DerbyCon 2015 Sept. 23, 2015 to Sept. 27, 2015, louisville,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Panel Kevin Johnson , Ed Skoudis , David Kennedy , Hd Moore , Katie Moussouris , Chris Nickerson , John Strand N/A
The M/o/Vfuscator Turning 'mov' into a soul-crushing RE nightmare Christopher Domas N/A
APT Cyber Cloud of the Internet of Things Joey Maresca N/A
When A Powerful Platform Benefits Both Attackers And Defenders: Secure Enhancements To Scripting Hosts In Windows 10 Lee Holmes N/A
How not to infosec Viss N/A
Jason Scott Stealthier Attacks and Smarter Defending With TLS Fingerprinting Lee Brotherston N/A
A deep look into a Chinese advanced attack. Michael Gough N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Python for InfoSec Bart 'd4ncind4n' Hopper N/A
Hijacking Label Switched Networks in the Cloud Paul Coggin N/A
Honeypots for Active Defense Greg Foss N/A
Pavlovian Security: How To Change the Way Your Users Respond When the Bell Rings Ben Ten , Magen Wu N/A
Dog The Freaking (OSINT) Bounty Hunter Helping Law Enforcement Catch Criminals For (Mostly) Fun And (Probably No) Profit Dennis Kuntz N/A
Red vs. Blue: Modern Active Directory Attacks & Defense Sean Metcalf N/A
Manufactorum Terminatus The attack and defense of industrial manufacturers Eric Milam , Noah Beddome N/A
The State of Information Security Today Jeff Man N/A
Current Trends in Computer Law Matthew Perry N/A
Metasploit Town Hall Tod Beardsley , David thelightcosine Maloney , James Lee , Brent Cook N/A
High Stake Target: Lo-Tech Attack Bill Gardner , Kevin Cordle N/A
Learning through Mentorship Michael A. Ortega , Magen Wu N/A
Spankng the Monkey (or how pentesters can do it better!) Justin Whitehead N/A
(at)3uckaro0 Chester Bishop N/A
Red Teaming Enemy of the State Wayne N/A
Operating in the Shadows Carlos Perez N/A
The Law of Drones Michael "theprez98" Schearer N/A
On Defending Against Doxxing Benjamin Brown Ajnachakra N/A
$helling out (getting root) on a 'Smart Drone Kevin Finisterre N/A
Getting Started with PowerShell Michael Wharton N/A
The Phony Pony: Phreaks Blazed The Way Patrick Mcneil , Owen "snide" N/A
Practical Windows Kernel Exploitation Spencer Mcintyre N/A
Phishing: Going from Recon to Creds Adam Len Compton , Eric Gershman N/A
SETUP HackerQue Kyle Stone , Michael “drbearsec” Smith N/A
Hackers vs. Defenders: Can the defender ever stop playing catch up and win? Mano Paul N/A
Shooting Phish in a Barrel and other fish related puns Amanda Berlin N/A
Don't Laugh I Dare You! Carl Alexander N/A
Marketers Are Friends Not Food Kara Drapala N/A
Blue Team Starter Kit Timothy De Block N/A
Simplified SIEM Use Case Management Ryan Voloch N/A
Bypassing 2Factor Auth with Android Trojans Paul Burbage N/A
Putting the Management into Vulnerability Management (or YOU'VE GOT BEARS!!!) Jesika Mcevoy N/A
Moving Target Defense Learning from Hackers Sachin Shetty N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Malfunction's Functions : Automated Static Malware Analysis using Function Level Signatures Matthew Rogers , Jeramy Lochner N/A
We Owe You Nothing Rockie Brockway N/A
Backdooring Git John Menerick N/A
Detecting phishing attacks with DNS reconnaissance Mike Saunders N/A
Hacking Web Apps Brent White N/A
Sticky Honey Pots Paul J. Vann N/A
Top Ten is Old Skool Meet the New Age of AppSec Andrew Leeth N/A
Cryptography and You Justin Herman N/A
Pwning People Personally Josh ‘fuzzynop’ Schwartz N/A
OSINT for AppSec: Recon-ng and Beyond Tim “lanmaster53″ Tomes N/A
Mobile Application Reverse Engineering: Under the Hood Drew Branch , Billy Mclaughlin N/A
Hacking for homeschoolers Branden Miller N/A
Stagefright: Scary Code in the Heart of Android Joshua j. Drake N/A
Hacking Virtual Appliances Jeremy Brown N/A
Introducing the RITA VM: Hunting for bad guys on your network for free with math. John Strand , Derek Banks , Joff Thyer , Brian Furham N/A
Going AUTH the Rails on a Crazy Train Jeff Jarmoc , Tomek Rabczak N/A
Dec0ding Humans Live Chris Hadnagy N/A
ISLET: An Attempt to Improve Linux-based Software Training Jon Schipp N/A
Breaking in Bad (I'm the one who doesn't knock) Jayson E. Street N/A
Bugspray The 802.15.4 Attack Surface Bryan Halfpap N/A
Gray Hat PowerShell Ben Ten N/A
