SyScan 2010 Aug. 19, 2010 to Aug. 20, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening And Welcome Address Thomas Lim Security
Office Is Still Yummy U2013 How To Defeat Memory Protections In Office Document Exploitation Nanika It has been a long time since researchers started looking for Office vulnerabilities. Not only ... Security
Coseinc Automated Malware Analysis Lab (Camal) Udi Shamir Thousands of malware are being detected each day and the sheer volume made it impossible ... Security Analysis Malware
Ufo: Operating System Fingerprinting For Virtual Machines Nguyen ANH Quynh In computer security field, Operating System fingerprinting (OSF) is the process of identifying the OS ... Security
Do Not Touch My Winny Moti Joseph The presentation introduces a private 0day on the popular encrypted Japanese P2P Program. Summary of ... Security
Base Jumping: Attacking Gsm Base Station Systems And Mobile Phone Base Bands The Grugq Technological advances have finally placed GSM tools within the reach of security researchers and hackers. ... Security Fuzzing
An Ria Security Solution - Flash And Pdf Threat Handler Elson Lai Rich Internet Application, known as RIA, is a new concept of modern web2.0. Moving logic ... Security Web Analysis
Testing For Vulnerabilities Without Triggering Ips Signatures Anthony Bettini While itu2019s true that many exploits simply blindly send payload waiting for a shell, many ... Security
Industrial Bug Mining - Extracting, Grading And Enriching The Ore Of Exploits Ben Nagy If bugs are the raw ore of exploits - Rootite, if you like - then ... Security
(Too Much) Access Points - Exploitation Roundup Cristofaro Mune Embedded devices are getting more and more pervasive, but not so much material is currently ... Security Access Exploitation
Hacking Printers For Fun And Profit Andrei Costin While more and more new devices (routers, smartphones, etc.) are getting connected to our SOHO/enterprise ... Security Exploitation Malware
Utilizing Code Reuse/Return Oriented Programming In Php Web Application Exploits Stefan Esser In 2009 one of the hottest topics has been code reuse and return oriented programming ... Security Web
Packer Genetics: The Selfish Code Tora As the title suggests, we will be talking about genetics. Not human genetics but the ... Security Malware
Uctf'10 Prize Presentation And Lucky Draw Security