SyScan 2010 July 17, 2010 to July 18, 2010, Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening And Welcome Address None Security
Sniffing And Injecting The Sub-Ghz Band Travis Goodspeed There are more than a dozen LPAN radio protocols in the Sub-GHz and 2.4GHz ISM ... Security Development Automation
Standing On The Clouds Claudio Criscione Virtualization and its natural evolution, cloud computing, are young yet pervasive technologies. A fast-changing environment, ... Security Analysis Cloud
Under The Kimono Of Office Security Engineering Tom GALLAGHER&DAVID Conger This is a multipart presentation presented by engineers working on Microsoft Office security. The first ... Security Fuzzing
Low Scuttling Chilli Crab:Network Recon 2010Ad Metlstorm Network reconnaissance is an art as old as hacking, but the days of dumpster diving ... Security
Striking Back Web Attackers Laurent Oudot When an attack is detected on a web server, some defenders try to handle that ... Security Web
An Ria Security Solution - Flash And Pdf Threat Handler Hermes Wang Rich Internet Application, known as RIA, is a new concept of modern web2.0. Moving logic ... Security Web Analysis
Industrial Bug Mining - Extracting, Grading And Enriching The Ore Of Exploits Ben Nagy If bugs are the raw ore of exploits - Rootite, if you like - then ... Security
Reverse Engineering Web 2.0 Applications Shreeraj Shah Web 2.0/RIA applications are using advanced web technologies like Ajax, Flash/Flex and Silverlight. These technologies ... Security Web
Escaping The Sandbox Stephen Ridley As many have predicted, 2010 will be the "Year of the Sandbox". We will probably ... Security
Dep In Depth Brett ( Antic0de ) Moore An indepth look into Data Execution Prevention on Windows systems, and how it can be ... Security Exploitation
Base Jumping: Attacking Gsm Base Station Systems And Mobile Phone Base Bands The Grugq Technological advances have finally placed GSM tools within the reach of security researchers and hackers. ... Security Fuzzing
Returning Into The Php Interpreter - Remote Exploitation Of Memory Corruptions In Php Is Not Over, Yet. Stefan Esser Among web application security experts there is the popular believe that low level vulnerabilities like ... Security Exploitation
Office Is Still Yummy - How To Defeat Memory Protections In Office Document Exploitation Nanika&tt It has been a long time since researchers started looking for Office vulnerabilities. Not only ... Security Exploitation
Coseinc Automated Malware Analysis Lab (Camal) Udi Shamir Thousands of malware are being detected each day and the sheer volume made it impossible ... Security Analysis Malware