Dimva 2015 July 9, 2015 to July 10, 2015, Milan,Italy

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - The Equation Group N/a Abstract: The Equation Group, as far as I know, might have been active for almost ...
Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Look Under the Hood of Ransomware Attacks, William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Davide Balzarotti , Leyla Bilge , Amin Kharraz N/A
“Nice Boots!” - A Large-Scale Analysis of Bootkits and New Ways to Stop Them, Herbert Bos , Christian Platzer , Andrei Bacs , Bernhard Grill N/A
C5: Cross-Cores Cache Covert Channel, Clémentine Maurice , Christoph Neumann , Olivier Heen , Aurélien Francillon. N/A
Intrusion Detection for Airborne Communication using PHY-Layer Information (short paper), Vincent Lenders , Ivan Martinovic , Martin Strohmeier N/A
That Ain't You: Blocking Spearphishing Through Behavioral Modelling, Olivier Thonnard , Gianluca Stringhini N/A
Robust and Effective Malware Detection through Quantitative Data Flow Graph Metrics, Alexander Pretschner , Tobias Wuchner , Martin Ochoa N/A
Jackdaw: Towards Automatic Reverse Engineering of Large Datasets of Binaries, Stefano Zanero , Federico Maggi , Mario Polino , Andrea Scorti N/A
Fine-Grained Control-Flow Integrity Through Binary Hardening, Mathias Payer , Thomas Gross , Antonio Barresi N/A
Powerslave: Analyzing the Energy Consumption of Mobile Antivirus Software, Sotiris Ioannidis , Federico Maggi , Iasonas Polakis , Thanasis Petsas , Michalis Diamantaris N/A
Keynote - Security as a Target: Anti-Virus, Threat-Intelligence, and the Malware Industrial Complex Morgan Marquis-boire N/A
The Role of Cloud Services in Malicious Software: Trends and Insights, Davide Balzarotti , Nizar Kheir , Xiao Han N/A
Capturing DDoS Attack Dynamics behind the Scenes (short paper), Aziz Mohaisen , An Wang , Wentao Chang , Songqing Chen N/A
Quit Playing Games With My Heart: Understanding Online Dating Scams, Gianluca Stringhini , Jingmin Huang , Peng Yong N/A
More Guidelines Than Rules: CSRF Vulnerabilities from Noncompliant OAuth 2.0 Implementations, Patrick Traynor , Henry Carter , Kevin Butler , Dave Tian , Ethan Shernan N/A
May I? - Content Security Policy Endorsement for Browser Extensions, Andrei Sabelfeld , Daniel Hausknecht , Jonas Magazinius N/A
On the Security and Engineering Implications of Finer-Grained Access Controls for Android Developers and Users, Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Manuel Egele , Yanick Fratantonio , Antonio Bianchi N/A
Identifying Intrusion Infections via Probabilistic Inference on Bayesian Network, Weixuan Mao , Zhongmin Cai , Yuan Yang , Zhihai Yang N/A