SecTor 2015 Oct. 20, 2015 to Oct. 21, 2015, toronto,canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Brian Bourne N/A
Keynote: IT Security Operations: Successful Transformation Kristin Lovejoy N/A
Exploitation Trends: From Potential Risk to Actual Risk Tim Rains N/A
Data-Driven Threat Intelligence: Metrics on Indicator Dissemination and Sharing Alex Pinto N/A
Incoming Threats At the Speed of Retail Wendy Nather N/A
There’s no such thing as a coincidence - Discovering Novel Cyber Threats Jim Penrose N/A
Peeling The Layers Of Vawtrak Raul Alvarez N/A
2015 State of Vulnerability Exploits Amol Sarwate N/A
Advanced Threat Analytics: Adapt as Fast as Your Enemies Jasbir Gill , Leon Letto N/A
Mitigating the Alert - Impact Prevention in a super active security battlefield Brian Read N/A
Browser and Environment Hardening Kurtis Armour N/A
Taking back Endpoint Control! John Beal N/A
Detecting the Bear in Camp: How to Find Your True Vulnerabilities Ryan Poppa N/A
The State of Software Security Chris Wysopal N/A
Keynote:Globalization of Cybercrime Jason Brown N/A
Malware Activity in Mobile Networks – An Insider View Kevin Mcnamee N/A
Confessions of a Professional Cyber Stalker Ken Westin N/A
Complete Application Ownage via Multi-POST XSRF Adrien de Beaupre N/A
CISO Survival Guide: How to thrive in the C-Suite and Boardroom Chris Wysopal N/A
Building an Effective Vulnerability & Remediation Management Program Dave Millier N/A
Changing the Game of Threat Hunting Jim Penrose N/A
Automation is your Friend: Embracing SkyNet to Scale Cloud Security Mike Rothman N/A
UNMASKING MALWARE Christopher Elisan N/A
Breaking Access Controls with BLEKey Eric Evenchick , Mark Bassegio N/A
Make Metrics Matter Jessica Ireland N/A
Security for non-Unicorns Ben Hughes N/A
One Ring to Rule Them All - Hardware isolation and the future of virtualization security Simon Crosby N/A
Stealth Attack From The Produce Aisle Todd Dow , Keith Benedict N/A
Making & Breaking Machine Learning Anomaly Detectors in Real Life Clarence Chio N/A
Drug Pump and Medical Device Security Jeremy Richards N/A
What does it take to deliver the most technologically advanced Games ever? Enzo Sacco , Quang Tu N/A
Run Faster, Continuously Harden - Embracing DevOps to Secure All The Things Chayim Kirshen N/A
Building Better Indicators: CrowdSourcing Malware IOCs Sean Wilson N/A
Keynote: Security is Essential to Privacy - But is not enough ... Enter Privacy by Design Ann Cavoukian N/A
DevOps For The Home Kellman Meghu N/A
Stealthier Attacks and Smarter Defending with TLS Fingerprinting Lee Brotherston N/A
Hijacking Arbitrary .NET Application Control Flow Topher Timzen N/A
Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all: Cybercrime Cashouts Benjamin Brown N/A
Ground Zero Financial Services: Targeted Attacks from the Darknet Joe Pizzo N/A
Advanced Threats: Eliminating the Blind Spot Fahmy Kadiri N/A
Ensuring the Success of Your IAM Project Jeremy Hanlon N/A
Knowing what happened is only half the battle. Grayson Lenik N/A
SIEM and the Art of Log Management Jeff Pold , Ron Pettit N/A
Effective Ways to Tackle Vulnerability Remediation Dave Millier N/A
Certifi-gate: Has your Android device been Pwned? Shai Yanovski N/A
Exposing Advanced Threats: How big data analytics is changing the way advanced threat defense is deployed, managed and measured Sean Earhard N/A
Keynote: Maturing InfoSec: Lessons from Aviation on Information Sharing Trey Ford N/A
What Google knows about you and your devices, and how to get it Vladimir Katalov N/A
Software Defined Networking / Attacker Defined Networking Rob Vanden N/A
Brink Breaking and Fixing Python Applications Enrico Branca N/A
Bulletproofing Your Incident Response Plan: Effective Tabletops Reg Harnish N/A
Preventing Home Automation Security Disasters James Arlen N/A
Insider Threat – The Soft Underbelly of CyberSecurity Harold Byun N/A
Cymon - An Open Threat Intelligence System Roy Firestein N/A
Xenophobia is Hard on Data: Forced Localization, Data Storage, and Business Realities James Arlen , Brendan O'Connor N/A
Nightmares of a Pentester Chris Nickerson N/A
The Effective Use of Cyber Ranges for Application Performance and Security Resilience – Train Like You Fight! Bob Ducharme N/A
Agile Incident Management - Bringing the "Win" Back to Data and Privacy Breach Responses Robert Beggs N/A