Hackitoergosum 2015 Oct. 29, 2015 to Oct. 30, 2015, paris,france

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Fx N/A
Applying machine learning methods to network mapping hunting Xavier Martin , Camille Mougey N/A
Cracking Sendmail crackaddr - Still a challenge for automated program analysis Bogdan Mihaila N/A
Complex malware & forensics investigation Paul Rascagneres , Sébastien Larinier N/A
Mind your languages! Pierre Chifflier , Olivier Levillain N/A
Malicious AVPs: Exploits to the LTE Core Philippe Langlois , Laurent Ghigonis N/A
Android malware that won't make you fall asleep Łukasz Siewierski N/A
Mechanical Locks Opening and Forensic Analysis Alexandre Triffault N/A
Pentesting airports: field experiences Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa N/A