CCC 2015 Dec. 30, 2015 to Dec. 30, 2015, hamburg,germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Event Linus Neumann , Carina Haupt N/A
Keynote Fatuma Musa Afrah N/A
What is the value of anonymous communication? Greenstadt N/A
The mummy unwrapped Nelles-al-badri N/A
Hacking EU funding for a decentralizing FOSS project Holger Krekel Understanding and adapting EU legal guidelines from a FOSS perspective (en)
NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss: Zwischen Aufklärungswillen und Mauern aus Schweigen Anna N/A
Towards (reasonably) trustworthy x86 laptops Joanna Rutkowska N/A
Avoiding kernel panic: Europe’s biggest fails in digital policy-making Walter Van Holst , Kirst3nf How the institutions fuck up, and how we fuck it up as well (en)
REXUS/BEXUS - Rocket and Balloon Experiments for University Students Panic , Sev How to bring student experiments into space. (en)
The exhaust emissions scandal („Dieselgate“) Daniel Lange (dlange) , Felix "tmbinc" Domke Take a deep breath into pollution trickery (en)
rad1o++ Sec , Schneider N/A half a year later (en)
Internet Landscapes Evan Roth N/A
PLC-Blaster Ralf Spenneberg , Maik Brüggemann Ein Computerwurm für PLCs (de)
A Free and Open Source Verilog-to-Bitstream Flow for iCE40 FPGAs Clifford N/A
Hardware-Trojaner in Security-Chips Marcus Janke , Peter Laackmann N/A
Netzpolitik in der Schweiz Vimja , Ari , Patrick Stählin , Hakuna Mamate N/A
Lifting the Fog on Red Star OS Florian Grunow , Niklaus Schiess A deep dive into the surveillance features of North Korea's operating system (en)
How the Great Firewall discovers hidden circumvention servers Philipp Winter N/A
Windows drivers attack surface Ilja van Sprundel N/A
Key-logger, Video, Mouse Yaniv Balmas How to turn your KVM into a raging key-logging monster (en)
Public Library/Memory of the World Marcell Mars Access to knowledge for every member of society (en)
The Great Train Cyber Robbery Sergey Gordeychik , Aleksandr Timorin , Repdet N/A
Beyond your cable modem Alexander Graf How not to do DOCSIS networks (en)
What does Big Brother see, while he is watching? Simon Uncovering images from the secret Stasi archives. (en)
The Ultimate Amiga 500 Talk Rahra Amiga Hardware Design And Programming (en)
Thunderstrike 2 Trammell Hudson N/A
Running your own 3G/3.5G network Laforge OpenBSC reloaded (en)
Datahavens from HavenCo to Today Ryan Lackey N/A
So you want to build a satellite? Inco How hard can it be? An introduction into CubeSat development (en)
When hardware must „just work“ David Kaplan An inside look at x86 CPU design (en)
Shopshifting Karsten Nohl , Dexter , Fabian Bräunlein The potential for payment system abuse (en)
New memory corruption attacks: why can't we have nice things? Gannimo , N/A
Shooting lasers into space – for science! Peter Buschkamp N/A
PQCHacks Tanja Lange , Djb A gentle introduction to post-quantum cryptography (en)
APT Reports and OPSEC Evolution, or: These are not the APT reports you are looking for Gadi Evron , Inbar Raz How advanced threat actors learn and change with innovation in security defense and constant APT ...
