bloomcon 2016 Feb. 5, 2016 to Feb. 6, 2016, pennsylvania,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Phil Polstra N/A
The En(force)ment Awakens Kellman N/A
Hammertoss Bill Barnes N/A
ExFAT Workshop 1 John Riley N/A
Maritime Sec Brian Satira N/A
ExFAT Workshop 2 John Riley N/A
Evil Engine Brian Moran. N/A
Open Source John Riley N/A
Crypto John Polhill N/A
Physical Sec Keith Pachulski. N/A
Linux Forensics Phil Polstra N/A
AMP Erik Wynters N/A
Factoring: The state of the art Samuel Gross N/A
Small Details Scott Inch N/A
Storage Network Jarret Kulm N/A
Breaking Barriers Stacey Banks N/A
Cloud Diane Barrett N/A
Chip Off 1 Rob Krehling N/A
Tales Stephen Larson N/A
COX Fight Alex Urbells N/A
IR for Dummies Adam Besecker N/A
Social Engin. Garreth Kroboth N/A
Netcat & SSH Bob Montante N/A
E Medical Mitch Parker N/A
Ashley Madison Mark Sanders N/A
Sniffing Muhammad Adeel N/A