BSidesjacksonville 2015 Nov. 21, 2015 to Nov. 21, 2015, jacksonville,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
NFC Your Smartphone’s Best Friend or Worst Nightmare Shane Hartman N/A
Karate Kids: Defending Elementary Devices Melissa Canazon N/A
Threat Intelligence Scott Sattler N/A
An EyeWitness View into Your Network Chris Truncer N/A
Computer (Anti)Forensics 101 Gene Cronk N/A
Little Timmy Learns Metasploit AKA Metasploit Intro and Primer Jonathan Singer , Jeff Toth N/A
Reversing Via Example Travis Phillips N/A
Once More Into the Breach: Examing the Causes Behind Modern Breaches Kevin Johnson N/A
Busting the Token Tim Malcomvetter N/A
The Internet of Evil Things Johannes Ullrich N/A
Crypt-Oh_No!: Bad Crypto, Good Times Nathan Hamiel N/A