CloudSecUK 2015 Sept. 17, 2015 to Sept. 17, 2015, London,UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Chair's introduction Bryan Glick N/A
Introduction “Expect the unexpected” Raimund Genes N/A
“Responding to Cyber Crime - A Global Perspective” Andy Archibald N/A
“Quantifying the threat: A perspective on the evolution and of global cybercrime” Timothy Wallach N/A
“Making Economics a Cyber Security Weapon” Scott Borg N/A
“Activism, cyber threats and the impact on globalisation” Stewart Room N/A
“Addressing Complexity in Cloud Security: Emerging Challenges and Opportunity” Dennis Moreau N/A
“21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare” Bill hagestad Ii N/A
“Agility & Control in the Cloud Without Tradeoffs” Ian Massingham N/A
“The state of the art in malware technology” David Sancho N/A
The Internet of Things and security. Born broken?” Ken Munro N/A
“Incident Response, be prepared for “not if” but “when” it happens…” James Campbell N/A
“The challenges of incident response in the cloud” Brian Honan N/A
“Rolling Your Own Red Team and Other Approaches" Lawrence Munro N/A
“Ransomware: How to Avoid Extortion” Matthew Walker N/A
“The cost of cybercrime” Steve Lamb N/A
“Clouded Judgement: Gaining Clarity through Threat Intelligence” Lance James N/A
“The Internet of Things: WTF? (Why the Fuss?)” Rik Ferguson N/A