Hacktivity 2015 Oct. 9, 2015 to Oct. 10, 2015, budapest,hungary

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
keynote speaker Felix 'fx' Lindner It doesn't matter who you are. What matters is to reflect on what is going ...
Fitness Tracker: Hack In Progress Axelle Apvrille N/A
Hacking Team malware Attila Marosi N/A
Shall we play a game? Tamas Szakaly N/A
Security in our hands (?) - Problems of a biometric identification technology András Otti N/A
DDoS protection technology is far from being “install & forget” Jochanan Sommerfeld N/A
Chw00t: Breaking Unices' chroot solutions Balazs Bucsay N/A
A modification of the prime generation method of the OpenSSL library Norbert Tihanyi N/A
Semi-automated mapping of iOS binaries Zsombor Kovács N/A
Your Web app, those hackers & you Joernchen Of Phenoelit N/A
Post-Quantum Cryptography: prime questions = primary questions Áron Szabó N/A
Memory corruption vulnerabilities, runtime mitigations and their bypasses Zoltán L. Németh N/A
Rocking the pocket book: hacking chemical plant for competition and extortion Marina Krotofil N/A
Layer 1 encryption and decryption László Miklós Bíró N/A
Defend PowerShell Attacks When All Else Fails Pornsook Kornkitichai N/A
Sandbox detection for the masses: leak, abuse, test Zoltan Balazs N/A
Comparing the incomparables Gabor Szappanos N/A
OAuth and the Hungarian Proverb, Addig nyújtózkodj, amíg a takaród ér Jim Manico N/A
Make “Invisible” Visible - Case Studies in PDF Malware Jason Zhang N/A
Mining for Bugs with Graph Database Queries Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi N/A
OWASP Security knowledge Framework - Survival is not mandatory Glenn Ten Cate N/A
Secure software, start appreciating your developers! Martin Knobloch N/A
Why nation-state malwares target Telco Networks: Dissecting technical capabilities of Regin and its counterparts Omer Coskun N/A
The Network Behavior of Targeted Attacks. Models for Malware Identification and Detection Sebastian Garcia N/A
I play Jack of Information Disclosure – How to do threat modeling via playing cards Mark Vinkovits N/A
Post-its, post-its, post-its everywhere (and how they relate to physical keys) Jos Weyers N/A
Attacking all your IPv4 devices at home from the Internet via Dual-Stack Lite Micha Borrmann N/A
BAB0: A custom sample that bypassed cutting-edge APT attack detection tools Boldizsár Bencsáth N/A
Introducing disc lock opening tools and methods Tamás Váradi N/A