SyScan 2009 July 2, 2009 to July 3, 2009, Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening And Welcome Address' Security
Cloudburst Dave Aitel Recently Immunity researcher Kostya Kortchinsky has exploited a serious vulnerability in VMWare's hypervisor that allows ... Security Development
Creating Hpervisor-Based Hacking Tool: The Coseinc Hypervisor Framework Edgar Barbosa The objective of the presentation is to show a new code framework extremely useful to ... Security
Windows Nt Kernel Security Stephen Ridley There is very little salient information about Windows kernel auditing and kernel exploitation techniques. This ... Security Exploitation Auditing
Finding Microsoft Vulnerabilities By Fuzzing Binary Files With Ruby - A New Fuzzing Framework Ben Nagy While a lot of public material is available that _mentions_ fuzzing Office files, there is ... Security Fuzzing
Hacking Iphone - Fuzzing And Payload Charles Miller This talk will briefly introduce the the iPhone security architecture. It will then demonstrate how ... Security Fuzzing
Living In The Rich Internet Application (Ria) World - Blurring The Line Between Web And Desktop Security Justine Osborne This talk gives an overview of the security of emerging Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies. ... Security Web
Googless Christian Heinrich Two Proof of Concepts (PoC) used during the reconnaissance phase of a penetration test will ... Security
Agentless Guest Protection - Stealthy Code Injection From The Virtual Machine Matthew ( Shok ) Conover This will demonstrate that we can inject code into a guest virtual machine from the ... Security Malware
Persistent Bios Infection Alfredo Ortega , Anibal Sacco When developing rootkits, one of the biggest problems resides on getting the malicious code executed ... Security
Outspect: Live Memory Forensic And Incident Response For Virtual Machine Nguyen Anh Quynh Recently, memory analyzing has become a popular mechanism to perform incident response and forensic. However, ... Security Rootkits Exploitation Malware
Hacking Citrix Brett ( Antic0de ) Moore Citrix. The point and click remote desktop interface that is often seen but not heard. ... Security Access
Ghost Recon - Subverting Local Networks Berne Campbell Networks are a crucial component of information systems and businesses. This presentation demonstrates both passive ... Security Routing
State Of The Art Post Exploitation In Hardened Php Environments Stefan Esser When an attacker manages to execute arbitrary PHP code in a web application he nowadays ... Security Exploitation
Reconstructing Dalvik Applications (Google Android) Marc Schoenfeld The virtual machine for running the majority of userland applications within Google's Android machine is ... Security Access