SyScan 2009 May 19, 2009 to May 20, 2009, Hong Kong, China

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening And Welcome Address Thomas Lim None Security
Microsoft Products' Vulnerabilities - Then, Now And The Future Kostya Kortchinsky Security vulnerabilities in Microsoft products have evolved over the years, as have vulnerability researcher's techniques ... Security Analysis Development
Finding Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities By Fuzzing Binary Files With Ruby Ben Nagy While a lot of public material is available that _mentions_ fuzzing Office files, there is ... Security Fuzzing
Web Applications And Database – A Security Analysis Frank Fan None Security Web Analysis
Securing Applications At Gateway With Web Application Firewalls Shreeraj Shah New attack vectors are emerging on the horizon after introduction of Web 2.0 technologies and ... Security Web
Living In The Rich Internet Applications (Ria) World David Thiel This talk gives an overview of the security of emerging Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies. ... Security
Writing Shellcode On Windows Kostya Kortchinsky A 4 hours workshop, taught by a leading Immunity researcher, that introduces students to the ... Security Development
Securing Enterprise Applications Shreeraj Shah Introduction and adaptation of new technologies like Ajax, Rich Internet Applications and Web Services has ... Security Web
Demystifying Wireless Security Workshop Description: Wireless security has been questioned a lot in the past few months, with multiple, somehow ... Security Wireless