3GSE 2015 Aug. 11, 2015 to Aug. 11, 2015, washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
World 1-1: Inside the CTF Mind Mark A. Gondree N/A
An Offline Capture The Flag-Style Virtual Machine and an Assessment of Its Value for Cybersecurity Education Tom Chothia , Chris Novakovic N/A
Multidisciplinary Experiential Learning for Holistic Cybersecurity Education, Research and Evaluation Aunshul Rege N/A
Engaging Novices in Cybersecurity Competitions: A Vision and Lessons Learned at ACM Tapia 2015 Jelena Mirkovic , Aimee Tabor , Simon Woo , Portia Pusey N/A
An Examination of the Vocational and Psychological Characteristics of Cybersecurity Competition Participants Masooda Bashir , April Lambert , Jian Wee , Boyi Guo N/A
World 2-1: Gamifying the Curriculum Zachary Peterson N/A
Using CTFs for an Undergraduate Cyber Education Michael Chiaramonte , David Caswell , Martin Carlisle N/A
Leveraging Competitive Gamification for Sustainable Fun and Profit in Security Education Adrian ( atrox ) Dabrowski , Edgar Weippl , Markus Kammerstetter , Wolfgang Kastner , Eduard Thamm N/A
World 2-2: The Challenge of Challenges Julian Cohen N/A
A Scaffolded, Metamorphic CTF for Reverse Engineering Wu-chang Feng N/A
Automatic Problem Generation for Capture-the-Flag Competitions David Brumley , Peter Chapman , Tim Becker , Jonathan Burket , Christopher Ganas N/A
Game-Based Learning, Collateral Learning, and Beyond Lee Sheldon Instructors today, whether academic, government or corporate, are leaping on to the bandwagon of gamification ...
World 3-1: Formal Verification Games Andy Davis N/A
Lessons Learned in Game Development for Crowdsourced Software Formal Verification Drew Dean , John F. Murray , Sean Gaurino , Leonard Eusebi , Andrew Keplinger , Tim Pavlik , Ronald Watro , Aaron Cammarata , Kelly Mclaughlin , John Cheng , Thomas Maddern N/A
World 4-1: What's in a Name? Portia Pusey A Community Discussion on a Shared Terminology for Security Games