HAISA 2015 July 1, 2015 to July 3, 2015, Lesvos,Greece

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Internet Security – In Technology I Trust Calum Macleod The daily diet of security breaches raises many questions? Are the bad guys that smart ...
An Ontology for a National Cyber-Security Culture Environment N. Gcaza , R. Von Solms , J. Van Vuuren N/A
An Information Security Culture Model Validated with Structural Equation Modelling N. Martins , A. Da Veiga N/A
Enlighten Information Morals through Corporate Culture A. Alumubark , N. Hatanaka , O. Uchida , Y. Ikeda N/A
The Influence of Information Security Policies on Information Security Culture: Illustrated through a Case Study A. Da Veiga N/A
A Cyber Security Culture Fostering Campaign through the Lens of Active Audience Theory R. Reid , J. Van Niekerk N/A
Examining Attitudes toward Information Security Behaviour using Mixed Methods M. Pattinson , M. Butavicius , K. Parsons , A. Mccormac , C. Jerram N/A
Inter-Organisational Information Sharing – Between a Rock and a Hard Place E. Kolkowska , F. Karlsson , K. Hedström , M. Frostenson N/A
Exploring the Link Between Behavioural Information Security Governance and Employee Information Security Awareness W. Flores , M. Ekstedt N/A
Effect of Motivation and Physical Fitness on Cyber Tasks K. Helkala , S. Knox , M. Lund N/A
An Information Security Training and Awareness Approach (ISTAAP) to Instil an Information Security-Positive Culture A. Da Veiga N/A
Studying Safe Online Banking Behaviour: A Protection Motivation Theory Approach J. Jansen N/A
New Insights Into Understanding Manager’s Intentions to Overlook ISP Violation in Organizations through Escalation of Commitment Factors E. Kolkowska , M. Kajtazi , B. Bulgurcu N/A
Arguments For Anonymity H. Webb , N. Savage , P. Millard N/A
Understanding Security Practices Deficiencies: A Contextual Analysis M. Sadok , P. Bednar N/A
Managing Social Engineering Attacks- Considering Human Factors and Security Investment R. Alavi , S. Islam , H. Mouratidis , S. Lee N/A
HAISA Panel Steve Furnell User awareness – Why waste our breath? Users are often referred to as the weakest ...
Mismorphism: a Semiotic Model of Computer Security Circumvention S. Smith , R. Koppel , J. Blythe , V. Kothari N/A
Perceived Information Security Risk as a Function of Probability and Severity T.sommestad , H.karlzén , P.nilsson , J.hallberg N/A
Understanding User Knowledge of Computer Security and Risk: A Comparative Study C. Thurlby , C. Langensiepen , J. Haggerty , R. Ranson N/A
Online Fraud Defence by Context Based Micro Training J. Kävrestad , M. Nohlberg N/A
Cyber Threat Incident Handling Procedure for South African Schools N. Sonhera , E. Kritzinger , M. Loock N/A
Ethical Dilemmas and Dimensions in Penetration Testing S. Faily , J. Mcalaney , C. Iacob N/A
The Relationship Between Privacy, Information Security and the Trustworthiness of a Crowdsourcing System in a Smart City L. Cilliers , S. Flowerday N/A
Tracking Risky Behavior On The Web: Distinguishing Between What Users ‘Say' And ‘Do T. Kelley , B. I. Bertenthal N/A
Human factors related to the performance of intrusion detection operators P. Lif , T. Sommestad N/A