ACSAC 2015 Dec. 7, 2015 to Dec. 11, 2015, los angeles,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Tracer FIRE Seanmichael Galvin , Kevin Nauer N/A
Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW) Gabriela Ciocarlie , Rance J. Delong N/A
M1. Security Risk Management using the Security Engineering Risk Analysis (SERA) Method Carol Woody N/A
M2. Introduction to Android Reversing John Ortiz N/A
M3. Security and Privacy Analysis for Next Generation Malware Paolina Centonze N/A
Program Protection and Reverse Engineering Workshop (PPREW / SSP) Natalia Stakhanova , Mila Dalla Preda , J. Todd Mcdonald N/A
Industrial Control System Security Workshop (ICSS) Harvey H. Rubinovitz , Irfan Ahmed , Adam Hahn N/A
T4. Understanding and Contrasting Android Malware at Runtime Giovanni Russello N/A
T6. Integrating Cybersecurity into the System Lifecycle Using the Risk Management Framework (RMF) Daniel P. Faigin N/A
Welcome (Sierra CD) Micah Sherr , Jeremy Epstein , Stephen Schwab N/A
Invited Essayist Keynote: CyberPhysical Meets CyberTrust (Sierra CD) Stephen Schwab , Jeannette Wing N/A
Radical Changes in Protecting Federal Information for All U.S. Contractors Ron Ross , Pat Viscuso N/A
Evaluating the Flexibility of the Java Sandbox Joshua Sunshine , Michael Maass , Zack Coker , Tianyuan Ding , Claire Le Goues N/A
Emerging Image Game CAPTCHAs for Resisting Automated and Human-Solver Relay Attacks Nitesh Saxena , Manar Mohamed , Song Gao , Chengcui Zhang N/A
On the Security and Usability of Crypto Phones Nitesh Saxena , Maliheh Shirvanian N/A
Decentralized Authorization and Privacy-Enhanced Routing for Information-Centric Networks Mariana Raykova , Ashish Gehani , Hasnain Lakhani , Hasanat Kazmi N/A
Know Your Achilles' Heel: Automatic Detection of Network Critical Services Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Amir Houmansadr , Richard A. Kemmerer , Ali Zand N/A
Proactive Security Analysis of Changes in Virtualized Infrastructures Sebastian A. Mödersheim , Sören Bleikertz , Thomas Groß , Carsten Vogel N/A
Panel: Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (A Government Perspective) Lee Badger , Dan Massey , Jeremy Epstein , David Corman , Ryan Burchfield N/A
Vulnerability Assessment of OAuth Implementations in Android Applications Dawu Gu , Hui wendy Wang , Wenbo Yang , Juanru Li , Yuanyuan Zhang , Hui Liu , Bodong Li N/A
BareDroid: Large-Scale Analysis of Android Apps on Real Devices Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Luca Invernizzi , Simone Mutti , Dhilung Kirat , Yanick Fratantonio , Antonio Bianchi , Jacopo Corbetta N/A
Experimental Study with Real-world Data for Android App Security Analysis using Machine Learning Xinming Ou , Sankardas Roy , Hongmin Li , Jordan Deloach , Yuping Li , Doina Caragea , Nicolae Herndon , Venkatesh Ranganath , Nicolais Guevara N/A
Control Flow (Part 1) Graham Z. Baker N/A
Control Flow and Code Integrity for COTS Binaries R. Sekar , Mingwei Zhang N/A
A Principled Approach for ROP Defense R. Sekar , Mingwei Zhang , Rui Qiao N/A
Defeating ROP Through Denial of Stack Pivot Heng Yin , Aravind Prakash N/A
Panel: IOT: Engendering Trust Throughout the Lifecycle Joe Jarzombek , Nadya Bartol , Carol Woody , Ian Bryant N/A
Securing the Internet of Things Gabriela Ciocarlie N/A
IOT: Handling Reboots and Mobility in 802.15.4 Security Christoph Meinel , Konrad-felix Krentz N/A
IOT: Using Channel State Information for Tamper Detection in the Internet of Things Matthias Hollick , Ivan Martinovic , Ibrahim ethem Bagci , Utz Roedig , Matthias Schulz N/A
IOT: Using Visual Challenges to Verify the Integrity of Security Cameras Alvaro A. Cárdenas , Junia Valente N/A
Web Security Adam Bates N/A
JaTE: Transparent and Efficient JavaScript Confinement R. Sekar , Tung Tran , Riccardo Pelizzi N/A
Cross-site Framing Attacks Amir Herzberg , Nethanel Gelernter , Yoel Grinstein N/A
Covert Botnet Command and Control Using Twitter Nicholas Pantic , Mohammad Iftekhar Husain N/A
Dissecting Bitcoin Security, Cassio Goldschmidt N/A
DDoS Attacks to DNS using infected IoT Devices, Ki-taek.lee N/A
How to Rapidly Build Security Analysis: From Benches to Trenches, Michael Collins N/A
DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge: Building and Running Cyber Infrastructure for Fully Automated Computer-vs-Computer Capture the Flag Competitions Benjamin Price , Michael Zhivich Cyber Grand Challenge Infrastructure Team Members
Forum: NIST SP 800-160 Draft Ron Ross N/A
AuDroid: Preventing Attacks on Audio Channels in Mobile Devices Trent Jaeger , Giuseppe Petracca , Yuqiong Sun , Ahmad Atamli N/A