Console Hacking Plutoo , Derrek , Smea Breaking the 3DS (en)
My Robot Will Crush You With Its Soft Delicate Hands! Gianteye How to design and fabricate soft robots using everyday materials (en)
Die Asyl-Dialoge / The Asylum Dialogues Bühne Für Menschenrechte Dokumentarisches Theater / Documentary Theatre (de)
Jahresrückblick des CCC Erdgeist , Constanze Kurz , Linus Neumann , Frank , Falk Garbsch N/A
The state of Internet Censorship Will Scott , Vasilis Ververis N/A
Household, Totalitarianism and Cyberspace Julia Maria Mönig Philosophical Perspectives on Privacy Drawing on the Example of Hannah Arendt (en)
Maker Spaces in Favelas - Lecture Miguel Chaves Engaging social innovation and social innovators (en)
Net Neutrality in Europe Thomas Lohninger alea iacta est (en)
Lightning Talks Day 2 Gedsic , Bigalex N/A
CloudABI Ed Schouten Pure capability-based security for UNIX (en)
Buffering sucks! Fredy Kuenzler An attempt of calculating the economic cost of buffering. (en)
Cyber all the Wassenaars Mlp , Walter Van Holst , Nate Cardozo , Richard Tynan Export controls and exploit regulations: braindead and (in)evitable? (en)
Jugend hackt 2015 Jugend Hackt Projektvorstellungen der JunghackerInnen (de)
Software and business method patents: call for action Benjamin Henrion , Iga Bałos N/A
Ein Abgrund von Landesverrat Markus Beckedahl Wie es dazu kam und was daraus zu lernen ist (de)
Sicherheit von 125kHz Transpondern am Beispiel Hitag S Ralf Spenneberg , Hendrik Schwartke , Oguzhan Cicek N/A
Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces Fractalfox The future of Neuro-Headsets and concepts towards open-source, high-quality devices as an alternative to commercial ...
Profiling (In)justice Jeff Deutch Disaggregating Data by Race and Ethnicity to Curb Discriminatory Policing (en)
(Un)Sicherheit von App-basierten TAN-Verfahren im Onlinebanking Vincent Haupert N/A
Lessons learned: Freifunk für Geflüchtete Peter Löwenstein 1 Jahr Freifunk in Südhessen (de)
apertus° AXIOM Matthias Tarasiewicz (parasew) The first Open Source Cinema Camera (en)
Plunge into Proxy Politics Vera Tollmann , Boaz Levin N/A
One year of securitarian drift in France Taziden , Adrienne Charmet From the Bill on Intelligence to the State of Emergency (en)
All Our Shared Spectrum Are Belong to Us Paul Fuxjaeger Visualizing WLAN Channel Usage on OpenWRT (en)
Verified Firewall Ruleset Verification Cornelius Diekmann Math, Functional Programming, Theorem Proving, and an Introduction to Isabelle/HOL (en)
Wie Jugendschutzprogramme nicht nur die Jugend schädigen Alvar CH Freude N/A
Rowhammer.js: Root privileges for web apps? Clémentine Maurice , Daniel Gruss A tale of fault attacks on DRAM and attacks on CPU caches (en)
G’scheitern Gregor Ruttner The art of failure taught by improv theatre (en)
Vector retrogaming Trammell Hudson , Adelle Lin N/A
Mobile Censorship in Iran Mahsa Alimardani N/A
Let's Encrypt -- What launching a free CA looks like Roland Bracewell Shoemaker N/A
Ecuador: how an authoritarian government is fooling the entire world Pedro Noel , Bethany Horne Guess what? The Government of Rafael Correa actually is totally against free-speech and we got ...
