HotStorage 2015 July 6, 2015 to July 7, 2015, Santa Clara,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Ken Salem N/A
Visions and Visualizations Daniel Ellard N/A
Parametric Optimization of Storage Systems Erez Zadok , Aashray Arora , Zhen Cao , Akhilesh Chaganti , Arvind Chaudhary , Sonam Mandal N/A
Enabling Automated, Rich, and Versatile Data Management for Android Apps with BlueMountain Sharath Chandrashekhara , Kyle Marcus , Rakesh Subramanya , Hrishikesh S. Karve , Karthik Dantu , Steven Y. Ko N/A
It’s Not Where Your Data Is, It’s How It Got There Assaf Schuster , Gala Yadgar , Eitan Yaakobi , Roman Shor N/A
Toward Eidetic Distributed File Systems Jason Flinn , Peter M. Chen , Xianzheng Dou N/A
Compression and Coding Nisha Talagala N/A
Leveraging Progressive Programmability of SLC Flash Pages to Realize Zero-overhead Delta Compression for Metadata Storage Jiangpeng Li , Kai Zhao , Xuebin Zhang , Tong Zhang , Hao Wang N/A
Beehive: Erasure Codes for Fixing Multiple Failures in Distributed Storage Systems Baochun Li , Jun Li N/A
Edelta: A Word-Enlarging Based Fast Delta Compression Approach Dan Feng , Yu Hua , Yucheng Zhang , Hong Jiang , Wen Li , Leihua Qin N/A
High Performance Raju Rangaswami N/A
Scaling Out to a Single-Node 80Gbps Memcached Server with 40Terabytes of Memory Ling Liu , Michaela Blott , Kimon Karras , Kees Vissers N/A
On the Non-Suitability of Non-Volatility Nathan Debardeleben , John Bent , Brad Settlemyer , Sorin Faibish , Uday Gupta , Dennis Ting , Percy Tzelnic N/A
MDHIM: A Parallel Key/Value Framework for HPC John Bent , Hugh Greenberg , Gary Grider N/A
Kubernetes and the Path to Cloud Native Eric Brewer We are in the midst of an important shift to higher levels of abstraction than ...
Deduplication Geoff Kuenning N/A
Metadata Considered Harmful…to Deduplication Robert Ricci , Xing Lin , Fred Douglis , Grant Wallace , Jim Li , Xudong Li , Stephen Smaldone N/A
Storage Efficiency Opportunities and Analysis for Video Repositories Kaladhar Voruganti , Gokul Soundararajan , Suganthi Dewakar , Sethuraman Subbiah , Mike Wilson , Mark Storer , Kishore Kasi Udayashankar , Minglong Shao N/A
Accordion: Multi-Scale Recipes for Adaptive Detection of Duplication Russell Lewis , John H. Hartman N/A
Files, Caches, and Disks Jason Flinn N/A
To ARC or Not to ARC Raju Rangaswami , Ricardo Koller , Ricardo Santana , Steven Lyons , Jason Liu N/A
Terra Incognita: On the Practicality of User-Space File Systems Erez Zadok , Vasily Tarasov , Abhishek Gupta , Kumar Sourav , Sagar Trehan N/A
Caveat-Scriptor: Write Anywhere Shingled Disks Garth A. Gibson , Saurabh Kadekodi , Swapnil Pimpale N/A
Suspend-aware Segment Cleaning in Log-structured File System Dongil Park , Youjip Won , Seungyong Cheon N/A
Dynacache: Dynamic Cloud Caching Mohammad Alizadeh , Sachin Katti , Asaf Cidon , Assaf Eisenman N/A
Pricing Games for Hybrid Object Stores in the Cloud: Provider vs. Tenant Ali R. Butt , Yue Cheng , Aayush Gupta , M. Safdar Iqbal N/A