BSideshuntsville 2016 Feb. 6, 2016 to Feb. 6, 2016, huntsville,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote Jack Daniel N/A
Slaying Rogue Access Points with Python and Cheap Hardware Gabriel Ryan N/A
Hacking Peoples' Lives with Google Sync Shawn Edwards , Sean Hopkins N/A
Web shells as a covert channel Joe Vest N/A
A practical approach to deploying Data Loss Prevention Jon Damratoski N/A
Afternoon Keynote: TSA Luggage Locks: Details, Flaws & Making The Best Of A Bad Lock Adrian Crenshaw N/A
At the mountains of malware: Lessons learned from analyzing terabytes of malware Wes Widner N/A
Threat Modeling the Minecraft Way Jarred White N/A
Exploiting first hop protocols to own the network. Paul Coggin N/A
Privacy 101: An introduction with Tradecraft Light Leonard Isham N/A
History of WRT and Wireless Mesh protocols. Alex C. Kot N/A