cooldc 2016 March 19, 2016 to March 19, 2016, santa clara,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address Luiz André Barroso N/A
Report from 2015 NSF Workshop on Sustainable Data Centers Thomas F. Wenisch N/A
Measurement and Monitoring Weisong Shi N/A
A New Perspective on Energy Accounting in Multi-Tenant Data Centers Mohammad A. Islam , Shaolei Ren N/A
Seeing into a Public Cloud: Monitoring the Massachusetts Open Cloud Hao Chen , Ata Turk , Ozan Tuncer , Hua Li , Qingqing Li , Orran Krieger , Ayse K. Coskun N/A
Trinity Facilities and Operations Planning and Preparation: Early Experiences, Successes, and Lessons Learned Ron Velarde , Carolyn Connor , Alynna Montoya-wiuff , Cindy Martin N/A
Reduce the Waste Thomas F. Wenisch N/A
Hunt for Unused Servers Nikolai Joukov , Vladislav Shorokhov N/A
Reducing Execution Waste in Priority Scheduling: a Hybrid Approach Lydia Y. Chen , Derya Çavdar , Fatih Alagöz N/A
Saving on Data Center Energy Bills with EDEALS: Electricity Demand-response Easy Adjusted Load Shifting Will Mcfadden , Anita Nikolich , Ray Parpart , Birali Runesha N/A
Architectural Support Shaolei Ren N/A
Understanding the Impact of Cache Locations on Storage Performance and Energy Consumption of Virtualization Systems Xubin He , Ping Huang , Ming Zhang , Tao Lu N/A
Using Memory-style Storage to Support Fault Tolerance in Data Centers Xiao Liu , Qing Yi , Jishen Zhao N/A