Systor 2015 May 26, 2015 to May 28, 2015, Haifa,Israel

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote #1: The less brave world of new trusted hardware, Andrew Research) N/A
Puma: Pooling Unused Memory in Virtual Machines for I/O intensive applications Maxime Lorrillere , Julien Sopena , Sébastien Monnet , Pierre Sens N/A
Selfie: Co-locating Metadata and Data to Enable Fast Virtual Block Devices Song Jiang , Zili Shao , Xingbo Wu N/A
Efficient Replication for Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory (SHORT) Deepavali Bhagwat , Chethan Kumar , Satyam Vaghani N/A
Exploring Heterogeneity within a Core for Improved Power Efficiency (Highlight paper, IEEE TPDS 2015) Israel Koren , Sudarshan Srinivasan , Nithesh Kurella , Sandip Kundu N/A
Write Once, Get 50% Free: Saving SSD Erase Costs Using WOM Codes (Highlight paper, FAST 2015) Assaf Schuster , Gala Yadgar , Eitan Yaakobi N/A
SDGen: Mimicking Datasets for Content Generation in Storage Benchmarks (Highlight paper, FAST 2015) Danny Harnik , Raúl Gracia-tinedo , Dalit Naor , Dmitry Sotnikov , Sivan Zuck N/A
Algebraic Modeling of Write Amplification in Hotness-aware SSD Yue Yang , Jianwen Zhu N/A
Read Leveling for Flash Storage Systems Chun-yi Liu , Yu-ming Chang , Yuan-hao Chang N/A
Performance Analysis of NVMe SSDs and their Implication on Real World Databases Qiumin Xu , Huzefa Siyamwala , Mrinmoy Ghosh , Tameesh Suri , Manu Awasthi , Zvika Guz , Anahita Shayesteh , Vijay Balakrishnan N/A
An Embedded Storage Framework Abstracting Each Raw Flash Device as An MTD Wei Wang , Tao Xie , Deng Zhou N/A
Optimizing File Systems for Fast Storage Devices (SHORT) Hyuck Han , Yongseok Son , Heon Young Yeom N/A
Space and Write Overhead are Inversely Proportional in Flash Memory (SHORT) Philipp Brandes , Roger Wattenhofer N/A
Keynote #2: Opportunities in Middlebox Virtualization, Anat Bremler-barr N/A
Merging Semantics for Conflict Updates in Geo-Distributed File Systems Marc Shapiro , Vinh Thanh Tao , Vianney Rancurel N/A
CDP: A Coded Datagram transport Protocol bridging UDP and TCP (SHORT) Ari Trachtenberg , Morteza Hashemi N/A
Feedback-Driven Combinatorial Test Design and Execution (SHORT) Itai Segall , Rachel Tzoref-brill N/A
Impact of GC design on power and performance for Android Mathias Payer , Ahmed Hussein , Antony L. Hosking , Chris Vick N/A
NSEC5: Provably Preventing DNSSEC Zone Enumeration (Highlight paper, NDSS 2015) Sharon Goldberg , Leonid Reyzin , Moni Naor , Dimitrios Papadopoulos , Sachin Vasant , Asaf Ziv N/A
GPUnet: Networking Abstractions for GPU Programs (Highlight paper, OSDI 2014) Emmett Witchel , Sangman Kim , Seonggu Huh , Yige Hu , Xinya Zhang , Amir Wated , Mark Silberstein N/A
Automatic Scalable Atomicity via Semantic Locking (Highlight paper, PPoPP 2015) Ganesan Ramalingam , Guy Golan-gueta , Mooly Sagiv , Eran Yahav N/A
Keynote #3: Controlling Unwanted Photo Capture, Peter Druschel N/A
Disruptive Prefetching: Impacts on Side-Channel Attacks and Cache Designs Ruby b. Lee , Adi Fuchs N/A
Thunderstrike: EFI firmware bootkits for Apple Macbooks Trammell Hudson , Larry Rudolph N/A
Don't Trust the Cloud, Verify: Integrity and Consistency for Cloud Object Stores Christian Cachin , Marcus Brandenburger , Nikola Knezevic N/A
Reducing fragmentation impact with forward knowledge in backup systems with deduplication Michal Kaczmarczyk , Cezary Dubnicki N/A
SMRDB: Key-Value Data Store for Shingled Magnetic Recording Disks (Best Paper) Rekha Pitchumani , James Hughes , Ethan L. Miller N/A
A Test-bed for the Assessment of Power Management Strategies in Tiered Storage Systems Jaemyoun Lee , Chang Song , Kyungtae Kang N/A
Proper Timed I/O: High-Accuracy Real-Time Control for Conventional Operating Systems Sivan Toledo , Yogev Vaknin N/A
Virtualization Architecture of CERN Access and Safety Systems Xurxo Lopez , Timo Hakulinen , Pascal Oser , Pierre Ninin , Henrik Nissen , Rui Nunes N/A
Reducer Capacity and Communication Cost in MapReduce Algorithms Design Shlomi Dolev , Foto Afrati , Ephraim Korach , Shantanu Sharma , Jeffrey D. Ullman N/A
Enabling Federated Cloud Networking Philippe Massonet , Anna Levin N/A
Cloud Services Brokering For Elastic Workloads Ofer Biran , Dean Lorenz , Eran Reichstein , Avi Weit N/A
Preserving User Behavior Characteristics in Trace-Based Simulation of Parallel Job Scheduling [Best Poster] Dror G. Feitelson , Netanel Zakay N/A