Enigma 2016 Jan. 25, 2016 to Jan. 27, 2016, san francisco,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Hacking Health: Security in Healthcare IT Systems Avi Rubin N/A
Medical Device Security Kevin Fu N/A
Bullet-Proof Credit Card Processing Damon Mccoy N/A
Drops for Stuff: An Analysis of Reshipping Mule Scams Giovanni Vigna N/A
Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all: Cybercrime Cashouts Benjamin Brown N/A
Data Integrity Based Attacks in Investigative Domains: How Companies Are Exploiting Data Science to Thwart Investigative Outcomes Eric W.d. Rozier N/A
From Concept to Deployment—The Life (and Death) of Security Features Glenn Wurster N/A
Lessons Learned While Protecting Gmail Elie Bursztein N/A
PKI at Scale Using Short­-lived Certificates Bryan D. Payne N/A
Building a DDoS Mitigation Pipeline Marek Majkowski N/A
Server-side Second Factors: A Statistical Approach to Measuring User Authenticity David Freeman N/A
Systems and Lessons Learned from Protecting the Twitter Platform Shuo Tang N/A
Computer Security and the Internet of Things Tadayoshi Kohno N/A
Modern Automotive Vulnerabilities: Causes, Disclosures, and Outcomes Stefan Savage N/A
Why Is Usable Security Hard, and What Should We Do about It? Adrienne porter Felt N/A
Security and Usability from the Frontlines of Enterprise IT Jon Oberheide N/A
Usable Security—The Source Awakens Matthew Smith N/A
Defending, Detecting, and Responding to Hardware and Firmware Attacks Teddy Reed N/A
Trust Beyond the First Hop—What Really Happens to Data Sent to HTTPS Websites Nick Sullivan N/A
Protecting High Risk Users Eva Galperin , Morgan Marquis-boire N/A
Panopticlick: Fingerprinting Your Web Presence Bill Budington N/A
Several Horror Stories about the Encrypted Web Peter Eckersley , Yan Zhu N/A
Social Media Self-Defense: A Guide to Stopping Stalkers Elle Armageddon N/A
The Global Conversation on Encryption Amie Stepanovich N/A
Capture the Flag Event Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF is excited to announce that it will be running a "Capture the Flag" hacking ...
The Golden Age of Bulk Surveillance Nicholas Weaver N/A
Hacker Prohibition: Internet Regulation of 0day, Arms Control, and Human Rights Katie Moussouris N/A
What Makes Software Exploitation Hard? Ben Hawkes N/A
ToStaticHTML for Everyone! About DOMPurify, Security in the DOM, and Why We Really Need Both Mario Heiderich N/A
Sanitize, Fuzz, and Harden Your C++ Code Kostya Serebryany N/A
Building a Competitive Hacking Team Tyler Nighswander N/A
Capture the Flag: An Owner’s Manual Vito Genovese N/A
A Million Hit Points and Infinite Charisma: How Games Can Fix Computer Security Education Zachary Peterson N/A
Timeless Debugging George Hotz N/A
Internet Voting: What Could Go Wrong? J. Alex Halderman N/A
We Need Something Better—Building STAR Vote Dana Debeauvoir N/A
Verification, Auditing, and Evidence: If We Didn’t Notice Anything Wrong, Is the Election Outcome Right? Vanessa Teague N/A