6th USENIX Security Symposium 1996 July 22, 1996 to July 25, 1996, San Jose, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Dns Filter And Switch For Packet-Filtering Gateways William R. Cheswick , Lucent Bellovin None Security DNS
Confining Root Programs With Domain And Type Enforcement Daniel F. Sterne , Kenneth M. Walker , M. Lee Badger , Michael J. Petkac , David L. Sherman , Karen A. Oostendorp None Security
Dual-Workfactor Encrypted Key Exchange: Efficiently Preventing Password Chaining And Dictionary Attacks Barry Jaspan None Security
Security Mechanism Independence In Onc Rpc Mike Eisler , Roland Srinivasan None Security
Secure Deletion Of Data From Magnetic And Solid-State Memory Peter Gutmann None Security
A Revocable Backup System Dan Lipton None Security
Kerberos On Wall Street Isaac Hollander , P. Tanno None Security
A Framework For Building An Electronic Currency System Lei Tang None Security
Building Systems That Flexibly Download Executable Content Trent Prakash None Security
Enclaves: Enabling Secure Collaboration Over The Internet Li Gong None Security
Compliance Defects In Public Key Cryptography Don Davis None Security Cryptography Compliance
Texas A&Amp;M University Anarchistic Key Authorization (Aka) David R. Safford , Douglas Hess None Security
Netkuang--A Multi-Host Configuration Vulnerability Checker Dan Levitt None Security
Problem Areas For The Ip Security Protocols Steven M. Bellovin None Security