RVAsec 2015 June 3, 2015 to June 5, 2015, Richmond,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote G Mark Hardy , Jennifer Steffens N/A
CTF Intro Mike "mckt" Bailey , Nick Popovich N/A
Badge Intro Morgan Stuart , Paul Bruggeman N/A
Applied Detection and Analysis Using Flow Data Jason Smith N/A
Incident Response Management – Not a Fire Drill Barry Kouns N/A
Into The Worm Hole: Metasploit For Web PenTesting Kizz Myanthia N/A
Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure is a concurrent process Allen Householder N/A
The Art of Post-Infection Response and Mitigation Caleb Chill N/A
Selling Security in a Post Lock Society CTF Schuyler Towne N/A
Hacking the Market. How financial market players manipulate prices and infrastructure. Pete Herzog , Dave Lauer N/A
Embracing the Cloud Adam Crosby N/A
Internet of Toys? David Lodge N/A
How Security Products Could Change the World, and Often Don’t. Robert Stratton N/A
All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace Jason Scott N/A
Visual Hunting with Linked Data Graphs David J. Bianco N/A
A year in the life of HP security research CTF Mark Painter N/A
OSS Hygiene — Mitigating Security Risks from Development, Integration, Distribution and Deployment of Open Source Software Bill Weinberg N/A
Hasty Headlines in InfoSec: Don’t Be Fooled by Everything You Read! Tim Wilson , Michelle Schaffer N/A
Remarks Governor Mcauliffe N/A
You’re HIPAA certified and Bob just killed someone from the parking lot Boris Sverdlik N/A
The Changing Legal Landscape for InfoSec: What You Need to Know Elissa Shevinsky N/A