HITBamsterdam 2015 May 28, 2015 to May 29, 2015, Amsterdam,Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE 1 - Fighting for Internet Security in the New Crypto Wars Marcia Hofmann N/A
IllusionaryTLS: Impersonate, Tamper and Exploit Alfonso de Gregorio N/A
Uncovering Secret Connections Using Network Theory and Custom Honeypots Pedram Hayati N/A
Attacking Android Apps Tony Trummer N/A
Bootkit via SMS: 4G Access Level Security Assessment Kiril Nesterov , Timur Yunusov N/A
USB Armory Andrea Barisani N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Relay Attacks in EMV Contactless Cards with Android OTS Devices Ricardo j. Rodriguez , Pepe Vila N/A
Oracle PeopleSoft Applications Are Under Attack Alexey Tiurin N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Memory Forensics for Cisco iOS Xavier Mertens , Didier Stevens N/A
How Many Million BIOSes Would You Like to Infect? Corey Kallenberg , Xeno Kovah N/A
Fuzzing Objects d’ART: Digging Into the New Android L Runtime Internals Anestis Bechtsoudis N/A
Mobile Authentication Subspace Travel Markus Vervier N/A
Exploiting Browsers the Logical Way Bas Venis N/A
Breaking Bad Crypto Filippo Valsorda N/A
Stegosploit: Hacking with Pictures Saumil Udayan Shah N/A
The Savage Curtain: Mobile SSL Failures Tushar Dalvi , Tony Trummer N/A
KEYNOTE 1: Security at the End of the Universe Katie Moussouris N/A
Sniffing the Airwaves with RTLSDR Yashin Mehaboobe N/A
AIS Exposed: New Vulnerabilities and Attacks Marco ‘embyte’ Balduzzi , Alessandro Pasta N/A
Setup for Failure: More Ways to Defeat SecureBoot Xeno Kovah , Corey Kallenberg , John Butterworth , Sam Cornwell N/A
The NSA Playset Michael Ossmann N/A
State of the ART: Exploring the New Android KitKat Runtime Paul Vincent Sabanal N/A
Hacking Your Cable TV Network: Die Hard Style Rahul Sasi N/A
LOL (Layers On Layers) – Bypassing Endpoint Security for Fun and Profit Rahul Kashyap , Rafal Wojtczuk N/A
Legacy Sandboxing: Escaping IE11 Enhanced Protected Mode James Forshaw N/A
Reloading Java Exploits: Long Live Old JRE! Donato Ferrante , Luigi Auriemma N/A
KEYNOTE 2 - The Return of Dragons John Matherly N/A
Eight Ou Two Mobile Matias Eissler N/A
Non-Hidden Services Considered Harmful: Attacks & Detection Filippo Valsorda , George Tankersley N/A
Powershell for Penetration Testers Nikhil Mittal N/A
The Windows Phone Freakshow Luca De Fulgentis N/A
Supervising the Supervisor: Reversing Proprietary SCADA Tech Alexandre Gazet , Jean-baptise Bedrune , Florent Monjalet N/A
µMIMOSAWRITERROUTER - Abusing EPC on Cisco Router to collect data Joaquim Espinhara , Rafael Silva N/A
Mozilla InvestiGator: Distributed and Real-Time Digital Forensics at the Speed of the Cloud Julien Vehent N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
IRMA Framework: Uses and Abuses Alexandre Quint , Fernand Lone-sang , Guillaume Dedrie N/A
Yes Parking: Remotely Owning ‘Secure’ Parking Systems Jose Antonio Guasch N/A
Opcodes in Google Play: Tracing Malicious Applications Alfonso Muñoz , Segio Santos N/A
What You Always Wanted and Now Can: Hacking Chemical Processes Jason Larsen , Marina Krotofil N/A
Hacking Samsung’s Tizen: The OS of Everything Ajin Abraham N/A