CyberMaryland 2015 Oct. 28, 2015 to Oct. 29, 2015, maryland,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome, Overview of Conference Activities David Powell , Chief Operating Officer , Federal Co-founder , The Cybermaryland Conference N/A
Official Welcome from the State Michael Gill , Secretary , Maryland Commerce N/A
Opening Remarks Congressman John Delaney , U.s. District , Us Representatives N/A
Keynote Speaker Philip D. Quade , Special Force , National Security Agency N/A
Top Cyber Concerns in the C-Suite Tom Sadowski , Dana Pickett , Kathy Memenza , Peder Jungck , Darren Lacey , Jim Calabrese , Chad Spitters N/A
Risk Management and Decision Support: How C-suites and Boardrooms Approach Cyber Security Spencer Wilcox , Julian Waits , Lon A. Berk N/A
Increasing Diversity in the Cybersecurity Workforce Pipeline Rebecca Bace , Marcelle Lee , Latoya Staten , Ola Sage , Veda Woods N/A
The Evolution of Security Innovation and What is Next Anup K. Ghosh , John Pescatore , Rick Gordon , Pascal Luck N/A
Exploring Maryland’s Core Competencies in the Generation of New Cybersecurity-related Intellectual Property Rick Kohr , John Serafini , Brad Bloodworth , Steven Chen N/A
Hardening the HUMAN Element Jason Christman , Albert Schultz N/A
Governance of Cybersecurity: It's Not the Nose Game Evan Sills , Bill Ide , Emilian Papadopoulos N/A
A Student’s Perspective of Cyber Security Joe Vanhoozer , Meghan Riggle , Matthew Settles , Jacob Van Ness , Nathan Mingus N/A
The Business of Botnets James C. Foster , Ian Amit , Evan Blair N/A
The State of M&A in the Cybersecurity Market Greg Dracon , Maria Lewis Kussmaul N/A
User Behavior Analytics in Cyber Domain Dmitry Cousin , Alenka Brown N/A
Risk Cyber Operations: Utilizing Risk Proclivity Measures to Explain Cyber Behaviors and the Forensics Within Jacquelyn Schneider N/A
Developing Qualitative Measures for a User Cohort to Determine Attitudes: Building a Case Study for Faculty's Attitudes and Behaviors around Cybersecurity Larisa Breton N/A
Corporate Espionage and Insider Threat – Monitoring Behavior, Valuing Data, Quantifying Risk and Assigning Accountability Gregg Smith , Paul F. Roberts , Gautam Aggarwal , Casey Corcoran , Leo Scanlon N/A
NSA/DHS National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (Promoting Education & Research) Blair Taylor , Lynne Clark , William Butler , Michael Burt , Madrice Guy , Kasia Taylor N/A
On the Frontline: Maryland-Grown Technologies and How They are Changing the World of Information Security Guy Filippelli , Karl Gumtow , Deon Viergutz , Dan Ford N/A
Securing Institutional Investments in the Age of Rapid Cybersecurity Growth Rick Kohr , Greg Dracon , Nick Superina , Mark Hatfield N/A
Following the Human Threads in Cyber Domain Jason Christman , Greg Virgin N/A
Cybersecurity in the Age of Government Regulations Larysa A. Salamacha , Harry D. Fox N/A
Building the Next Generation of Cyber Defenders: Cross-Training Wounded Warriors to help Protect and Defend the Nation's Information Systems Jim Wiggins , Jane Leclair N/A
Assessing Host-Based Sensing and Analytics with the MITRE ATT&CK Model Ira E. Hoffman , Troy Townsend N/A
Why Building Trusted Computer Systems is our Only Hope Robert Bigman , Cybersecurity Consultant , 2bsecure N/A
Continuous Monitoring of Human Behavior an Inheritable Cloud Security Model Charles D. Brooks , Alenka Brown , Merrick Watchorn , Hans Mumm , Alexander Perry , Tina Williams N/A
Cyber Attacks and Critical Infrastructure: A Financial Sector View Larysa A. Salamacha , Susan Ramonat N/A
Live Fire Training for Developing The Cyber Workforce Kevin Mcpeak , Jane Leclair N/A
Extending Services into Mobile with Compelling Data Visualizations Todd Marks N/A
The Global Cyber Network Andy Williams , Ida Haisma , Emma Lovett , Haden Land , Phil Scanlan N/A