Ling - High level system programming Nicolas Pouillard modular and precise resource management (en)
The Perl Jam 2 Netanel Rubin The Camel Strikes Back (en)
Quantum Cryptography Christian Schaffner from key distribution to position-based cryptography (en)
Das Zahnrad aus Fleisch Agonarch , @fraufeli Expeditionen ins Kommentierreich (de) Julien Moinard , Yann.a , Gwénolé Audic A complete toolbox for IoT security (en)
Logjam: Diffie-Hellman, discrete logs, the NSA, and you J. Alex Halderman , Nadia Heninger N/A
Dissecting VoLTE Dongkwan , Hongil Kim Exploiting Free Data Channels and Security Problems (en)
How hackers grind an MMORPG: by taking it apart! Rink Springer An introduction to reverse engineering network protocols (en)
Quantenphysik und Kosmologie Steini Eine Einführung für blutige Anfänger (de)
Iridium Update Sec , Schneider more than just pagers (en)
goto fail; Nick Sullivan exploring two decades of transport layer insecurity (en)
Unpatchable Eireann Leverett , Marie Moe Living with a vulnerable implanted device (en)
Sanitizing PCAPs Jasper Bongertz Fun and games until someone uses IPv6 or TCP (en)
Fnord-Jahresrückblick Frank , Fefe N/A
Methodisch inkorrekt! Nicolas Wöhrl , @reinhardremfort Die Wissenschaftsgala vom 32C3 (de)
Nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen“ – Floskeln in der Politik Kai Biermann , Martin Haase/maha Politische Phrasologie – warum man aus dem ganzen Zeug, das Politiker so reden, schlau werden ...
Beyond Anti Evil Maid Matthew Garrett Making it easier to avoid low-level compromise, and why you'll still lose (en)
(In)Security of Embedded Devices' Firmware - Fast and Furious at Large Scale Andrei Costin N/A
re_cycle Obelix Trash the prints, print the trash (en)
Tor onion services: more useful than you think David Goulet , Roger , Asn N/A
Computational Meta-Psychology Joscha An Artificial Intelligence exploration into the creation of meaning (en)
Lightning Talks Day 3 Gedsic , Bigalex N/A
Graphs, Drones & Phones Christoph Engemann The role of social-graphs for Drones in the War on Terror. (en)
State of the Onion Mike Perry , Jacob , Roger , Shari Steele , Alison Macrina N/A
Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor MITM… The State of Email Security in 2015 Zakir Durumeric N/A
Fluxus cannot save the world. Leomagnet , Markus Zimmermann What hacking has to do with avantgarde art of the 1960ies (subtitle to be changed) ...
Say hi to your new boss: How algorithms might soon control our lives. Andreas Dewes Discrimination and ethics in the data-driven society (en)
Check your privileges! Fefe How to drop more of your privileges to reduce attack surface. (en)
Vehicle2Vehicle Communication based on IEEE 802.11p Bernd Lehmann N/A
Gibberish Detection 102 Ben H. N/A
Safe Harbor Max Schrems N/A
The Price Of Dissent Cage , Cerie Bullivant The surveillance state & modern day COINTELPRO tactics (en)
De-anonymizing Programmers Aylin Large Scale Authorship Attribution from Executable Binaries of Compiled Code and Source Code (en)
A Dozen Years of Shellphish Antonio Bianchi , Jacopo Corbetta , Andrew Dutcher From DEFCON to the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge (en)
Ten years after ‚We Lost The War‘ Frank , Rop The future does not look much brighter than ten years ago. What comes next, and ...
