RWC 2016 Jan. 6, 2016 to Jan. 8, 2016, stanford,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Blackphone Jon Callas N/A
Cryptographic directions in Tor: past and future Nick Mathewson N/A
Anonize: An anonymous survey system Rafael Pass , Abhi Shelat N/A
Cryptography in AllJoyn, an Open Source Framework for IoT Greg Zaverucha N/A
High-assurance Cryptography Joe Kiniry N/A
PrivaTegrity: online communication with strong privacy David Chaum N/A
Software vulnerabilities in the Brazilian voting machine Diego F. Aranha N/A
The State of the Law: 2016 Nate Cardozo N/A
QUIC Crypto Adam Langley N/A
On the Security of TLS 1.3 and QUIC Against Weaknesses in PKCS#1 v1.5 Encryption Tibor Jager , Juraj Somorovsky , Jörg Schwenk N/A
The State of Transport Security in the E-Mail Ecosystem Aaron Zauner N/A
Where the Wild Warnings Are: The TLS Story Adrienne porter Felt N/A
TLS 1.3: Real-World Design Constraints Eric Rescorla N/A
Hawk: Privacy-Preserving Blockchain and Smart Contracts Andrew Miller N/A
Provisions: Proofs of solvency for cryptocurrencies Dan Boneh , Jeremy Clark , Joseph Bonneau , Gaby Dagher , Benedikt Bünz N/A
Securing Bitcoin Wallets: A new DSA threshold signature scheme that is usable in the real world Rosario Gennaro , Arvind Narayanan , Steven Goldfeder N/A
The Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project Daniel Kahn Gillmor N/A
An Update on the Backdoor in Juniper's ScreenOS Hovav Shacham , Ralf-Philipp Weinmann , Nadia Heninger , Eric Rescorla , Matthew Green , Stephen Checkoway , Shaanan Cohney , H. D. Moore , Willem Pinckaers N/A
Pass: Strengthening and Democratizing Enterprise Password Hardening Ari Juels N/A
Argon2 and Egalitarian Computing Alex Biryukov , Dmitry Khovratovich N/A
Cryptographic pitfalls Nicko Von Someren N/A
TLS at the scale of Facebook Scott G. Renfro N/A
No More Downgrades: Protecting TLS from Legacy Crypto Karthikeyan Bhargavan N/A
The OPTLS Protocol and TLS 1.3 Hugo Krawczyk , Hoeteck Wee N/A
Automated Verification of TLS 1.3: 0-RTT, Resumption and Delayed Authentication Cas Cremers , Thyla Merwe , Marko Horvat , Sam Scott N/A
Sealing and Attestation in Intel's Software Guard Extensions (SGX) Rebekeh Leslie Hurd N/A
Intel's SGX Memory Encryption Engine Shay Gueron N/A
Practical Attacks on Real World Cryptographic Implementations Juraj Somorovsky N/A
On Deploying Property-Preserving Encryption Paul Grubbs N/A
Inference Attacks on Property-Preserving Encrypted Databases Charles P. Wright N/A
Cache Attacks on the Cloud Thomas Eisenbarth N/A
Practicing Oblivious Access on Cloud Storage: the Gap, the Fallacy, and the New Way Forward Xiaofeng Wang , Vincent Bindschaedler , Yan Huang , Muhammad Naveed , Xiaorui Pan N/A
Replacing Weary Crypto: Upgrading the I2P network with stronger primitives Antonio Stradivari N/A
Securing Communication in Google Production Systems Phil Mackenzie N/A
An analysis of DSA and ECDSA without generic groups Bertram Poettering , Eike Kiltz , Manuel Fersch N/A
New developments in BREACH Dimitris Karakostas , Dionysis Zindros N/A