Nolacon 2015 June 12, 2015 to June 14, 2015, New Orleans,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Practical Electronics: Fixing the fan in a post-poop scenario Evan "treefort" Booth N/A
Attacking web-proxies in the modern era Ahmed Nafeez N/A
Managing Elevated Privileges in the Enterprise Environment Erik Burgess N/A
Cloud Device Insecurity Jeremy Brown N/A
Hacking NGFW and NGIPS For Fun and Profits Jonathan Suldo N/A
How to Grow a Hacker David Shaw N/A
Cyber Medical Terrorism: Hacking DNA for a Brave New World Gregory Carpenter N/A
KeyNote Andy Ellis N/A
The Great Trojan Demo Ben Miller N/A
On Defending Against Doxxing Benjamin Brown N/A
Social Engineering 101*2hr Workshop Shannon Sistrunk N/A
Breaking Scada Chris Sistrunk N/A
Anti-Forensics: Memory or something, I forget Int0x80 N/A
Moving Meterpreter in Complex Networks Josh Stone N/A
Malware is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping! Wartortell N/A
Breaking and Fixing Android In App Purchases Alfredo Ramirez N/A
Now It’s Personal: Red Team Anecdotes Fuzzynop N/A
Multipath TCPBreaking Today’s Networks with Tomorrow’s Protocols Kate Pearce N/A