FSE 2016 March 20, 2016 to March 23, 2016, bochum,germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
New Bounds for Keyed Sponges with Extendable Output: Independence between Capacity and Message Length Kan Yasuda , Yusuke Naito N/A
RIV for Robust Authenticated Encryption Stefan Lucks , Christian Forler , Jakob Wenzel , Farzaneh Abed , Eik List N/A
A MAC Mode for Lightweight Block Ciphers Bart Preneel , Atul Luykx , Elmar Tischhauser , Kan Yasuda N/A
Cryptanalysis of the Full Spritz Stream Cipher Takanori Isobe , Subhadeep Banik N/A
Attacks against Filter Generators Exploiting Monomial Mappings Anne Canteaut , Yann Rotella N/A
TBA Ross Anderson N/A
Lightweight MDS Generalized Circulant Matrices Meicheng Liu , Siang Meng Sim N/A
On the Construction of Lightweight Circulant Involutory MDS Matrices Mingsheng Wang , Yongqiang Li N/A
Optimizing S-box Implementations for Several Criteria using SAT Solvers Ko Stoffelen N/A
Verifiable side-channel security of cryptographic implementations: constant-time MEE-CBC Manuel Barbosa , Gilles Barthe , François Dupressoir , José Bacelar Almeida N/A
White-Box Cryptography in the Gray Box - A Hardware Implementation and its Side Channels Amir Moradi , Tim Güneysu , Pascal Sasdrich N/A
Detecting flawed masking schemes with leakage detection tests Oscar Repáraz N/A
There is Wisdom in Harnessing the Strengths of your Enemy: Customized Encoding to Thwart Side-Channel Attacks Julien Bringer , Houssem Maghrebi , Victor Servant N/A
Automatic Search for Key-Bridging Technique: Applications to LBlock and TWINE Wenling Wu , Li Lin , Yafei Zheng N/A
MILP-Based Automatic Search Algorithms for Differential and Linear Trails for Speck Meiqin Wang , Lei Hu , Siwei Sun , Kai Fu , Yinghua Guo N/A
Automatic Search for the Best Trails in ARX: Application to Block Cipher Speck Alex Biryukov , Vesselin Velichkov , Yann Le Corre N/A
Stream ciphers: A Practical Solution for Efficient Homomorphic-Ciphertext Compression Anne Canteaut , María Naya-plasencia , Tancrède Lepoint , Pascal Paillier , Sergiu Carpov , Caroline Fontaine , Renaud Sirdey N/A
Efficient Design Strategies Based on the AES Round Function Jeremy Jean , Ivica Nikolić N/A
On White-Box Cryptography Henri Gilbert N/A
Bit-Based Division Property and Application to Simon Family Yosuke Todo , Masakatu Morii N/A
Algebraic Insights into the Secret Feistel Network Leo Paul Perrin , Aleksei Udovenko N/A
Integrals go Statistical: Cryptanalysis of Full Skipjack Variants Andrey Bogdanov , Meiqin Wang , Long Wen , Tingting Cui , Huaifeng Chen , Ling Sun N/A
Note on Impossible Differential Attacks Patrick Derbez N/A
Improved Linear Hull Attack on Round-Reduced Simon with Dynamic Key-guessing Techniques Huaifeng Chen , Xiaoyun Wang N/A
Modeling Random Oracles under Unpredictable Queries Pooya Farshim , Arno Mittelbach N/A
Practical Order-Revealing Encryption with Limited Leakage Nathan Chenette , Kevin Lewi , David J. Wu , Stephen A. Weis N/A
Strengthening the Known-Key Security Notion for Block Ciphers Yannick Seurin , Benoît Cogliati N/A
Related-Key Almost Universal Hash Functions: Definitions, Constructions and Applications Liting Zhang , Peng Wang , Yuling Li , Kaiyan Zheng N/A
Key Recovery Attack against 2.5-round $pi$-Cipher Gaetan Leurent , Christina Boura , Goutam Paul , Hadi Soleimany , Dhiman Saha , Valentin Suder , Avik Chakraborti N/A
Cryptanalysis of Reduced NORX Yu Sasaki , Florian Mendel , Tao Huang , Keting Jia , Nasour Bagheri N/A