CRC 2016 Jan. 14, 2016 to Jan. 15, 2016, uni of singapore,singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address Tom Magnanti N/A
Opening Remarks Lim Chuan Poh N/A
Next-Generation Security Technologies in a Connected and Intelligent World Dawn Song N/A
Secure Mobile Centre – Technologies and Solutions for Securing Mobile Computing Robert h. Deng , Pang Hwee Hua , Ding Xuhua , Gao Debin , Li Yingjiu N/A
Design of Secure Cyber Physical Systems Nils ole Tippenhauer , David Yau , Aditya Mathur , Costas Courcoubetis , Roland Bouffanais , Lingjie Duan , Stefano Galeli , Sun Jun , Justin Ruths N/A
A Cyber-Physical Approach to Securing Urban Transportation Systems David M. Nicol , Yih-chun Hu , Zhou Jianying , Huaqun Guo , Douglas L. Jones , Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk , William H. Sanders , Yongdong Wu , David K Yau N/A
Securify: A Compositional Approach of Building Security Verified System Sun Jun , Liu Yang , Thambipillai Srikanthan , Alwen Tiu , Dong Jin Song , Chin Wei Ngan N/A
Q-Floid: Android Malware detection with Quantitative Data Flow Graphs, J. H. Castellanos , T. Wüchner , M. Ochoa , S. Rueda N/A
Cyber and Physical Access Control in Legacy System Using Passwords, J. Xu , J. Y. Zhou , L. Lu N/A
A Framework for Large-Scale Collection of Information from Smartphone Users based on Juice Filming Attacks, S. Krishnan , W. Z. Meng , W. H. Lee N/A
Telephone-based social engineering attacks: An experiment testing the success and time decay of an intervention, P. Hartel , J. Bullee , L. Montoya , M. Junger N/A
Directed Transitive Signature on Directed Tree, J. Xu , J. Y. Zhou , E. Chang N/A
Privacy-Preserving and Verifiable Data Aggregation, H. Tran , R. Deng , H. H. Pang N/A
Data Driven Physical Modelling For Intrusion Detection In Cyber Physical Systems K. N. Junejo , D. Yau N/A
Detecting Multi-Point Attacks in a Water Treatment System Using Intermittent Control Actions S. Adepu , A. Mathur N/A
Attacking Fieldbus Communications in ICS: Applications to the SWaT Testbed D. Urbina , J. Giraldo , N. O. Tippenhauer , A. Cardenas N/A
Invited talk 1: Developing Security Protocols by Refinement David Basin N/A
Secure and Resilient Industrial Control Systems: A Behaviour-based Approach Dimitrios Serpanos N/A
TSUNAMi: Trustworthy Systems from UN-trusted component Amalgamations Prateek Saxena , Dong Jin Song , Abhik Roychoudhury , Liang Zhenkai , Chang Ee-chien , Roland H.c. Yap N/A
Cyber Forensics & Intelligence Vrizlynn Thing , Chua Tong Wei , Dinil Mon Divakaran N/A
Securing data on the cloud storage using information dispersal algorithm to massively disperse data in dynamically configurable storage nodes Mar Kheng Kok , Law Chee Yong , Hu Zhengqing N/A
Cyber-Security Starts with the Source Code Steve Neo N/A
Securing Android Nader Henein N/A
Cross Platform Intrusion Detection System for SCADA Network Ginnwann Teo N/A
Are the Current ICT & ICS Cybersecurity Technologies Secure Enough? Amir Davidi N/A
Panel Discussion: Cybercrime Vitaly Kamluk , Adams Wai-kin Kong , Madan Mohan Oberoi , Abhik Roychoudhury , Teo Wee Meng N/A
Accurate in-network file-type classification V. Thing , D. M. Divakaran , Y. S. Liau N/A
Simulation of Cyber-Physical Attacks on Water Distribution Systems with EPANET N. O. Tippenhauer , R. Taormina , S. Galelli , E. Salomons , A. Ostfeld N/A
Image Region Forgery Detection: A Deep Learning Approach Y. Zhang , V. Thing , J. Goh , L. L. Win N/A
Student Paper Presentation – Hardware Identification via Sensor Fingerprinting in a Cyber Physical System C. M. Ahmed N/A
Closing Address Aditya Mathur N/A