HotCloud 2015 July 6, 2015 to July 7, 2015, Santa Clara,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Irfan Ahmad , Tim Kraska N/A
Oh Flow, Are Thou Happy? TCP Sendbuffer Advertising for Make Benefit of Clouds and Tenants Costin Raiciu , Alexandru Agache N/A
Optimizing Network Performance in Distributed Machine Learning Paolo Costa , Chuntao Hong , Luo Mai N/A
An Optimization Case in Support of Next Generation NFV Deployment Meral Shirazipour , Attila Takacs , Zahra Abbasi , Ming Xia M N/A
Enabling Topological Flexibility for Data Centers Using OmniSwitch T. Ng , Yiting Xia , Mike Schlansker , Jean Tourrilhes N/A
Infrastructure Xiaojun Liu N/A
Supporting Dynamic GPU Computing Result Reuse in the Cloud Yangchun Fu , Cong Liu , Husheng Zhou N/A
GreenMap: MapReduce with Ultra High Efficiency Power Delivery Du Su , Yi Lu N/A
The Case for the Superfluid Cloud Joao Martins , Felipe Huici , Filipe Manco , Kenichi Yasukata , Jose Mendes , Simon Kuenzer N/A
Monitoring Swaminathan Sundararaman N/A
Towards Pre-Deployment Detection of Performance Failures in Cloud Distributed Systems Thanh Do , Haryadi S. Gunawi , Riza O. Suminto , Agung Laksono , Anang D. Satria N/A
The Importance of Features for Statistical Anomaly Detection David Goldberg , Yinan Shan N/A
Unified Monitoring and Analytics in the Cloud Ricardo Koller , Canturk Isci , Sahil Suneja , Eyal De Lara N/A
Soroban: Attributing Latency in Virtualized Environments James Snee , Lucian Carata , Oliver Chick , Ripduman Sohan , Ramsey M. Faragher , Andrew Rice , Andy Hopper N/A
Kubernetes and the Path to Cloud Native Eric Brewer We are in the midst of an important shift to higher levels of abstraction than ...
Towards Hybrid Programming in Big Data Peng Wang , Hong Jiang , Xu Liu , Jizhong Han N/A
CodePlugin: Plugging Deduplication into Erasure Coding for Cloud Storage Weijun Xiao , Songqing Chen , Mengbai Xiao , Mohammed A. Hassan , Qi Wei N/A
Enabling Scalable Social Group Analytics via Hypergraph Analysis Systems Benjamin Heintz , Abhishek Chandra N/A
Carefully Distributed Austin T. Clements N/A
Highly Auditable Distributed Systems Murat Demirbas , Sandeep Kulkarni N/A
App–Bisect: Autonomous Healing for Microservice-Based Apps Shriram Rajagopalan , Hani Jamjoom N/A
Provenance Issues in Platform-as-a-Service Model of Cloud Computing Devdatta Kulkarni N/A
Privacy-Preserving Offloading of Mobile App to the Public Cloud Heng Yin , Mu Zhang , Yue Duan , Yuzhe Tang N/A
Dynacache: Dynamic Cloud Caching Mohammad Alizadeh , Sachin Katti , Asaf Cidon , Assaf Eisenman N/A
Pricing Games for Hybrid Object Stores in the Cloud: Provider vs. Tenant Ali R. Butt , Yue Cheng , Aayush Gupta , M. Safdar Iqbal N/A