On the Robustness of Mobile Device Fingerprinting Thorsten Holz , Davide Maiorca , Giorgio Giacinto , Marc Kührer , Thomas Hupperich N/A
Grab 'n Run: Secure and Practical Dynamic Code Loading for Android Applications Stefano Zanero , Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Federico Maggi , Yanick Fratantonio , Luca Falsina N/A
Provenance based Integrity Protection for Windows R. Sekar , Wai Kit Sze N/A
MOSE: Live Migration Based On-the-Fly Software Emulation Lok Kwong Yan , Jinpeng Wei , Muhammad Hakim N/A
Privacy-preserving Virtual Machine Ping Yang , Tianlin Li , Yaohui Hu , Kartik Gopalan N/A
Panel: Securing the Big Data of Things Bhavani Thuraisingham , Mike Yoder , Eddie Garcia , Andy Purtell N/A
Embedded Devices & Computer Subsystems Saman A. Zonouz N/A
Soteria: Offline Software Protection within Low-cost Embedded Devices Ingrid Verbauwhede , Felix C. Freiling , Tilo Muller , Johannes Götzfried , Ruan De Clercq , Pieter Maene N/A
PIE: Parser Identification in Embedded Systems Herbert Bos , Davide Balzarotti , Jonas Zaddach , Aurélien Francillon , Roel Verdult , Lucian Cojocar N/A
Defending Against Malicious USB Firmware with GoodUSB Adam Bates , Kevin Butler , Dave (jing) Tian N/A
Access Control William Robertson N/A
Proximity Verification for Contactless Access Control and Authentication Systems Boris Danev , Srdjan Capkun , Aanjhan Ranganathan N/A
Scalable and secure concurrent evaluation of history-based access control policies Wouter Joosen , Maarten Decat , Bert Lagaisse N/A
Entity-Based Access Control: supporting more expressive access control policies Wouter Joosen , Maarten Decat , Bert Lagaisse , Jasper Bogaerts N/A
Panel: Cyber Experimentation of the Future (CEF): Catalyzing a New Generation of Experimental Cybersecurity Research Trent Jaeger , Jinpeng Wei , David Balensonterry Benzel , Lee Rossey N/A
DHS Programs: Cybersecurity for Government Vehicles Dan Massey , David Balenson , Kevin Harnett , Graham Watson , Brendan Harris N/A
Is Bigger Better? Comparing User Generated Passwords on 3x3 vs. 4x4 Grid Sizes for Android's Pattern Unlock Adam Aviv , Devon Budzitowski , Ravi Kuber N/A
ErsatzPasswords: Ending Password Cracking and Detecting Password Leakage Mikhail j. Atallah , Eugene Spafford , Mohammed Almeshekah , Christopher Gutierrez N/A
PARS: A Uniform and Open-source Password Analysis and Research System Raheem Beyah , Ting Wang , Shouling Ji , Wei-han Lee , Changchang Liu , Shukun Yang N/A
Binary Code Continent: Finer-Grained Control Flow Integrity for Stripped Binaries Heng Yin , Dengguo Feng , Purui Su , Minghua Wang , Abhishek Vasisht Bhaskar N/A
ShrinkWrap: VTable protection without loose ends Herbert Bos , Georgios Portokalidis , Elias Athanasopoulos , Istvan Haller , Enes Göktaş N/A
DynaGuard: Armoring Canary-based Protections against Brute-force Attacks Angelos D. Keromytis , Michalis Polychronakis , Vasileios p. Kemerlis , Theofilos Petsios N/A
Republic Of Korea's Efforts for Enhanced Software Assurance, Lee Sang Geol N/A
Secure Identity Management for Future Networks, Hassane Aissaoui-mehrez N/A
Lessons Learned from Applying Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Tools in an Information Technology R&D Laboratory, Joe Veoni N/A
The United States CC Scheme Update / September 2015 Daniel Faigin N/A
Towards Analyzing the Input Validation Vulnerabilities associated with Android System Services Peng Liu , Neng Gao , Ji Xiang , Chen Cao N/A
MorphDroid: Fine-grained Privacy Verification Omer Tripp , Marco Pistoia , Pietro Ferrara N/A
MobiPluto: File System Friendly Deniable Storage for Mobile Devices Zhan Wang , Bo Chen , Bing Chang , Fengwei Zhang N/A
Analyzing and Modeling Longitudinal Security Data: Promise and Pitfalls Stephanie Forrest , Michel Van Eeten , Benjamin Edwards , Steven Hofmeyr N/A
Accurate, Low Cost and Instrumentation-Free Security Audit Logging for Windows Dongyan Xu , Xiangyu Zhang , Junghwan Rhee , Shiqing Ma , Kyuhyung Lee , Chunghwan Kim N/A
SeSQLite: Security Enhanced SQLite Stefano Paraboschi , Simone Mutti , Enrico Bacis N/A
Combining Differential Privacy and Secure Multiparty Computation Peeter Laud , Martin Pettai N/A
Secure and Efficient Key Derivation in Portfolio Authentication Schemes Using Blakley Secret Sharing Melanie Volkamer , Peter Mayer N/A
Getting to know your card: Reverse-Engineering the Smart-Card Application Protocol Data Unit Graham Steel , Andriana Gkaniatsou , Fiona Mcneill , Alan Bundy N/A
Logical Partitions on Many-Core Platforms Srdjan Capkun , Kari Kostiainen , Ramya Jayaram Masti , Claudio Marforio , Claudio Soriente N/A
Hardware-assisted memory tracing on new SoCs embedding FPGA fabrics Guillaume Duc , Letitia W. Li , Renaud Pacalet N/A