ISSA 2015 Aug. 12, 2015 to Aug. 13, 2015, johannesburg,South africa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome address Hein Venter , Marianne Loock N/A
Topic: Risk Management – myth, black swan or value add? Hettie Booysen N/A
Topic: A misuse-case based approach for providing CyberSecurity Andrew Hutchinson N/A
Topic: Trust is the Foundations for Computer Security Christian damsgaard Jensen Abstract: The security community traditionally regards security as a ``hard'' property that can be modelled ...
Topic: Theory, Practice and HoneyPots Azhad Desai N/A
Location Aware Mobile Device Management Jaco Du Toit , Ian Ellefsen N/A
Prerequisites for building a security incident response capability Roderick Mooi , Reinhardt a Botha N/A
AFA-RFID: Physical Layer Authentication for Passive RFID Tags Marijke Coetzee , Gregory Stuart Smith N/A
A Model for the Design of Next Generation e-supply Chain Digital Forensic Readiness Tools Hein Venter , Derek Masvosvere N/A
Towards a PHP Webshell Taxonomy using Deobfuscation-assisted Similarity Analysis Barry Irwin , Peter Wrench N/A
Self-sanitization of digital images using steganography Tayana Morkel N/A
Characterization and analysis of NTP amplification based DDoS attacks Barry Irwin , Lauren Rudman N/A
State-on-nationals' electronic communications surveillance in South Africa: a murky legal landscape to navigate? Murdoch Watney N/A
Intrusion Detection in Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phones Kishor Krishnan Nair , Albert Helberg , Johan Merwe N/A
Evaluation and Analysis of a Software Prototype for Guidance and Implementation of a Standardized Digital Forensic Investigation Process Hein Venter , Aleksandar Valjarevic , Melissa Ingels N/A
Access Control for Local Personal Smart The Current State of Digital Forensic demonstration of how to exploit Spaces Marijke Coetzee , Brian Greaves N/A
Practitioners in South Africa Jason Jordaan , Karen Bradshaw N/A
Robustness of Computational Intelligent Assurance Models When Assessing eCommerce Sites Thembekile Mayayise , Isaac O. Osunmakinde N/A
The state of Database Forensic research Werner Hauger , Martin S Olivier N/A
SMT-Constrained Symbolic Execution Engine for Integer Overflow Detection in C Code Claudia Eckert , Paul Muntean , Mustafizur Rahman , Andreas Ibing N/A
Towards a digital forensic science Martin S Olivier N/A
Digital identities on the national ID card Maeson Maherry N/A
The privacy paradox: implications for security practitioners Maiendra Moodley N/A
Computer Security in 3D Christian damsgaard Jensen Computer Security has traditionally presumed the physical security of key components, i.e. that these components ...
Cybercrime in South Africa Brig Piet Pietersen N/A
Playing Hide-and-Seek: Detecting the Manipulation of Android Timestamps Martin S Olivier , Heloise Pieterse , Renier Van Heerden N/A
Biometrical Identification: Are we ethically ready? Karen Renaud , Rossouw Von Solms , Andrew Hoskins N/A
The Use of Web Beacons To Uniquely Identify a Website Luke Lubbe N/A
The adversarial threat posed by the NSA to the integrity of the internet Jared Naude , Lynette Drevin N/A
Adding Event Reconstruction to a Cloud Forensic Readiness Model Hein Venter , Victor Kebande N/A
A Framework of Opportunity ReducingTechniques to Mitigate the Insider Threat:Towards Best Practice Keshnee Padayachee N/A
Risk-Driven Security Metrics Unsolicited Short Message Service Development for an e-Health IoT Application Reijo M. Savola , Pekka Savolainen , Antti Evesti , Habtamu Abie , Markus Sihvonen N/A
Marketing: A Preliminary Investigation into Individual Acceptance, Perceptions of Content, and Privacy Concerns Mac Merwe , Wynand V Staden N/A
A formal qualitative risk management approach for IT security Hanifa Abdullah , Bessy Mahopo , Mathias Mujinga N/A
Protection of personal information in the South African Cloud Computing environment: A framework for Cloud Computing adoption Mariana Gerber , Dayne Skolmen N/A
The Effects of the PoPI Act on Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa Johnny Botha , Mariki Eloff , Ignus Swart N/A
An investigation into credit card information disclosure through Point of Sale purchases Sune Von Solms N/A
Mapping ‘Security Safeguard’ Requirements in a Data Privacy legislation to an International Privacy Framework: A Compliance Methodology Indren Govender N/A
Data Aggregation Using Homomorphic Encryption in Wireless Sensor Networks Tsotsope Ramotsoela , Gerhard Hancke N/A
Analyzing the Security Posture of South African Websites Jabu Mtsweni N/A