FOCI 2015 Aug. 10, 2015 to Aug. 10, 2015, washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks and Panel Roger Dingledine , Roya Ensafi , Nick Feamster , Collin Anderson N/A
The Human Side of Censorship: Keyword Filtering and Censorship Directives on the Chinese Internet Anne Henochowicz Internet censorship is accomplished not only through technological means, but also through manual controls enforced ...
An Analysis of China’s “Great Cannon” David Fifield , Roya Ensafi , Vern Paxson , John Scott-railton , Bill Weaver , Jakub Dalek , Sarah Mckune , Arn Rey , Ron Deibert N/A
Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Censorship and Surveillance on Social Video Platforms in China Jedidiah R. Crandall , Jeffrey Knockel , Masashi Crete-nishihata , Adam Senft , Jason Q. Ng N/A
Online Surveillance and Chilling Effects: Recent Developments Jon Penney Since the Snowden revelations about NSA/PRISM and other governmental online surveillance operations, understanding the impact ...
Understanding Internet Censorship Policy: The Case of Greece George Kargiotakis , Benjamin Fabian , Vasilis Ververis , Arturo Filastò , Afentoulis Alexandros N/A
Half Baked: The Opportunity to Secure Cookie-based Identifiers from Passive Surveillance Andrew Hilts , Christopher Parsons N/A