Mobile Devices in the workforce - a blessing - but is corporate data safe? Learn the workforce dangers as well as mitigations Peter Coddington , Vince Sritapan , Stephen Ryan , Alex Gladd , Melanie Seekins N/A
What Keeps You Up At Night? The CISO’s Perspective. Joanne Martin , Adam Vincent , Mike Papay , Dennis Gilbert , James Parren Courtney N/A
Open Source Software in Today’s Cyber Market Jason Christman , Alenka Brown , Merrick Watchorn , John Farrell , Andy Murren N/A
Creating the 21st Century Cyber Curriculum: Hear from one of the country's most reknown university presidents about building an effective curriculum for cyber workforce-ready professionals. Freeman A. Hrabowski N/A
Cybersecurity Post OPM Breach Ron Gula , Steve Pennington N/A
Cyber Liability: A Legal and Technology Perspective Curtis ks Levinson , Matt Bergman N/A
"Sophisticated Attacks": The New Normal For Security Programs and How to Prevent Them Ira Winkler , Ursula Powidzki , Araceli Treu Gomes N/A
Threat Intelligence - What Works and What’s Hype John Pescatore , Chris Coleman , Paul F. Roberts , John J. Prisco N/A
Model of a Successful Industry Partnership - Northrop Grumman at bwtech@UMBC Cyber Incubator: CYNC Program Ellen Hemmerly , Gregg Smith , Vic Hess , Tim Gooch , Mike Gormley , Christopher Valentino , Zuly Gonzalez N/A
From the Trenches: Lessons learned from using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Ursula Powidzki , Greg Witte , Tom Conkle N/A
Blind to the Breach - Helping Enterprises See the Light Ira E. Hoffman , Todd Weller , Vp N/A
A Holistic Graduate Business Information Technology and Cybersecurity (BITCYBER) Program Mansur Hasib , Chris Ensey N/A
Cyber Defense Toolbox Aviel D. Rubin , John W. Pirc , Andre Mcgregor , Robert Lord , Anuja Sonalker , Daniel J. Rogers N/A
Security at the Speed of Mobile: What Needs to Change with Today’s Risk Management Andrew Hoog , Larry Collins N/A
Cybersecurity Before the 1s and 0s Larysa A. Salamacha , Mike Myers N/A
Removing Blind Spots in Your Network Visibility to Stop Data Theft Ira E. Hoffman , Stephen Newman N/A
Building the Nation's Cybersecurity Workforce Chris Ensey , Benjamin Scribner N/A
Growing Up In Cyber, Growing Up In Cyber Maryland Tony Sager , Larry Collins N/A
Vehicle System Forensics Ben Lemere , Larysa A. Salamacha N/A
Introductions by Robert Zitz N/A
Reduce Your Risk of Compromise Through Integrated & Automated Active Cyber Defense (media not permitted) Travis Rosiek , Chris Fedde , Ryan Gillis , Patrick Arvidson , John Stoner , John A. Davis N/A
No Degree Required: Building the Cyber Workforce with Practical Education & Experience Robert C. Smith , Cullen Covington , Jacob Horst , Raphael Rosenblatt N/A
Accessing Innovative Technology to Gain Market Advantage: How Businesses Can Leverage NSA Technology Mike Geppi , Linda L. Burger , Joe Witt N/A
Cyber Shark Tank Rick Kohr , John Serafini , Nick Superina , Elizabeth Richards , Jason Tagler N/A
Not Just Tech: Why Greater Emphasis on the Law and Policy of Cybersecurity is Critical. Michael Greenberger , Dan Caprio , Jonathan Litchman , Markus Rauschecker , Mark Cather N/A
Shedding Light on the Dark Side of the Insider Threat Larry Letow , Jim Mazotas , Jeff Rittershofe , Tom Glaser N/A
Hiring Success Stories from the Frontlines: A Candid Conversation Between Cybersecurity Recruiters and Jobseekers Kathleen Smith , Leslie Taylor , Kirsten Renner , Neal Anders , Frank Skinner N/A
Effective Approaches to Continuous Monitoring Dave King , Steven Chen , Christopher Ensey , Sandra Toner , George Romas , Kevin Greene N/A
Identity and Access Management: Challenges, Tradeoffs and Payoffs for Businesses Nate Lesser , William Fisher N/A
Building Your Light House: Cyber Risk Intelligence In Your Risk Management Program Adam Meyer N/A
Cyber Insecurity: Why Our Education System Fails at Cyber Training Courtney Lancaster N/A
Effectively Balancing your Threat Detection Strategy Against Known and Unknown Threats Wade Woolwine N/A