NYMJCSC 2015 Oct. 14, 2015 to Oct. 14, 2015, nyc,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Ron Ross , Tim Rains N/A
Emerging Cyber-Risk Governance Practices & Trends Andrea Bonime-blanc N/A
Litigation and Legislation Developments Enhance Cyber Risk for Companies, Their Officers and Their Directors: What to do About it. Stuart Gerson N/A
The Human Race in an Age of Cyber-Conflict Sam Curry N/A
Taking Vulnerability Triage to the Next Level Jonathan Klein N/A
Windows 10: What's New In Security Jay Ferron N/A
Data Classification: The Foundation of Preventing Data Loss Todd Feinman N/A
How to Fix App Security Vulnerabilities without Patches Brian Maccaba N/A
Detecting the malicious insider (and those masquerading as malicious insiders) Cindy Cullen N/A
CISO Panel Deborah Snyder , George Rettas , Shane Harris , Stephen Scharf , Oaz Gelbord N/A
Learning From The BlackHats - Proactive, Offense Approach To Security Itzik Kotler , Danelle Au N/A
Third Party Assurance and Vendor Risk Management in the Cloud Pergrin Pervez N/A
Top Five Mobile Threats Eric Green N/A
What is Needed for Effective IR? Idan Levin N/A
Are converged IT/OT Transport networks immune from attack? Anthony Concolino , Ken Garmson , Russell Kiernan N/A
Go Hack Yourself Ken Belva N/A
MQTT and CoAP: A Story about IoT Protocol Security Jack Mannino N/A
Open Source Software Defined Perimeter Juanita Koilpillai N/A