VirusBulletin 2015 Sept. 30, 2015 to Oct. 2, 2015, Prague,czech republic

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote address: The Internet of Bad Things, Observed Ross Anderson N/A
Economic sanctions on malware Igor Muttik N/A
DDoS trojan: a malicious concept that conquered the ELF format Jaromir Horejsi , Peter Kalnai N/A
Sizing cybercrime: incidents and accidents, hints and allegations Stephen Cobb N/A
Doing more with less: a study of file-less infection attacks Benjamin S. Rivera , Rhena U. Inocencio N/A
SSL man-in-the-middle secure solution Igor Muttik , Righard J. Zwienenberg , Mark Kennedy N/A
Attack on the drones: security vulnerabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles Oleg Petrovsky N/A
Zooming in on Ramnit Peter Kruse N/A
Windows 10 and the anti-malware ecosystem Dennis Batchelder N/A
Modelling the network behaviour of malware to block malicious patterns. The Stratosphere Project: a behavioural IPS Sebastian Garcia N/A
The evolution of ransomware: from CryptoLocker to CryptoWall Neo Tan , Christy Chung N/A
The Kobayashi Maru dilemma Nick Fitzgerald , Andrew Lee , Morton Swimmer N/A
The TAO of .NET and PowerShell malware analysis Roberto Martinez , Santiago Pontiroli N/A
Does prevalence matter? Ranking anti-malware products by potential victim impact Holly Stewart , Andreas Clementi , Peter Stelzhammer , Philippe Rödlach N/A
Botnet milking: malware freshly served from the source Philipp Wolf , Moritz Kroll , Jan-eric Herting , Ayoub Faouzi N/A
The Clean Software Alliance, security, and the future of unwanted behaviours Nav Jagpal , Barak Shein N/A
A quantitative examination of the current state of corporate security practices Clint Gibler N/A
WaveAtlas: surfing through the landscape of current malware packers Josè M. Fernandez , Joan Calvet , Jean-yves Marion , Fanny Lalonde Lévesque , Erwann Traourouder , François Menet N/A
Privacy: a growing commodity in the modern age and our Remotium virtual solution to protect it (sponsor presentation) Filip Chytrý N/A
Unpack your troubles*: .NET packer tricks and countermeasures (sponsor presentation) Marcin Hartung N/A
Solving the (in)security of home networked devices Martin Smarda , Pavel Sramek N/A
Last-minute paper: We know what you did this summer: Android banking trojan exposing its sins in the cloud Eric Bodden , Siegfried Rasthofer , Stephan Huber , Carlos Castillo , Alex Hinchliffe N/A
Helping the helpless: targeted threats to civil society Claudio Guarnieri N/A
Ubiquity, security and you - malware, security and the Internet of Things Heather Goudey , Jasmine Sesso N/A
Last-minute paper: From Asia with love? Smartphones with pre-installed malware Alexander Burris N/A
POS fraud - trends and counter-actions to mass fraud Ken Dunham N/A
Last-minute paper: Making a dent in Russian mobile banking phishing Sebastian Porst N/A
Speaking Dyreza protocol. Advantages of 'learning' a new language Cristina Vatamanu , Alexandru Maximciuc N/A
Last-minute paper: Anonymizing VPN services as a botnet monetization strategy — analysing the Bunitu botnet Sergei Frankoff , Hasherezade N/A
I am the Cavalry Claus Cramon Houmann N/A
Anonymity is king Michael Marcos , Anthony Joe Melgarejo N/A
Last-minute paper: Duqu 2.0 Win32k exploit analysis Jeong wook Oh , Elia Florio N/A
How malware eats cookies - an empirical study of cookies in malware's communication Wei Xu , Zhaoyan Xu , Kyle Sanders N/A
Last-minute paper: Exposing Gatekeeper Patrick Wardle N/A
Mobile banking fraud via SMS in North America: who's doing it and how Cathal Mc Daid N/A
Last-minute paper: Operation Potao Express: analysis of a cyber-espionage toolkit Robert Lipovsky , Anton Cherepanov N/A
Personnel shortage and diversity in IT: Is it truly a problem? Stephen Cobb , Lysa Myers N/A
Will Android trojan, worm or rootkit survive in SEAndroid and containerization? Rowland Yu , William Lee N/A
Last-minute paper: Linux/Moose endangered or extinct? An update on this atypical embedded Linux botnet Olivier Bilodeau N/A
Dare 'DEVIL': beyond your senses with Dex Visualizer Jun Yong Park , Seolwoo Joo N/A
Last-minute paper: The mysterious case of Linux.Wifatch Mario Ballano N/A
Android ransomware: turning CryptoLocker into CryptoUnlocker (live demo) Alexander Adamov N/A
Last-minute paper: TurlaSat: The Fault in our Stars Kurt Baumgartner N/A
Malware classification meets crowd sourcing (sponsor presentation) John Park N/A
The Volatility Bot-Excavator Martin Korman N/A
The ethics and perils of APT research: an unexpected transition into intelligence brokerage Juan Andrés Guerrero-saade N/A
Labeless - no more Aliaksandr Trafimchuk , Aliaksandr Chailytko N/A
Effectively testing APT defences Richard Ford , Gabor Szappanos , Simon Pg Edwards N/A
Inside recent FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) surges on the Internet Erik Wu N/A
Digital 'Bian Lian' (face changing): the skeleton key malware Tal Be'ery , Chun Feng , Stewart Mcintyre N/A
Operation Safety-Net: global best practices provide a secure path forward Neil Schwartzman N/A
Breaking the bank(er): automated configuration data extraction for banking malware James Wyke N/A
Catching the silent whisper: understanding the Derusbi family tree Micky Pun , Neo Tan , Eric Leung N/A
ROSCO: Repository Of Signed COde Levente Buttyan , Boldizsár Bencsáth , Tamás Holczer , Balazs Kocso , Dorottya Papp N/A
C&C-as-a-Service: abusing third-party web services as C&C channels Artturi Lehtiö N/A
Dead and buried in their crypts: defeating modern ransomware Gregory Panakkal , Samir Mody N/A
The elephant in the room Marion Marschalek N/A
Building a malware lab in the age of Big Data Vanja Svajcer N/A
The Unbearable Lightness of APTing Ron Davidson , Shahar Tal , Yaniv Balmas N/A