ChaosCompCamp 2015 Aug. 13, 2015 to Aug. 17, 2015, zehdenick,Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Chaos Communication Camp Opening Hukl , Fiona Welcome!
Satellite Open Ground Station Network John Giannelos open source ground station, optimized for modularity, built from readily available and affordable tools and ...
How to make your software build reproducibly Lunar Get a verifiable path from source to binary IncludeThinkstScapes
20 Jahre c-base E-punc , Mirko Fichtner Die Wahrheit™ über den Absturz - eine Transparenzoffensive (de)
Kissing – Heiße Tipps und Techniken Ralph Caspers Keeping it short & simple. Oder: Wozu man Hunde mit Leberwurst bringen kann. (Auch für ...
Privacy Badger Noah Swartz , Cooper Quintin Stop being tracked online
Kontrolle ist gut. #Landesverrat ist besser. Andre Meister , Markus Beckedahl Wie eine investigative Recherche zum geheimen Ausbau der Massenüberwachung durch den Verfassungsschutz zu einer kleinen ...
How to organize a CTF Stephan Pfistner , Stean N/A
Wo das Internet lebt Moritz Metz Eine Such-Reportage nach der physischen Seite des Netz (de)
Freifunk in TV-Whitespace Elektra More frequency spectrum with better propagation properties for WiFi mesh networking
Advanced interconnect attacks Karsten Nohl , Luca Melette Chasing GRX and SS7 vulns
NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss - Wer kontrolliert wen? Anne Roth Zwischen den geschwärzten Zeilen lesen (de)
Die Reichstagswiese umgraben und Drecksfirmen hacken Montserrat Graupenschläger Neue Perspektiven und Ideen für zivilen Ungehorsam (de)
The rad1o Sec , Schneider , Rfguy Listen to all the things
3D Printing High-Quality Low-Cost Free Medical Hardware Tarek Loubani Making medical devices accessible and hackable for all
LNP150 Tim Pritlove , Linus Neumann Logbuch:Netzpolitik Folge 150 (de)
How To Become A Space Hacker Mike Caprio (let's hack OUTER space, the final frontier)
Understanding Open Proxies Will Scott N/A
D-Offline? Das drohende WLAN-Sterben & was wir dagegen tun können Vieuxrenard Die Bundesregierung will offene WLANs verhindern, aber das neue Telemediengesetz kann man hacken (de)
Real Vegan Cheese Benjamin Rupert Engineering yeast to produce casein
Keys? Where we’re going we don’t need keys. Damien Cauquil N/A
Building a culture of courage Linse N/A
Politische Lösungen für technische Probleme? Linus Neumann IT-Sicherheit per Gesetz (de)
Lightning Talks: Day 2 Zeltophil , Sefischer N/A
Freie Software gegen unsere Freiheit? Thorsten Schröder Fighting code-abuse by military and intelligence (de)
Locking the Web Open: Call for a Distributed Web Brewster Kahle N/A
Basics of hydroponics Alice Bulukin A need to know on soilless growing before building, digitalising and connecting
Mexican Botnet Dirty Wars Erin Gallagher Bots are waging a dirty war in Mexican social media.
Drones, ships, pills and the Internet Rebecca Gomperts Women on waves ()
Singing Capacitors and Whining Inductors Dan Hagon A Practical Introduction to Acoustic Cryptanalysis
Terraforming Planet Earth Robert Senftleben Practical terraforming technologies for regenerating soils and souls
Pushing the limits of DIY electronics Hunz Bridging the gap between DIY and professional electronics
What's the catch? Nat , Kate Krauss , Willowbl00 , Josh King Funding open source with money from corporations and governments
Mythen der Elektronikentwicklung Luky „Der Profi macht nur neue Fehler. Der Dummkopf wiederholt seine Fehler. Der Faule und der ...
Making coils more musical Josh Bailey N/A
Hackerspace Design Patterns 2.0 Mitch N/A
Towards Universal Access to All Knowledge: Internet Archive Brewster Kahle N/A
Building your First Combat Robot Pinski1 Nothing shows pride like letting others destroy what you’ve built!
Crypto Dawn Ruedi A To Do list for Cyptographic Research and Implementations
Digital Musical Instruments Julian Vogels Evolution and design of new interfaces for musical expression
Iridium Hacking Sec , Schneider please don't sue us
Lightning Talks: Day 3 Zeltophil , Sefischer N/A
Mier – failure attempt to CC license as mass market consume good Oinfiltrado23 A creative drink for the commons
Vom Bordstein bis zu Bergeshöhn Karn , Maximilian Ilse Computer haben Gefühle - Wir helfen ihnen diese auszudrücken. (de)
A practical prototyping primer Lieven Standaert A rather unstructured selection of things I wished I knew 10 years ago.
Update: Vor Windows10 Update Warnung Ruedi Update (Patch) Debakel (de)
A Torifying Tale Gustaf Bjorksten Our experiences of building and running Tor servers
Resisting Surveillance: it's is not just about the metadata Lily , Harryhalpin , Jason The infiltration and physical surveillance of social movements.
Staatstrojaner in Karlsruhe Constanze Kurz Anhörung zur verdeckten Infiltration von IT-Systemen (de)
The hills are alive with the sound of hacking ... don't wake the monkeys! Sva The State of the Hack in India. A place to be^W hack in the Himalayas ...
Carhacking – state of the art Thilo Schumann N/A
Analogue Mission Simulations Karsten Becker Wait what? Why not digital?
Gotta Block’em all Markus Huber Creating a usable tool against online trackers
Data and discrimination: representing marginalised communities in data Zara Rahman The right to be counted, or the right to be left alone?
NoTube Iocose Investigating the dark side of meaning production
for women in "${tech[@]}"; do Fiona Let's talk, share and learn from each other.
Mister & Miss Mutig Open Stage Impro Felix Müller , Mirko 'macro' Fichtner N/A
Lightning Talks: Day 4 Zeltophil , Sefischer N/A
A Hackers Approach To Building Electric Guitars Couchsofa Let's do everything except the pots by ourselves
Hardware attacks: hacking chips on the (very) cheap Ramiro Pareja , Rafa Boix How to retrieve secret keys without going bankrupt
Hackerfleet - what happend? Ijon , Riot Opensource and Venture Capital, Softwaredevelopment and Future
Jumping the Paywall Storm Harding How to freely share research without being arrested
Experimental Fermentation Institutes Network (EFIN) Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck fermenting together for better future
Helping the Helpless Claudio Guarnieri Targeted threats to civil society
Fueling the Revolution Gustaf Bjorksten Personal production of bio-fuels
How to Destroy a Laptop with Top Secrets Mustafa Al-bassam , Richard Tynan How did GCHQ do it to the Guardian's copy of Snowden's files?
The quest for artificial general intelligence Luke Gotszling beyond the Turing test
Mainstreet Policing Meets Military-Grade Surveillance Catherine Crump N/A
Satellite Imagery in Agriculture Lisa Gutermuth Questioning privacy, data protection, and autonomy in the field
TLS interception considered harmful Hanno How Man-in-the-Middle filtering solutions harm the security of HTTPS
FPGAs for everyone Byterazor Integrating FPGAs with standard personal computers
Attacking IoT Telemetry Michael Bennewitz A study of weaknesses in the pipeline of rapidly advancing sensory development
Detecting echoes from the dawn of time Liz Nifty technologies that revolutionized astronomy
Infrastructure Review Arl4223 N/A
Let's Encrypt Peter Eckersley A Certificate Authority To Encrypt the Entire Web
Living with the lasersaur Sarah Experiences with the open source laser cutter