AUSCERT 2015 June 1, 2015 to June 5, 2015, Gold Coast,Austrailia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
We Could be Heroes Eva Galperin N/A
Protecting your people - automated human vulnerability scanning Laura Bell N/A
Morning tea and Interview on the Exhibition stage Derek Manky N/A
Using Telstra’s five knows and the Three Distractions of cyber security. Rachael Falk N/A
A New Approach to Data Security in Victoria David Watts N/A
Bending Big Security Data To Your Will Kayne Naughton , Andrew Hosie N/A
The Effective Use of Cyber Bob Du Charme N/A
Internet of Threats & Threat Intelligence Defense - Preparing for Hyperspace Derek Manky N/A
From Zero to Hero Simon Lavigne N/A
OneRNG - how to be unpredictable in a deterministic world Jim Cheetham N/A
Ranges for Realistic Application Performance and Security Resilience Bob Du Charme N/A
Dell SonicWALL Next Generation Firewall and Global Management System Walkthrough Wesley Hwang N/A
Bad Behavior: Tackling 0Day Threats with Behavioral Analysis Michael Sutton N/A
Hacking FinSpy - a case study about how to analysis and defeat an Android law-enforcement spying app Attila Marosi N/A
DNS Log Analysis - Case Study Osama Kamal , Mohammed Makhlouf N/A
Who stole my Datacentre? Trevor Gerdes , James Young N/A
Turn your Incident Team into a SWAT team – survival training 101 Ricky Biase-mcinally N/A
Why Phishing Works Mark Borrie N/A
Detecting the Heartbleed vulnerability Olli Jarva N/A
Identify and Manage User Based Threats and Insider Risk Marc Potter N/A
The Uroburos case: analysis of the set of tools used by this actor Paul Rascagneres N/A
Capacity Building and the Components of a Wholistic Approach to an Information Security Program David Shearer N/A
"Protecting against a real world attack" live demonstration Scott Bullock N/A
Effective management of Information Security Mick Stephens N/A
Griffith University, IT Security response to the 2014 G20 Summit Greg Vickers N/A
The Database Security Scorecard David Litchfield N/A
A New ERA of I.T. Security – Celebrates the Best of the Web. Matus Culen , George Kazan N/A
Conference Opening Keynote Brian Krebs N/A
Internet Attack and Response: Lessons from Sony Bruce Schneier N/A
Cyber Range: Train like you fight! Bob Du Charme N/A
Mandatory Data Retention - These are not the policies you are looking for Justin Clacherty N/A
Integrity protection for third-party JavaScript Francois Marier N/A
Internet of Threats Eugene Kaspersky N/A
What is new about ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Angelika Plate N/A
The Bazaar, the Maharaja's Ultimatum, and the Shadow of the Future: Extortion and Cooperation in the Zero-day Market Alfonso de Gregorio N/A
Reducing Risk through Continuous Monitoring Dick Bussiere N/A
Dell and Identity Access Management (IAM), who would have thought? John Whale N/A
Creating a compliance assessment program on a tight budget Ashley Deuble N/A
Understanding the radio frequency attack surface for information security professionals Edward Farrell N/A
Activate Your Human Defence Network Andy Sceats , Phishme N/A
Beyond the Breach – 3 Critical Cyber-security Re-thinks Yariv Oren N/A
Compliance by Design - Getting the right blend of security, interoperability and legal compliance into core information systems and infrastructure Tim Hudson , Hayden Delaney , Bill Duane N/A
Can Docker help with Application Specification/Auditing? Sven Dowideit N/A
Email: the new frontier in the defence of corporate data from attack Nicholas Lennon N/A
Network Intrusion Response: Case Study and Lessons Learned Edward So N/A
Series of Tubes Amplification: On Modern Distributed Denial of Service Amplification Botnets Graeme "wily" Bell N/A
Common Criteria...the New Direction Nicole Bruce N/A
The Future of Policing: INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation Steve Honiss N/A
Bypassing the hostile public internet with software-defined interconnect David Jorm N/A
Web Attacks Threat Brief Akamai , Michael “drbearsec” Smith N/A
Conference Opening: AusCERT and Keynote Mikko Hypponen N/A
Have We Lost The War on the Internet Bernard Keane N/A
Spam botnet trapping – for fun and profit Attila Marosi N/A
Journalists, whistleblowers and the law - the end of the era of the confidential Watergate-style source? Mark Pearson N/A
Still toxic. Ten years after a botnet takedown. Scott Mcintyre N/A
Docker tutorial and discussion Sven Dowideit N/A
Security in a blurred world Jonathan Nguyen-duy N/A
Case study of the successful prosecution of an Australian cyber criminal Peter Cooper N/A
Breaking the Security of Physical Devices Silvio Cesare N/A
In practice, not in theory: Achieving defense in depth on the endpoint Michael Verso N/A