SecureComm 2015 Oct. 27, 2015 to Oct. 29, 2015, Dallas,USa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
FineDroid: Enforcing Permissions with System-wide Application Execution Context Guofei Gu , Hao Chen , Yuan Zhang , Min Yang N/A
Detection, Classification and Characterization of Android Malware Using API Data Dependency Bing Mao , Xin Sun , Xuerui Pan , Tong Shen , Yongfeng Li N/A
KeyPocket - Improving Security and Usability for Provider Independent Login Architectures with Mobile Devices André Ebert , Chadly Marouane , Benno Rott , Martin Werner N/A
Using Provenance Patterns to Vet Sensitive Behaviors in Android Apps Guofei Gu , Vinod Yegneswaran , Chao Yang , Ashish Gehani , Guangliang Yang , Dawood Tariq N/A
SplitDroid: Isolated Execution of Sensitive Components for Mobile Applications Lin Yan , Yao Guo , Xiangqun Chen N/A
Intrinsic Code Attestation by Instruction Chaining for Embedded Devices Gregor Leander , Oliver Stecklina , Peter Langendörfer , Frank Vater , Thorsten Kranz N/A
Defeating Kernel Driver Purifier Haining Wang , Jidong Xiao , Hai Huang N/A
Kernel Data Attack is a Realistic Security Threat Haining Wang , Jidong Xiao , Hai Huang N/A
RScam: Cloud-Based Anti-Malware via Reversible Sketch Xiaofeng Wang , Hao Sun , Jinshu Su N/A
TADOOP: Mining Network Traffic Anomalies with Hadoop Yang Yu , Geng Tian , Zhiliang Wang , Xia Yin , Li Zimu , Xingang Shi , Ziyi Lu , Chao Zhou , Dan Wu N/A
SuperCall: A Secure Interface For Isolated Execution Environment to Dynamically Use External Services Xuhua Ding , Yueqiang Cheng , Miao Yu , Qing Li , Qingni Shen N/A
Authenticating Top-k Results of Secure Multi-keyword Search in Cloud Computing Xiaojun Xiao , Yaping Lin , Wei Zhang , Xin Yao N/A
Resource Efficient Privacy Preservation of Online Social Media Conversations Indrajeet Singh , Harsha Madhyastha , Srikanth Krishnamurthy , Masoud Akhoondi , Mustafa Arslan N/A
Uranine: Real-time Privacy Leakage Monitoring without System Modification for Android Yan Chen , Vaibhav Rastogi , Yinzhi Cao , Zhengyang Qu , Jedidiah Mcclurg , Weiwu Zhu , Wenzhi Chen N/A
Practicality of using side-channel analysis for software integrity checking of embedded systems Eugene y. Vasserman , Hong Liu , Hongmin Li N/A
Remote Activation of Hardware Trojans via a Temperature Channel Priyabrart Dash , Chris Perkins , Dr.ryan Gerdes N/A
Route Leaks Identification by Detecting Routing Loops Haixin Duan , Xing Li , Song Li , Zhiliang Wang N/A
PULSAR: Stateful Black-Box Fuzzing of Proprietary Network Protocols Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi , Konrad Rieck , Daniel Arp , Hugo Gascon , Christian Wressnegger N/A
You Are How You Query: Deriving Behavioral Fingerprints From DNS Traffic Junjie Zhang , Dae Wook Kim N/A
Enhancing Traffic Analysis Resistance for Tor Hidden Services with Multipath Routing Lei Yang , Fengjun Li N/A
A Genetic-Algorithm-Based Solution for HTTP-Based Malware Signature Generation Ali a. Ghorbani , Amir Pourafsha N/A
Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Method with Secure Decryption Key Generation and Outsourcing Decryption of ABE Ciphertexts Qingni Shen , Yuejian Fang , Zilong Wen , Zhonghai Wu N/A
Assessing Security, Capacity and Reachability of a Heterogeneous Industrial Network during Planning Phase Apala Ray , Johan Kerberg , Mats Bjšrkman , Mikael Gidlund N/A
Using Improved Singular Value Decomposition for Selecting Traces for Enhancement of Correlation Power Analysis Sun Degang , Zhou Xinping , Wang Zhu , Ou Changhai , Huang Weiqing N/A
API-level Multi-policy Access Control Enforcement for Android Middleware Xiaohong Li , Zhiyong Feng , Dongdong Tian , Jing Hu , Guangquang Xu N/A
A Collaborative Approach on Behavior-Based Android Malware Detection Seungwon Shin , Jaehyun Nam , Chanwoo Bae , Jesung Jung N/A
Dynamic Differential-private Naive Bayes Learning over Large-scale Networks Wei Yang , Liusheng Huang , Mengdi Huai , Lu Li N/A
Semantics-Aware Rule Recommendation and Enforcement for Event Paths Yongbo Li , Fan Yao , Tian Lan , Guru Venkataramani N/A
Context-based Location Privacy in Vehicular Adhoc Networks Karim Emara , Wolfgang Wörndl , Johann Schlichter N/A
Runtime-Behavior based Malware Classification Using Online Machine Learning Abdurrahman Pekta , Tankut Acarman , Yliès Falcone , Jean-claude Fernandez N/A
Reliable and Efficient Protection of Consumer Privacy in Advanced Metering Infrastructure Vitaly Ford , Ambaree Siraj N/A
An Online Prefix-Preserving IP Address Anonymization Algorithm for Passive Measurement Systems Kai Cao , Yunchun Li , Hailong Yang , Jiqiang Tang , Xiaoxiang Zou N/A
A security adaptive steganography system applied on digital audio Xuejie Ding , Weiqing Huang , Meng Zhang , Jianlin Zhao N/A
A Markov Random Field Approach to Automated Protocol Signature Inference Yipeng Wang , Yongzheng Zhang , Tao Xu , Jianliang Sun , Xiaoyu Zhang N/A
How to prevent to Delegate Authentication Reihaneh Safavi-naini , Mohsen Alimomeni N/A
Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with User and Authority Accountability Xing Zhang , Qingni Shen , Yuejian Fang , Zilong Wen , Zhonghai Wu , Cancan Jin , Cong Li N/A
A Decentralized Access Control Model for Dynamic Collaboration of Autonomous Peers Gerson Joskowicz , Stefan Craß , Eva Kühn N/A
Using a 3D Geometrical Model to Improve Accuracy in the Evaluation and Selection of Countermeasures Against Complex Cyber Attacks Joaquin Garcia-alfaro , Hervé Debar , Gustavo Gonzalez Granadillo N/A
An Improved Method for Anomaly-Based Network Scan Detection Michel Cukier , Ashton Webster , Margaret Gratian , Ryan Eckenrod , Daven Patel N/A
Why Web Servers Should Fear their Clients:Abusing Websockets in Browsers for DoS Joachim Posegga , Juan Rodriguez N/A
An Attribute-Based Signcryption Scheme to Secure Attribute-Defined Multicast Communications Chunqiang Hu , Xiuzhen Cheng , Kemal Akkaya , Zhi Tian , Jiguo Yu , Limin Sun N/A