BsideCharleston 2015 Nov. 14, 2015 to Nov. 14, 2015, charleston,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Kevin Johnson , Bill Gardner N/A
Get-Help: An intro to Powershell and how to use it for evil Jared Haight N/A
Going Nuclear: Exploiting Mass Emergency Notification Systems Evan Davison N/A
How to pen test off the grid.. and in the middle of the Pacific Dave Keene N/A
You spent $20,000 so that my throw away email can have full recon on your internal network? Chris O’rourke N/A
Software Vulnerability Discovery and Exploitation during Red Team Assessments Ryan Wincey N/A
Internet of Things Hacking Jason Davison N/A
Building Burp Extensions Jason Gillam N/A
Hacking Web Apps Tim Roberts , Brent White N/A
Suprise! Everything can kill you Evan "treefort" Booth N/A
FAIL-in-Depth Marcus j. Carey N/A
The State of Information Security Today Jeff Man N/A