CyberSecurity Alphabets Hacker Edition Reuben A. Paul N/A
Developers: Care and feeding Bill Sempf N/A
Unbillable: Exploiting Android In App Purchases Alfredo Ramirez N/A
WhyMI so Sexy? WMI Attacks Real-Time Defense and Advanced Forensic Analysis Willi Ballenthin , Matt Graeber , Claudiu Teodorescu N/A
Losing Battles Winning Wars Active Defense Rebooted Rafal wh1t3rabbit Los N/A
Security Hopscotch Chris Roberts N/A
Gadgets Zoo: Bypassing Control Flow Guard in Windows 10 Jared Demott , Rafal Wojtczuk N/A
Social Media Risk Metrics. When OMGWTFBBQ meets risk algorithms. Alex Hutton , Ian Amit N/A
Surviving your Startup Bruce Potter N/A
Dynamic Analysis of Flash Files Jacob Thompson N/A
Medical Devices: Pwnage and Honeypots Scott Erven , Mark Collao N/A
Building a Brain for Infosec Ryan Sevey , Jason Montgomery N/A
Attacking Packing: Captain Hook Beats Down on Peter Packer Nick Cano , Vadim Kotov N/A
State of the Metasploit Framework James Lee N/A
How to Build Your Own Covert SIGINT Vehicle Drew "redshift" Porter N/A
SIGINT: not just for .gov anymore Jason Craig N/A
HFC Update Johnny Long , Henry Wanjala N/A
Credential Assessment: Mapping Privilege Escalation at Scale Matt “scriptjunkie” Weeks N/A
SETUP InfoSec Big Picture and Some Quick Wins Schuyler Dorsey N/A
HARdy HAR HAR HAR: HAR File Collection and Analysis for Malware Robert Simmons N/A
Stacking the Virtual Deck: Attacks by Predicting RNGs Adam Schwalm N/A
Homebrewing for Hackers Benjamin Holland , Amber Aldrich N/A
Stealthy and Persistent Back Door for Z-Wave Gateways Jonathan Fuller , Ben Ramsey N/A
Building a Better Honeypot Network Josh Pyorre N/A
Surveillance using spare stuff Matt Scheurer N/A
Crypto 101: An Intro To Real-World Crypto Adam Caudill N/A
Practical Attacks Against Multifactor Josh Stone N/A
Hacking the Next Generation David healwhans Schwartzberg N/A
The Human Interface Device Attack Vector: Research and Development Alexander Livingston Segal N/A
A survey of Powershell enabled malware Tyler Halfpop N/A
Tool Drop: Free as in Beer Jason Lang , Scot Berner N/A
Tactical Diversion-Driven Defense Greg Foss , Tom Hegal N/A
Windows 10 Defense in Depth Eddie David N/A
Latest Tools in Automotive Hacking Craig Smith N/A
Ansible. And why it works for me. Charles Yost N/A
Learning Mainframe Hacking: Where the hell did all my free time go? Chad Rikansrud N/A
Intercepting USB Traffic for Attack and Defense Brandon Wilson N/A
Geeks Need Basements! Kathleen Veach N/A
Fingerprinting the modern Digital Footprint Arian Evans N/A
Spy Vs. Spy: How to Use Breakable Dependencies to Your Advantage Stacey Banks , Anne Henmi N/A
Is That a Router in Your Pocket or are You Trying to P0wn Me? Michael Vieau , Kevin Bong N/A
HardenedBSD Internals Shawn "lattera" Webb N/A
How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love InfraOps Karthik Rangarajan , Daniel Tobin N/A
PHaaS Phishing as a Service Raymond Gabler N/A
The little-known horrors of web application session management Matthew Sullivan N/A
DNS Miner A semi-automatic Incident response and threat intelligence tool for small over worked security teams Doug Leece , Aj Leece N/A
Blue Team Army It's *your* network defend it! Mick Douglas , Jamie Murdock N/A
Circles & Boxes Drawing SecArch into your program Chris Robinson N/A
Practical hardware attacks against SOHO Routers & the Internet of Things Martin Bos , Eric Milam , Chase Schultz N/A
LongTail SSH Attack Analysis Eric Wedaa N/A
Disecting Wassenaar Tyler Pitchford N/A
Stretching the Sandbox with Malware Feature Vectors Mike Schladt N/A
My password cracking brings all the hashes to the yard.. Larry “@haxorthematrix” Pesce N/A
Hunting Unicorns and Jerks Irrational Defensible or Necessary? Steve Werby N/A
Five Hardware Hacking Projects Under $30 Michael Vieau , Kevin Bong N/A
Gnuradio demystifying rf black magic Matthew O'gorman "mog" N/A
Intrusion Hunting for the Masses A Practical Guide David Sharpe N/A
The problems with JNI obfuscation in the Android Operating System Rick Ramgattie N/A
Confessions of a crypto cluster operator Dustin Heywood N/A
Voltron: Defender of your inferiors Richo Healey N/A
Malware is hard. Let's go Shopping! Richard Wartell N/A
The Pentesters Framework (PTF) The easy way to roll your own distro. Dave Kennedy N/A