: Large-Scale Graph Processing on a Single Machine Using 2-Level Hierarchical Partitioning Wentao Han , Wenguang Chen , Xiaowei Zhu N/A
GraphQ: Graph Query Processing with Abstraction Refinement—Scalable and Programmable Analytics over Very Large Graphs on a Single PC Kai Wang , Zhendong Su , Guoqing Xu , Yu David Liu N/A
Experience with B4: Google's Private SDN Backbone Subhasree Mandal In this talk, we will describe B4, the SDN-based network that connects Google’s data centers ...
Accurate Latency-based Congestion Feedback for Datacenters Dongsu Han , Keon Jang , Sue Moon , Changhyun Lee , Chunjong Park N/A
Mahimahi: Accurate Record-and-Replay for HTTP Hari Balakrishnan , James Mickens , Keith Winstein , Anirudh Sivaraman , Ravi Netravali , Somak Das , Ameesh Goyal N/A
Slipstream: Automatic Interprocess Communication Optimization Vikram Adve , Nathan Dautenhahn , Will Dietz , Joshua Cranmer N/A
FloSIS: A Highly Scalable Network Flow Capture System for Fast Retrieval and Storage Efficiency Kyoungsoo Park , Jihyung Lee , Sungryoul Lee , Junghee Lee , Yung Yi N/A
Bistro: Scheduling Data-Parallel Jobs Against Live Production Systems Andrey Goder , Alexey Spiridonov , Yin Wang N/A
Rubik: Unlocking the Power of Locality and End-point Flexibility in Cloud Scale Load Balancing Y. Charlie Hu , Ming Zhang , Rohan Gandhi , Cheng-kok Koh , Hongqiang Liu N/A
Mercury: Hybrid Centralized and Distributed Scheduling in Large Shared Clusters Konstantinos Karanasos , Sriram Rao , Carlo Curino , Chris Douglas , Kishore Chaliparambil , Giovanni Matteo Fumarola , Solom Heddaya , Raghu Ramakrishnan , Sarvesh Sakalanaga N/A
Hawk: Hybrid Datacenter Scheduling Florin Dinu , Anne-marie Kermarrec , Pamela Delgado , Willy Zwaenepoel N/A
Bolt: Faster Reconfiguration in Operating Systems Sankaralingam Panneerselvam , Michael M. Swift , Nam Sung Kim N/A
Boosting GPU Virtualization Performance with Hybrid Shadow Page Tables Yaozu Dong , Haibing Guan , Mochi Xue , Xiao Zheng , Jiajun Wang , Zhengwei Qi N/A
Data Sharing or Resource Contention: Toward Performance Transparency on Multicore Systems Kai Shen , Sharanyan Srikanthan , Sandhya Dwarkadas N/A
Establishing a Base of Trust with Performance Counters for Enterprise Workloads Willy Zwaenepoel , Andrzej Nowak , Ahmad Yasin , Avi Mendelson N/A
Utilizing the IOMMU Scalably Omer Peleg , Adam Morrison , Benjamin Serebrin , Dan Tsafri N/A
Selectively Taming Background Android Apps to Improve Battery Lifetime Justin Cappos , Rodrigo Fonseca , Marcelo Martins N/A
U-root: A Go-based, Firmware Embeddable Root File System with On-demand Compilation Ronald G. Minnich , Andrey Mirtchovski N/A
LPD: Low Power Display Mechanism for Mobile and Wearable Devices Myungjoo Ham , Inki Dae , Chanwoo Choi N/A
Memory-Centric Data Storage for Mobile Systems Thomas Moscibroda , Jinglei Ren , Chieh-jan Mike Liang , Yongwei Wu N/A
WearDrive: Fast and Energy-Efficient Storage for Wearables Ranveer Chandra , Anirudh Badam , Edmund B. Nightingale , Jian Huang N/A