Prediction and Control Jennifer Helsby Watching Algorithms (en)
The architecture of a street level panopticon Dia Kayyali How drones, IMSI Catchers, and cameras are shaping our cities (en)
3D printing on the moon Karsten Becker The future of space exploration (en)
QRtistry Henryk Plötz One can create art and beauty with … pixels (en)
Reversing UEFI by execution Jethro G. Beekman N/A
Media Coverage and the Public in the Surveillance Society Arne Hintz , Lina Dencik Findings from a Research Project on Digital Surveillance Post-Snowden (en)
Intelexit Gloria Collective Calling secret service agents to quit their jobs (en)
The plain simple reality of entropy Filippo Valsorda Or how I learned to stop worrying and love urandom (en)
Free Software and Hardware bring National Sovereignty Tarek Loubani Gaza as a case study (en)
Trust us and our business will expand! Andreas Zingerle , Linda Kronman Net-activism strategies against fake web companies (en)
Crypto ist Abwehr, IFG ist Angriff! Arne Semsrott N/A
Internet Cube Taziden , Kload Let's Build together a Free, Neutral and Decentralized Internet (en)
Craft, leisure, and end-user innovation Susann Wagenknecht How hacking is conceived in social science research (en)
the possibility of an army Constantdull phone verified accounts bringing the Hessian army back to life (en)
Building and Breaking Wireless Security Jiska Wireless Physical Layer Security & More... (en)
Österreich: Der Kampf gegen unkontrollierte Massenüberwachung Thomas Lohninger , Werner Reiter Geheimdienste kontrolliert man am besten, indem man ihre Gründung verhindert (de)
Stromtankstellen – eine neue öffentliche Infrastruktur Gunnar Thöle Was kann das? Wie kann ich das nutzen? Wo besteht Erforschungsbedarf? (de)
On Computing Numbers, with an Application to Problems of our Society Stefan Wehrmeyer Journalism ♥ Computer Science (en)
Maritime Robotics Lilafisch Hackers, I call thee to our Oceans! (en)
libusb: Maintainer fail Peter Stuge How I failed to run an open source project (en)
Technology and Mass Atrocity Prevention Nicolai Pogadl Overview on Current Efforts - We Need Moar H4x0rs?! (en)
#GOIBlocks - Technical observations about recent internet censorship in India Kaustubh Srikanth N/A
Hacker Jeopardy Ray , Sec Zahlenraten für Geeks (de)
Grundrechte gelten nicht im Weltall! Constanze Kurz , Anna , Cbass , Felix Betzin Die absurdesten Szenen aus dem NSA-BND-Untersuchungsausschuss (de)
“I feel like a criminal and I have to be god at the same time” Leonie Maria Tanczer Perceptions of hackers and hacktivists on their (in)securitisation (en)
Replication Prohibited Eric Wustrow 3D printed key attacks ()
The Magic World of Searchable Symmetric Encryption Tobias Mueller , Christian Forler A brief introduction to search over encrypted data (en)
Katastrophe und Kommunikation Sebastian Jünemann N/A
Crypto Wars Part II Kurt Opsahl The Empires Strike Back (en)
Top X* usability obstacles Bob Marvan *(will be specified later based on usability test with Ivana Jilekova) (en)
Lightning Talks Day 4 Gedsic , Bigalex N/A
A New Kid on the Block Katharina Nocun Conditions for a Successful Market Entry of Decentralized Social Networks (en)
DDoS mitigation EPIC FAIL collection Dalmoz N/A
When algorithms fail in our personal lives Caroline Sinders Social media break up coordinator (en)
How to contribute to make open hardware happen Mclien Mooltipass, Openpandora/Pyra and Novena/Senoko: how I contributed and what was to be learnt on the ...
Breaking Honeypots for Fun and Profit Gadi Evron , Itamar Sher , Deansysman N/A
How Open Source Software, second hand laptops and hackers helped stop Ebola (and stopped an apocalypse). Salton Arthur Massally , Harold Valentine Mac-saidu , Francis Banguara , Emerson N/A
Wie man einen Blackout verursacht Mathias Dalheimer und warum das gar nicht so einfach ist. (de)
CHINTERNET ART Michelle Proksell Creativity, Archives & Digital Media from the Chinese Internet (en)
Predicting Crime in a Big Data World Whitney Merrill N/A
Sin in the time of Technology Matthew Stender , Jillian C. York How social media companies are creating a global morality standard through content regulations (en)
Microsofts Windows 10 Botnet Ruedi N/A
Compileroptimierungen für Forth im Microcontroller Matthias Koch Mecrisp intern (de)
Security Nightmares 0x10 Ron , Frank N/A
Collect It All: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Everyone M. C. Mcgrath N/A
Wireless Drivers: Freedom considered harmful? Felix Fietkau An OpenWrt perspective on the development of Linux 802.11 support (en)
32C3 Infrastructure Review Leon N/A