DFRWS 2015 Aug. 9, 2015 to Aug. 12, 2015, Philadelphia,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address Luke Dembosky N/A
The Impact of GPU-Assisted Malware on Memory Forensics: A Case Study Davide Balzarotti , Roberto di Pietro , Antonio Villani N/A
Advancing Mac OS X Rootkit Detection Andrew Case , Golden Richard N/A
Graph-Theoretic Characterization of Cyber-threat Infrastructures Mourad Debbabi , Farkhund Iqbal , Djedjiga Mouheb , Amine Boukhtouta , Omar Alfandi , May El Barachi N/A
Rapid Forensic Imaging of Large Disks with Sifting Collectors Jonathan Grier , Golden Richard N/A
Extending the AFF4 container format for scalable acquisition and live analysis Bradley Schatz N/A
LINCS: Towards Building a Trustworthy Litigation Hold Enabled Cloud Storage System Shams Zawoad , Ragib Hasan , John Grimes N/A
Inferring Past Activity from Partial Digital Artifacts James Jones , Douglas White , Tahir Khan , Kathryn Laskey , Alexander Nelson , Mary Laamanen N/A
Visualizing the Version-Controlled Filesystem Jon Stewart , Zack Weger N/A
Finding your naughty BITS Matthew Geiger N/A
New acquisition method based on firmware update protocols for Android smartphones Seung Jei Yang , Jung Ho Choi , Ki Bom Kim , Tae Joo Chang N/A
Network and device forensic analysis of Android social-messaging applications Frank Breitinger , Andrew Marrington , Ibrahim Baggili , Jason Moore , Daniel Walnycky N/A
Detecting very large sets of referenced files at 40/100 GbE, especially MP4 files Adrien Larbanet , Jonas Lerebours , Jean Pierre David N/A
Invited talk Ricky Connell N/A
Hash-Based Carving: Searching media for complete files and file fragments with sector hashing and hashdb Simson Garfinkel , Michael Mccarrin N/A
Database Forensic Analysis through Internal Structure Carving Jonathan Grier , James Wagner , Alexander Rasin N/A
E-mail Authorship Attribution using Customized Associative Classification Benjamin Fung , Farkhund Iqbal , Michael Schmid N/A
Federated Testing: Shared Test Materials from the CFTT Program at NIST Ben Livelsberger , James Lyle N/A
The Chain of Custody: A big misconception? Tobias Eggendorfer N/A
Video Authentication Using File Structure and Metadata Jake Hall N/A
Privacy Preserving Email-Forensics Andreas Dewald , Frederik Armknecht , Michael Gruhn N/A
Archival Science, Digital Forensics, and New Media Art Dianne Dietrich , Frank Adelstein N/A
BinComp: A Practical Approach to Compiler Provenance Attribution Mourad Debbabi , Lingyu Wang , Saed Alrabaee , Paria Shirani , Ashkan Rahimian N/A