HTCIA 2015 Aug. 30, 2015 to Aug. 2, 2015, Orlando,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Brandon Webb N/A
2014 - Year of the Retail Breach Mark Nunnikhoven , Andrew Bazemore , John Grim , Michael Chaves N/A
Vehicle Forensics Ben Lemere N/A
Registry Analysis Harlan Carvey N/A
Threat Intelligence for Cyber Forensics Jessica Bair N/A
Beef Up your DFIR Toolbox with Elasticsearch Matt Bromiley N/A
Introduction to Ethical Hacking Cyber Brian Varner , Stan Keifer N/A
Investigating Social Networking Sites Kirby Plessas N/A
Legal Qualifications of High Technology Experts in any court in Civil and Criminal Case Herbert Joe N/A
Visual Hunting with Linked Data Graphs David J. Bianco N/A
Threatmon - Android Application for Real Time Threat Monitoring of Applications Hosted in Cloud Critical Infrastructure Dibyendu Sikdar N/A
Optimizing your Mobile Forensics Workflow Lee Papathanasiou N/A
Mac Forensics – Major Artifact Identification Steve Whalen N/A
Investigating a User’s Internet Activity across Computers, Smartphones and Tablets Magnet Rob Maddox N/A
SQLite is the Devil AccessData Kevin Delong N/A
Introduction to ProDiscover ProDiscover Anthony Reyes N/A
Automated, Targeted Forensic Examinations Richard Drinkwater N/A
Introduction to XRY (Session 1) Shaun Sutcliffe N/A
SysTools EmailXaminer (Simplifying Email Forensics) Nick Drehel N/A
Basic Web Log Analysis - Understanding Web Logs and How to Identify Security Events Andy Kindred N/A
Breaking Down Barriers Associated with Smartphone Examination Darren Hayes N/A
Lateral Movement Harlan Carvey N/A
The Right to be forgotten in Latin America: legislation, cases in law and trends Renato Opice Blum , Giuliano Giova N/A
EnScript and Python Integration Computer Forensics James Habben N/A
Advanced Penetration Testing Brian Varner , Stan Keifer N/A
Defending Against Doxxing Benjamin Brown N/A
Forensic Analyses of Audio and Video Evidence Herbert Joe N/A
Spot The Hacker - SIEM 2.0 & The Power Of Packets Matthew S. Paster N/A
Take Action: Control System Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure Protections Matthew Luallen N/A
Finding Advanced iOS artifacts with Cellebrite Joe Duke N/A
Mac Forensics - Step By Step Steve Whalen N/A
Smartphone and Tablet Forensics with Magnet IEF Magnet Forensics Training Rob Maddox N/A
Registry Forensics Access Dustin Hurlbut N/A
CCTV DVR Recovery with DVR Examiner Jimmy Schroering N/A
Python for Mobile Forensics 1 James Eichbaum N/A
Mobiles Logical and Physical Data Amber Schroader N/A
Preventing Web Application Intrusions Aaron Guzman N/A
Mobile Forensics: Challenges in Obtaining, Analyzing and Applying Evidence from Mobile Devices Galina Rabotenko N/A
Supersize your Internet Timeline with Google Analytic Artifacts Mari Degrazia N/A
A Decomposition and Visualization of Threat Actor Intelligence Jason Barnes N/A
Cold Boot Attacks on DDR2 and DDR3 RAM Marko Schuba N/A
Introduction to Web Application Hacking Brian Varner , Stan Keifer N/A
Persistence on the Web - How Web Tracking Technologies Work and How They Can Be Used By Investigators Andy Kindred N/A
A Better Way to Communicate in Fast Breaking Investigations Dave Grootwassink N/A
Cyber Security Incident Response in the next Quarter Century: Everything but the Technology Tom Millar N/A
Active Cyber Incident Resopnse on Production Control Systems: A Case Study for Law Enforcement and Asset Owners Mark Fabro N/A
Enhancing Mobile Forensic Investigations with Data from the Cloud Lee Papathanasiou N/A
Building and Optimizing a Forensic Workstation Manny Kressel N/A
Advanced Evidence Analysis with Magnet IEF Rob Maddox N/A
Window 8 Forensics Access Chris Sanft N/A
Introduction to ProDiscover Anthony Reyes N/A